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New Name For Sarah Palin

From here on in, she shall now be referred to as “vinegar tits.” And that is my contribution to this Sunday.

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The Khans – True Patriots

Watch as the Khans plead with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to repudiate Trump. It is heartbreaking because we all know they are wasting their breath. The two “leaders” of the GOP have put their own interests above the interests … Continue reading

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Trump – Making America White Again UPDATE

  Courtesy of BlueNationReview and Melissa McEwan regarding the mess the GOP now find themselves in. She wonders what they are going to do about it! The Republicans have had an enormous amount of success convincing their base that the insecurities they … Continue reading

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Shut Up Donald

  Poor Don @realDonaldTrump — Trump = Cheeto Jesus (@Blob_Fish) July 29, 2016 .@realDonaldTrump bro she said you can be baited with a tweet. You gonna just take that? — Bearded Stoner (@beardedstoner) July 29, 2016

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The Audacity Of Hope

I sat down and watched this tonight.  I was blown away by your president’s speech. Back in 2008, although I had visited the US twice before, I had a really slanted view of Americans. I (wrongly) saw them as a … Continue reading

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Trump Was Just Being Sarcastic About The Emails

Courtesy of Mediaite: After directly addressing the nation of Russiaduring a press conference Wednesday and asking them to try and discover Hillary Clinton‘s missing emails,Donald Trump indicated during an interview Thursday morning that he was only “being sarcastic.” Well, that’s … Continue reading

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Trump Press Conference

Have the GOP no shame?

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There Is Rude

And then there is rude. Those Californian delegates were atrocious. The Bernie Bros really need to wake the feck up. Are they going to give the world a President Trump?   Trump will never in a million years emulate the … Continue reading

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Bloody Mary – Part Deux

In an undisclosed location in Rehoboth, DE, PSminidiva force fed me two Bloody Marys. She also partook in the merriment. This was at 10.30am. In our wisdom, we decided to go swimming in the pool that was seven staggers from … Continue reading

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Why Did Sarah Palin Resign?

I asked that question a few years ago and never really got a satisfactory answer. What I did show however, was that Palin was not expecting to be ejected from the Governor’s position in such a short time. She was … Continue reading

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