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When It Is Ok To Be Jewish – And When It Is Used To Destroy You – The GOP Way

Courtesy of Salon back in 2008: Before Sarah Palin decided to run for the Wasilla mayor’s office in 1996 against incumbent John Stein, the Palins and Steins were friends. John Stein had helped launch Palin’s political career, mentoring the hockey … Continue reading

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IOKIURAR – Or Something Like That

Well, you just knew Mrs. Lou Botox would have to weigh in on the Hillary Clinton email saga. From her FB page… Sarah then sends you on over to hear more from Nancy French posing as *Bristol of the long jaw … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Isn’t The Only One That Needs To Worry About Putin Flying Into Her Air Space

Courtesy of BreakingNews: Commercial jets carrying hundreds of people had to be diverted in mid-air or else prevented from taking off to avoid potential collisions with two Russian bear bombers which “cloaked” their presence during their latest incursion into Irish-controlled … Continue reading

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Has Netanyahu Blown It? You Betcha – I Hope

Courtesy of Salon: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had two goals for his address to Congress. The first was to boost his chances for reelection in a couple of weeks by showing off his sway abroad. I am not enough … Continue reading

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The Shaming Of America

I think Chris Matthews can be a bit of an old windbag. But as regards the disgraceful behaviour of the GOP and the yahoo from Israel in Congress today, he hit it out of the park as far as I … Continue reading

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Will The Boehner/Bibi Stunt Backfire?

Well, the world will be watching as Bibi addresses Congress tomorrow at midday (prime time viewing in Israel) and tries to garner a few more seats for his party. Hopefully, this treasonous stunt by Boehner will backfire big time. Israelis … Continue reading

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The Young Turks Have Some Issues With Palin’s CPAC Speech

Not only is she ignorant, she is also a clown.

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