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The Palins Want To Know – What’s In It For Us?

Aha, the old hooah got wind of the fact that the Seattle News had written something not so complimentary about her and she has taken to Facebook to express her displeasure. Sarah Palin Small town America is the soul of … Continue reading

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Republic, WA On High Alert For Commencement Address To Graduating Students By Sarah Palin

Word on the street is that the small town of Republic, WA , is in a state of frenzied excitement awaiting the much anticipated speech to graduating students. The  Seattle News reports: If you haven’t heard, Palin, whose boundless anti-intellectualism … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin – A Bullheaded, Fact-Ducking Simpleton

This has got to be one of the best descriptions of the old hooah that I have heard in a long time. In response to Palin’s recent op-ed on where she calls the president either incompetent or a liar, … Continue reading

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My Dad And Michele Bachman

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*Rill* Amerikans Boo Sarah Palin

Apparently, from the heartland of Indiana, a resounding boo was heard all over the stadium when the camera happened to catch the old hooah in the audience at a basketball match. Was this the moment? She looks a bit freaked … Continue reading

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At Thirteen – This Young Racist Was Shamed

Courtesy of The Huffington Post: An Australian rules football player is being praised after calling out a fan’s racist remark on Friday night. During the game, a teenage spectator called Sydney Swans forward Adam Goodes– who is Indigenous– an “ape” … Continue reading

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Parenting Palin Style – In Absentia

She will likely watch the Indy 500’s first pit stop from team owner Sarah Fisher’s pit and then watch the rest in a Pagoda suite.“I’m anxious to see the stands full. That’s a spectacular sight, having watched it on TV … Continue reading

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