Why Did Sarah Palin Resign?

I asked that question a few years ago and never really got a satisfactory answer. What I did show however, was that Palin was not expecting to be ejected from the Governor’s position in such a short time.

She was booted out within a day or two of new AG, Dan Sullivan getting wind of some of the seedier side of Alaskan politics.

I never knew why exactly. I surmised it might be the Kernell boy. What led me to even examine this was a comment left at IM.

Anonymous1:25 PM

Here is why Sarah will NEVER willingly endorse Dan from Ohio Sullivan for any elected position.

“Ohio” Dan Sullivan was handpicked for AG by the Parnellites because Talis from Wasilla and Wayne Anthony Ross weren’t gittin’ it done. (She had never even heard of him! She didn’t even want to interrupt her schedule to interview him.)

With “Ohio” Dan on the job (for two weeks) Team Sarah made the mistake of thinking he was another Palin panty sniffer. . Team Sarah foolishly informed AG Sullivan about one of their little high school type vendettas. They were likely breaking a number of laws (even arguably making false reports to law enforcement.) They let the AG in on what turned out to be the final straw for Gov. Sarah.


I don’t think Dan from Ohio wanted any of that hanging over his head. He’s smart enough to know what a criminal conspiracy is. He was informed because he was AG. He would have been unable to deny that he had been informed. The problem could go away if Sarah Palin quit. That’s the biggest reason she quit so suddenly when she did. Even Sarah was surprised. It messed up her 4th of July holiday plans with her family at the mansion in Juneau!

Yeah she wanted out, yeah she was already planning to leave, but this mistake by Team Sarah did it and fast.

Another Troopergate style investigation with probably more real crimes? How about just run her out the door and slam it shut behind her. The AK Republican party could flush her down the memory hole and get back to pimping for big daddy gas and oil. Reverse her tax scheme? You betcha! Ever hear about the rest of the entire country being on the hook for about $45 Billion to finance the new Parnell secret gas line? If you haven’t you will. The gasline federal financing guarantees are already a done deal.

Yesterday someone left another comment at IM.

Anonymous12:46 PM

Yeah that bogus defense fund was an egregious violation for which she was busted.

But that’s not what explains July 3 2009.

Austin got closer, but never figured it out. YET… The german hasn’t figured it out either.


#In 2016!!!

(it really is me Austin!)

Well that got me interested again.

There are a whole bunch of emails that could relate to this. She had numerous ethics violations going on. What did pique my interest were emails relating to Rep. Mike Hawker (R).

Apparently the new AG had just been informed about Hawker having problems with Palin and her merry band of bloggers at C4P. Think back to RAM and Tim. They were tearing into Ramras and other Alaskan legislators if they looked crooked at Palin.  Palin was denying any knowledge of these bloggers, though she later went on to hire RAM.

I have a bunch of emails with them discussing this, but am fecking knackered.

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One Response to Why Did Sarah Palin Resign?

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    Apparently, I was headed in the wrong direction (once again). I’m waiting to hear more about that thing that precedes diarrhoea – gas!

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