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Sarah Palin’s Exotic Friend!

Why so surprised Sarah? We know that you pal around with Russians. ;)

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Lower Back Pain

I got it yesterday, and it is getting better. But fuck politics. I’m heading to bed, Ali is already there. I’m now convinced of the dangers of gardening. Fuck Morning Glories you damn little feckers you… The lemon was a … Continue reading

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What Sarah Palin Should And Should Not Have Done

She should have never arranged this very awkward union. She should not have publicized it on Facebook. It was all too obvious that she was trophy-hunting for her daughter. That medal of honor really bedazzled the old whore. When the … Continue reading

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Daily Mail Exclusive On Palin/Meyer BBQ

Oh boy!!! Courtesy of The Daily Mail: Heated exchange? Despite the cancellation of Bristol Palin’s wedding to ex-Marine Dakota Meyer the families went ahead with a ‘celebration of life’ on Saturday and in this photo Sarah Palin appears to be … Continue reading

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What The Hell Just Went Down In Kentucky?

Having celebrated yesterday and fallen asleep in the sun, I am only now getting up to speed with the Palin antics. Thank you Politicalgates. Keep up the good work!!! Yes, apparently Palin went to Kentucky where she had her picture … Continue reading

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Yes, Yes Yes – Updated

By gum, I think we have won. A leading campaigner against the marriage referendum, David Quinn of the Iona Institute, has congratulated the Yes side on its campaign as early tallies suggest the referendum will be passed. Ballot boxes have … Continue reading

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Ana Hicks RIP

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