Trump Press Conference

Have the GOP no shame?

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4 Responses to Trump Press Conference

  1. PGFan says:

    Actually they don’t and haven’t for many, many years.

    On another note, are you familiar with Rosie Doonan? This is a beautiful song by John Metcalfe with Rosie singing lead:

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Answer: No!

  3. OMG – – up at 5:48 AM and it’s now 7:07 AM. I’ve been listening to this continually and i’m just barely half way through. Horrible, tremendous, bad, believe me . . . how many times did he use these words? I feel my IQ dropping as I listen. Where’s the video of the press folks staggering out of the room at the end? Holy moley!

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