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The Palins Celebrate Thanksgiving In The Shed

From the previous post…and a big H/T to FortyWatt (our bright bulb). I’m going to have to email the old hooah to find out where I can get boots like that. Forty Watt is worried that the lovely apple pie … Continue reading

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The Palins And The Power Of The Fingers And The Feet

Palin posted a video on her  now defunct blog and also and too her FB page. If you were wondering how the Palin family brawl could possibly have arisen, you need  look no further than this video. The barely curtailed … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Ferguson And Juror #40

Courtesy of Daily Kos: Complete and utter bullshit.

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Ferguson verdict soon and I am having computer issues. I think I deleted my blog!

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Sarah Palin Named As A significant American By Smithsonian

Courtesy of Addicting Info: The Smithsonian Names Sarah Palin One Of The Top 100 Most Significant Americans, Leaves Out President Obama In the following list, which of these people don’t belong? Abraham Lincoln George Washington Franklin Roosevelt Neil Armstrong Martin … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Points The Finger – Update

  The matriarch of the Palin brawl team took to FB last night following President Obama’s speech on immigration reform. She obviously learned some new lingo at the hoedown (courtesy of Track) and she accused PO of giving Americans the … Continue reading

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