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Computer Problems

Well, I broke my computer this morning. I reached over to get a cup of tea and laptop got upended. It is being repaired but ther is a wait of between 3-5 weeks. Blogging is very hard with the kindle … Continue reading

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As You Get Old, You Don’t Give A Shit

So, I went to the off-licence/liquor store to buy a bottle of wine. I was delighted to see my favourite person there. We discuss politics and he knows I am in trauma about trump. He asked me how I was … Continue reading

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Just Some Shite

So, Sarah Palin is being considered for Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Sarah Palin interviewing for Secretary of Veterans Affairs position. — aaron blitzstein (@BlitznBeans) December 1, 2016 That pretty much sums it up. Crippled son graduated from Trinity College … Continue reading

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Mutiny On The Breitbart Ship

Oh, the Breitbart peeps are not at all pleased with the Goldman Sachs guys that the donald is surrounding himself with. It’s beginning to dawn on them that have been duped. Courtesy of Politico: After a decade in the wilderness, … Continue reading

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Donald Trump – Bannon’s Useful Idiot

Courtesy of The New York Times:’s scorn for Muslims, immigrants and black activists drew a fervent following on the alt-right, an extremist fringe of message boards and online magazines popular with white supremacists, and after Mr. Bannon took control … Continue reading

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So last night this erupted from the donald. Methinks the donald needs to shut up about voter fraud. People just might demand a recount of the whole election. And there were a lot of voters that were disenfranchised. He is … Continue reading

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Who Would Have Kids

Daughter went out on Thursday night with the Trinity crowd in Dublin. I’m fairly certain that adult beverages were involved. Anyway, she lost/or had her phone stolen. She rang the place where it had disappeared and they don’t have it. … Continue reading

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