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Gotta get ready by tomorrow night. Leaving Friday morning. If you don’t hear from me soon, I’ll either be dead or alive. Yah for the Palins!

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We’re Going Solar

  Yes indeedy. We had a guy around tonight and we have made the decision to have solar panels installed on our roof. The never-ending quest for hot water for showers from surfer dude, crippled son and dappled daughter have … Continue reading

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Chaos In The UK

David Cameron made a huge mistake by agreeing to the EU referendum.To make matters worse Michael Gove and Boris Johnson did a number on Cameron by suddenly deciding to lead the Leave vote. They were after the Tory leadership and … Continue reading

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I Don’t Feel Any Better Today

And what makes me want to shout is the fact that my niece who lives in England and who I thought was someway intelligent voted against her own best interests.   That’s all.  

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Brexit – A Bit Of A Shocker

I woke up to the shocking news that Britain had voted to exit the EU and David Cameron is to step down. I guess fear won. It appears from polls that young people wanted to remain but older people voted … Continue reading

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  The Democrats and even some Republicans seem to have found theirs. The Irish seem to have ¬†found theirs too. Ireland are into the last 16 in the European Championships after a 1-0 win over Italy. My biggest problem while … Continue reading

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I’m Really Rich – Except I’m Not

  Ha, this youtube video of little donnie bragging about how rich he is was uploaded by Gina Louden. Does anyone remember her? Friend of Sarah Palin who loaned out her adopted Down Syndrome child to her on at least … Continue reading

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