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Tripping The Light Fantastic

I’m busty  busy . New York, here I come….again. Sarah Palin is so far off my radar.

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Rove, Palin and McCain And The Silence Of The Media

The turd still is insistent on going after Hillary Clinton and making her age and health an issue. He must be crapping his pants in fear because he is obsessed with her. Courtesy of NewsCorpse: It’s not bad enough that … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Surprise Visit To Afghanistan

Courtesy of Politico: Sandwiched between a week of outrage over Veterans Affairs mismanagement and a major foreign policy speech to West Point graduates Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s surprise trip to Afghanistan on Sunday included his pledge to lead “a responsible … Continue reading

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Lazy Palin Is Disgusting

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars: Princess Dumbass Of The Northwoods (h/t Charlie Pierce) was back at it again with the name calling on this Wednesday’s edition of Hannity of Faux “news,” using the recent problems at the VA as an … Continue reading

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Crispy Christie And Burnt Toast

Courtesy of Daily Kos: According to Matt Mowers, who worked in both Christie’s gubernatorial office and his campaign, and is now executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party, Fort Lee was number 47 on a list of 100 towns … Continue reading

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Palin Loses Her Mind And Drags Trig Into The Spotlight, Again

Well, it is official. Palin has completely lost her mind. I really couldn’t believe her latest FB screed when I read it today. You have all probably seen it as this stage, but I’m going to post it here anyway. … Continue reading

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How To Wear Penis Jeans

Close up… I have no words. Her jeans are nearly down to her knees.

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