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General Shite

So, I am in a high state of excitement. I’m off  to Miami Beach over the weekend. For 10 fecking days. I’m going to meet my dahhling fiend friend CC. Don’t tell your kids this…but internet friends are the best. I … Continue reading

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Some Fucked Up Shit

You can’t buy a beer in the US until you’re 21 but it’s quite okay to buy an assault weapon and murder your fellow citizens when you are 19. That’s all I’ve got. And I’m headed to Florida this weekend.

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Stormy Daniels Back On The Scene

What sort of idiots has Trump surrounded himself with? Trump's porn-star paramour Stormy Daniels tells friends she’s ‘free to talk’ after Donnie's dimbulb douchebag attorney Michael Cohen breached their contract — Bill Madden (@activist360) February 14, 2018 Trump denied … Continue reading

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Blogger’s Block

I am bereft of ideas. I should be talking about Trump and his manger of domestic abusers that is keeping the world afloat but somehow I can’t summon the energy. I will say this – Fuck Kelly. Also and too, … Continue reading

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My Visit To The Optician

Y’all know I lost my glasses yesterday. So there was nothing to be done but book an appointment with an eye god. Trouble was, her son and mine are best friends. I let it be known. It ended up being … Continue reading

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Like WTF?

Oh, cry me a river. Are you talking about yourself? You are a fairly dim bulb. Less than 40 watt. 🎻🎻🎻 — Irishgirl999 (@Austinisafecker) February 10, 2018

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I visited my nearly 91 year old mother this week. At some point during my stay, mum asked me about the new legislation  that is due to come before the Irish parliament in the near future concerning the above dilemma. … Continue reading

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