Trump – Making America White Again UPDATE



Courtesy of BlueNationReview and Melissa McEwan regarding the mess the GOP now find themselves in. She wonders what they are going to do about it!

The Republicans have had an enormous amount of success convincing their base that the insecurities they feel as the result of horrendous Republican policy-making – and the discomfort of losing their undeserved privilege – is really the result of marginalized people trying to take away their rights.


So now we are greeted to the grotesque sight of a Republican convention that looks like a white nationalist rally, with strategically cultivated bigotries being inflamed by fearmongering against immigrants, Muslims, Black activists, feminists, and the queer community.

It is the culmination of a carefully orchestrated and decades long campaign that simply cannot be undone with a single abstention in a single election.


If the GOP aren’t in big trouble – then the rest of us are.

Update: From Politico:

Donald Trump says he is done being nice.

“I’m taking the gloves off. Take the gloves off. Right?” Trump said Friday during a rally in Colorado, his first since the end of Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Convention. “Taking the gloves off! Just remember this: Trump is gonna be no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

“Tell Hillary I’m not gonna be nice anymore,” he said. “I’ve been very nice to her. So you ready? Actually, some of the folks I defeated they probably would say, ‘Boy, he was not very nice.’”

“They keep screaming. And you know what I do?” Trump asked. “I’ve been nice. But after watching that performance last night — such lies — I don’t have to be so nice anymore.”

We’ll see his small fingers if he takes the gloves off!

That man is a fucking lunatic.

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4 Responses to Trump – Making America White Again UPDATE

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    View story at

    John McCain’s granddaughter on why she is voting for Hillary.

    View story at

  2. crow says:

    If Hillary win the White House this Fall, the leaders of 3 of the world’s strongest and most influential countries will be women – Theresa May, Prime Minister of Britain, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, and Hillary Clinton, President of the United States.

    Putin will have to deal with all of them at some point, individually as well as collectively (G8, U.N., etc.). I wonder how well he is going to take that. Especially if he loses to them on some major international issue.

  3. Moles says:

    I hope they eat his lunch.

  4. sallyinmi says:

    Does Melania know how dumb she looks form behind? I’m sure Donnie gets off on showing off his wife’s buttocks, but that dress is nasty.
    Meanwhile, yes, he is a lunatic. And if he has indeed, blabbed something he learned at his very first ‘security briefing,’ there will be, finally, consequences. Why isn’t the FEC all over his raising money from foreign countries? And where are his tax returns? If Hillary were withholding hers, there’s be nonstop calls for her to step away, or there’d be calls for some big investigation over what she’s hiding. Little hands Donnie skates on everything.

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