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Sarah Palin Vs Lady Gaga

or try this if the link doesn’t work. [H/T to m] 🙂

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On reflection, this does sound like a rather exciting idea (you have to read the comments). GrannyJ, I will have to fly into New York, so keep your ass in gear! I have a few friends in the hood…so I … Continue reading

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Mom Jeans Versus Daddy Grizzly

This guy in mom jeans is one mean motherfecker. What did he do you ask? Well instead of nuking Vlad the lad (as Sarhag suggested), he imposed sanctions on daddy grizzly when he dared to rear his bald head up … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Has Panties In A Wad Over Chris Christie Coverage

Sarah doesn’t like anyone else getting attention…especially Chris Christy (sic). She spelled his name wrong and then edited it in updates. That’s our Sarhag (sic). Old Sarhag wouldn’t know a tinderbox if it exploded underneath her and set her knickers … Continue reading

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Christie Report: Pins Bridgegate On The First Woman He Can Find – Update

Bridget Kelly. (ASSOCIATED PRESS) Courtesy of Philip Bump at The Wire: If you’re curious why Bridgegate happened, a clue from the new Chris Christie-backed report exonerating the New Jersey governor: his aide Bridget Anne Kelly was emotional, insecure, and perhaps … Continue reading

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New GOP Presidential Candidate

This man can fish! He has the birds flocking around him! He can do the butterfly!!!!!! Be still my beating heart… Awwwwww. Don’t you just love him? No mom jeans for little Putin. And he is not naive (unlike a … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Mocked By John King Over Upcoming Reality Show

John King just had a laugh on CNN at Sarah Palin’s expense. First of all he showed this video… And then he zoomed in on this Twitter ad which is promoting her new show. Courtesy of Mediaite: On Tuesday, CNN … Continue reading

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