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Congratulations To Malia Obama And Pray For Crippled Son

I hear that she is going to Harvard – and taking a gap year. Sounds wonderful to me. And safe. There are still an awful lot of racist loons out there and I think it is better for her to … Continue reading

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WHCD 2016

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My Day

My day started with me walking bleary-eyed into the kitchen gasping for a cup of tea. I noticed something on the kitchen counter that needed to be binned so I opened the cupboard under the sink where we keep our … Continue reading

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No Wonder Heidi Cruz Is Half Mad

If I had to wake up in the morning and look at that, I would be a lot madder than I am.  

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Oh My…Seems As If Another Palin Baby Is On The Way

  Courtesy of Politicalgates: Thankfully, we have received very interesting news from Alaska. As you all know, we always had an excellent network there, and we had our fair share of scoops about the Palins since we started blogging. Today, … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Is Going To Name Carly Fiorina As His VP Pick

Courtesy of Vox: With his campaign for the Republican nomination seemingly at death’s door, Ted Cruz is trying one last time to make a comeback — by naming Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential pick. As first reported by WMUR’s Josh … Continue reading

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GOP – Up Shit Creek

Courtesy of Politicususa: A new Suffolk University poll has found that 19% of Republicans say they will support Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. The poll contained some numbers that should terrify Republicans. 40% of Republicans polled … Continue reading

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