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John Oliver Nails Donald Trump

It’s over twenty minutes long, but so worth it.

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Shocking Nomination To The Supreme Court

In a ┬ástunning development today, President Obama (that cool dude) nominated Sarah Palin for the vacancy left by the dead Scalia guy. He said…and I quote…shit happens. You only have to look at Mitch to know that. It’s sort of … Continue reading

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We Watch As The GOP Eat Their Own

Yes, the gloves are off and the Gopers are pounding the shite out of each other. Pardon my French! Cruz has accused Trump of having ties with the mob. CHUCK TODD: So will you be happy if he just does … Continue reading

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Breaking News

In a stunning opinion piece on Austinisafecker, Irishgirl has officially endorsed Hillary. Opinion piece….Go Hill!!! Anyone that can make Trey Gowdy look this ill deserves to rule the free world. I love Bernie too. I will not say a bad … Continue reading

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The GOP Desperados

In a delicious article from the NYTs, we finally see the desperation going on behind the scenes at the GOP headquarters. They are frantically trying to stop Trump. Courtesy of the NYTs: At a meeting of Republican governors the next … Continue reading

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The Race To The White House

Republican style… “Did you ever see anyone sweat that much?” “I’m not going to say he puts on the makeup to cover up his ears.” Ghandi… [H/T to JCos at Politicalgates] Where are the policies?

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They’re Talking About Trump In Dublin Too

So, I had to go to the hairdressers in Dublin today. I was sitting there reading my Kindle, when all of a sudden the very young hairdresser beside me and her elderly customer started talking about Trump. Well of course … Continue reading

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