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So WTF Happens Now?

While Bristol Palin (of the ever-present babby/fish lip syndrome) worries about contraception in Washington State, and her momma, Mrs. Todd Palin, frets about the state of Facebook and how to log in…America is going to hell in a handbasket. And … Continue reading

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Send In The Clowns – Update. McCarthy Has Dropped Out Of Race

Today is a big day in the House. The clowns are out in force. This man can’t interpret a graph. And not to be outdone. This guy can’t even speak American. Then you have Daniel Webster who is a nutter- … Continue reading

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Stop The Lights -Sarah Palin Has Gone Pro Bono And Talks To The Waffle Iron

This appeared recently… Our Sarah has gone all nasty over at FB. She is probably reeling from the constant instagram pics of Bristol’s 14th pregnancy. And no baby daddy in site [sic]. Hi Sarah, you do know that Matt Drudge … Continue reading

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Rep. Webster Endorsed By House Freedom Caucus – Will This Throw The Cat Among The Pigeons?

Courtesy of Politico: (Not the most reliable I know.) The House Freedom Caucus has endorsed Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida in his long-shot bid to become speaker of the House — dealing a blow to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy who … Continue reading

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Alan Grayson Files Ethics Complaint Against Teabaggers Gowdy and McCarthy

Courtesy of TPM: As numerous Democrats have moved to discredit the House Select Committee on Benghazi after House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) “gaffe,” Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) on Wednesday morning filed an ethics complaint against McCarthy and Rep. Trey … Continue reading

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Kevin McCarthy – New Speaker Of The House?

Hell, this guy is as bad as Palin. I think the GOP would be better off hiding this fella.

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Netanyahu Has A Hissy Fit

I think we can safely say that we are all tired of Israel.

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