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Sarah Palin Hides Behind Military Coffins After Offensive Torture Remarks

As if Palin’s remarks at the NRA weren’t bad enough, she reiterated them again on Facebook yesterday. Did you see what she did here? It was the classic pivot. The pivot that the McCain campaign taught her in the run … Continue reading

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Palin Shoots Herself In The Foot – Updated

Courtesy of The Week: After this weekend, it’s probably safe to say that Sarah Palin is done. Like Jesse Ventura or Ross Perot, she may show up every once in a while to hurl red meat or use stunt-cameos to … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Star Power Is Dimming

[H/T to Regina for image] Wow, the old hooah excelled herself last weekend. Her comments about torture and rape have drawn her some well-deserved scorn. Courtesy of The American Conservative: Man, the 12 minute speech Sarah Palin gave to the … Continue reading

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The Plan

NYC for 8 nights – will  probably head to NJ for two of those nights to visit my cousin whom I love dearly. Hello Charlie. Then I head into Amish country and am going shooting. I am fairly sure that … Continue reading

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I have managed to book an apartment in NYC, with a garden.

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Sarah Palin And Her Penis Jeans Make Yet Another Appearance

Courtesy of Wonkette: And Word Press went apeshit after that and refused to let me cut and paste. It also and too could be my computer which is still running on Windows XP… Apparently the old hooah appeared yet again … Continue reading

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The Real Cliven Bundy Unmasked

  Courtesy of Salon: Sean Hannity has been the racist rancher’s top backer, and Fox and the GOP made him a cause. Now he’s their problem… Cliven Bundy, the infamous welfare rancher, was holding forth at his Nevada homestead Wednesday, … Continue reading

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