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GOP, Take Your Tacky Little Penis Out Of Politics

I got pregnant (within marriage) and even though it was unexpected, some fail safe mechanism failed us. Big time. Surfer dude was born. He was a horror. He suffered from colic.Having negotiated that, I was dumbstruck to discover I was … Continue reading

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Rubio’s Terrible Debate

I’m just catching up with the debate today and everyone seems to be talking about Rubio and Christie. That was just excruciating and embarrassing. I was cringing when Rubio started his lines again for the third time. He is way … Continue reading

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Daily Mail Reporting On November 4th Birth Date For Sailor Palin

I’m sorry, but the picture posted by Bristol on her Instagram account, does not show a six week old baby. That baby is much older than six weeks. Apparently, The Daily Mail agrees: Medal of Honor recipient Dakota is now … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin – Whoring For Trump

Sarah Palin 11 hrs ·  There is no vetting process to keep the bad guys out of our country and keep the homeland safe, solvent and sovereign. Agreed. You might want to mention that to Johnny, the loser vet. This is … Continue reading

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Some Irish Funnies

It is pouring rain here today in Ireland. Crippled son was at a loose end and I was also and too. Loose, but not as in whoring. God forgive your naughty thoughts.  

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Sarah Palin Continues Her Slutwalk

Sarah Palin has lost what is left of the mind that she never had. Profound statement. She has been given her bullet points by the Donald, and she is a screamin’ and a yammerin’ over on her shouty page, trumpeting … Continue reading

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Love Is In The Air? Not Quite. Palin Flings More Poo At Cruz

This has to be the most entertaining month I have ever had the good fortune to witness as regards Sarah Palin. She is hyped up and frantically typing her nonsense, non-stop on FB. The second post appeared a while ago. … Continue reading

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