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OMG – Sarah Palin Made It To The White House

I kid you not. White House dinner guests last night: From left: Shemane Deziel (aka Mrs. Nugent), Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, @POTUS, Audrey Berry, Kid Rock. pic.twitter.com/4Q58gKAber — Christina Wilkie (@christinawilkie) April 20, 2017     I think I’m going … Continue reading

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The Dog That Chased The Car

  Trump and the GOP have finally caught the car, albeit through illegitimate means. But the GOP doesn’t have a plan for anything. They have had eight years to come up with plans, but they have nothing prepared. No replacement … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Screeches Her Way Through Billo Interview

A little treat for you my pretties… I don’t expect you to listen to it, the screech is loud in this one. I got about halfway through with many breaks along the way. This does not bode well for Trump.

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Oh Sarah, Look At The Havoc You Have Wreaked

RT @KatyTurNBC @MtnMD @tkdmikeTHIS guy!Steve Schmidt, classy & smart GOP pundit says this race is OVER!Red states turning blue. WATCH! pic.twitter.com/3DCCkLPkCR — BrooklynDad4Hillary (@mmpadellan) October 18, 2016

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Sarah Palin And Rock-Running?

Sarah Palin added 3 new photos.  From Sarah Palin’s FB page 17 hrs · Leave Hillary Alone, Bullies Aww, c’mon guys, give her a break. Anyone can be out of commission…. for weeks on end… whilst in the heat of … Continue reading

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Trump’s Campaign Mess

BREAKING: Losing badly in polls, Trump overhauls campaign team, hires CEO from right-wing conspiracy pit Breitbart pic.twitter.com/y5uMKxOnWx — The Baxter Bean (@TheBaxterBean) August 17, 2016 Courtesy of The New York Times: LAS VEGAS — Donald J. Trump has shaken up … Continue reading

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New Name For Sarah Palin

From here on in, she shall now be referred to as “vinegar tits.” And that is my contribution to this Sunday.

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