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Conservatives Unhappy With Sarah Palin’s Slush Fund – Update

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post about the old hooah’s grifting ways and John Avlon’s reaction to the releaseĀ  of the financial information in SARAH PAC. His post in the Daily Beast garnered a lot of attention … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Supports Same-Sex Marriage?

Courtesy of The Huffington Post: A California Chick-fil-A did something shocking for same-sex marriage supporters this week: Supported them. Corey Braun, the franchisee of the Chick-fil-A in the Victoria Gateway Center in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., provided dozens of free meal … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Grifting Ways Revealed – Updated

Woot…the media floodgates have finally opened on the old hooah’s attempts to remain relevant and grift money from suckers, and boy is it fun. Palin followed up her recent CPAC speech with an immediate email to her fans asking for … Continue reading

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The Return Of The Evil Tooth

Hey guys. I have been laid up with another abscess (same tooth) and have been in no condition to blog the last few days. I’m feeling a little better tonight. I am going to have the fecker ripped out next … Continue reading

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The Wingnuts Have Gone Insane It is late here in Ireland, too late to take pics on Photoshop, but I am just disgusted. The Breitbart fools are putting those lovely girls in jeopardy. They are furious that black people are taking a vacation. I’m … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin – Shapeshifter Extraordinaire

There is a discussion underway over at The Urinal… šŸ™‚ Good boob day – bad hair day Bad boob day Very bad boob day A wee bit lopsided Actually the video of her with the American Chopper crew was seriously … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin – A Hot Mess In Phoenix

The old hooah was spotted at a basketball match! According to the The Daily Mail:   Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin attended an NBA game in Phoenix on Friday night but instead of donning purple and orange to support the … Continue reading

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Lame Duck Tries To School President Whilst Her Own Children Haven’t Finished School

Ha, I just spotted this a few minutes ago. Bill O’Reilly interviewing the old hooah back in November, 2009. No wonder she doesn’t like him. He may be an ignorant, bloviated old fool…but he ain’t completely stupid. President Obama on … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Irishgirl’s Mum

I did the unspeakable and the unthinkable. Having bought a birthday card last week for my mother, I forgot to post the damn thing. My mother turned 86 today!!! It was only when I had to date a cheque today … Continue reading

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