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GOP Gone Mad

As the shutdown looms, and people are on tenterhooks…Fox dishes out this tripe. Have you ever seen two more vacuous people discussing something serious? And Sarah, that old purple robe should have been thrown out years ago. It looks as … Continue reading

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Roast Beef – Update

Grab your beef, shove it in the oven, on the rack…not in a baking or roasting pan. Put the roasting pan at the bottom of the oven to catch the juices. I have a fan oven and I cooked the … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Op-Eds And How To Cook Roast Beef

I’m shit sick of the idiots from Breitbart and Twitchy lauding Sarah Palin’s FB pronouncements and her op-eds. She is a fecking idiot, a dangerous one, but a fecking idiot nonetheless. She is not capable of writing anything…and a stroll … Continue reading

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GOP Civil War

  Things are starting to heat up! According to The Huffington Post: Ted Cruz is not content to drive Senate strategy on the budget and debt ceiling showdown. The Texas Republican senator is working with House Republicans to undermine Speaker … Continue reading

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Classic Word Salad

From the old hooah’s FB page: Kudos to Rev. Graham for taking action today. I have so much respect for him. As my dad wrote about in his book, Billy Graham was the man who led my mom to Christ … Continue reading

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The Threepenny Opera

I’m back from the theatre. It was wonderful my dahhhlings. (Ok, I got carried away there). Hubby, daughter and meself went to see The Threepenny Opera in The Gate Theatre. We thought we would get a bit of pub grub … Continue reading

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Bono’s Bill Clinton Impression

I’m off to the theatre, see you all in a few hours.

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