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Irish humour

Sminky has gone famous! A self-taught Irish animator who doesn’t watch much TV has created a YouTube sensation after his quirky cartoons racked up more than 500,000 views. James Sullivan said he’s been blown away by the reaction to his … Continue reading

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I’m baaaack!

I’m baaaack! Before I get into politics, I want to tell you little feckers about my travels, and show you a few photos of my time away from home. First of all, I flew to Newark via Heathrow using my … Continue reading

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One Vote At A Time

I’m in New Jersey at the moment trying to influence a disillusioned Obama voter, who happens to be a relative. We watched Martin Bashir and Chris Matthews this afternoon at my suggestion. 😉 Baby steps… Leaving the USA tomorrow after a … Continue reading

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Hello From The USA

Back blogging at the weekend. Having a great time. Feck Mitt Romney… Yay – Julianne Moore!!! 🙂

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Handsome Irish Man At My Door

I have been meaning to tell this little story since last week. As some of you may know or remember, I was having visitors from America about a fortnight ago – Tricia and Peggie. I picked them up from their … Continue reading

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Mitt’s Smirks

Loving face of mother??? [H/T] to Mary Barbour.

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Sarah Palin Rolls Out Of Bed And Gives Interview On Fox – Update

Sarah, ever the rabid dingbat, appeared again on Insanity last night. Todd must have got her out of bed for the interview because she obviously hadn’t time to take off her dazzling bed jacket, the tassles of which hung delicately … Continue reading

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