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Bristol Palin Is Eating And Sleeping Well – And She Wants You To Know It

Nancy French has penned the following over at the site fomerly known as Bristol Palin’s blog: I came across this Scripture and wanted to pass it along. “The blessing of The Lord brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin – Not Good Enough For Ted Nugent

Back in 2011, Ted Nugent had this to say about Sarah Palin… Courtesy of Legendary rocker and reality TV star Ted Nugent has been a very vocal public supporter of right wing media darling Sarah Palin. But during a … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Facebook Friends

The old hooah took to her FB page yesterday ( no one else will have her) and screeched the following: 19 hours ago What? Lamestream calls for empathy, even outrage, for a First Amendment violation that’s on par with all … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Gets All Outdoorsy

Oh boy, do I have a treat for you all. According to The Sportsmanchannel, Sarah Palin is known for her outdoorsy Alaskan lifestyle and her new show has a trailer. I can’t embed the video on my blog but the … Continue reading

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The Quitter And The $hitter

This is the guy who avoided the Vietnam draft by shitting in his pants for a month. Can you just imagine the smell and the discomfort? He was deathly afraid of serving the country he professes to love. Yet he … Continue reading

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The Great White Hunter

I’m positively sure that creepy Chuckie didn’t shoot Sarah’s caribou. Just look at her! Courtesy of Field and Stream: Ms. Palin is an extremely inexperienced shooter. First, she allows her dad and the guide, who are both apparently nitwits, to … Continue reading

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Trying to make a cup of tea!.. I am finally back home after my adventures in Cork. What a week! Things started off smoothly.  I was taking my daughter down to do community service for her transition year in school. … Continue reading

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Mr G

I have only received  the news. Mrs G my darling….Will be in touch when we are back to normality here. Very limited connections. All my love IG

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Holysh#tballs – The Storm From Hell

I visited my mum this week and inadvertently entered the eye of the storm. What a decking week. I am on kindle and the decking thing has auto correct. Deck?  We have had nolans power, no water and no phone … Continue reading

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Palin Hits The Half-Century Updated

 Sarah Palin turned 50 today. If she keeps up her bitterness and hatred, I’d hate to see what she will look like at 60! Courtesy of Inside Edition. (Can’t get link  to work on my mother’s computer). OMG…does she think … Continue reading

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