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Irish President called Teabagger Michael Graham a “wanker.” Updated

President Michael D. Higgins happened to appear on an Irish radio show back in December, 2010. He was not the President then and I only became aware of this  interview today. However, Michael D. Higgins unloaded on Tea Party favorite … Continue reading

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President Palin!

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Sarah Palin’s lies and her attempt to refute Game Change

Sarah Palin can’t make up her mind about the 2008 campaign. The following is a statement from SarahPAC: After viewing the Game Change trailers purporting to show actual events from the campaign, we sifted through over 2,000 behind-the-scenes photos of … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum is a gobshite

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum challenged President Barack Obama’s Christian beliefs on Saturday, saying White House policies were motivated by a “different theology.” A devout Roman Catholic who has risen to the top of Republican polls in recent days, Santorum … Continue reading

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Sarah needs to sit down and shut up and take care of her family.

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Just stick an aspirin between your knees, girls!

Santorum Supporter Stuns Andrea Mitchell With Memories Of How ‘The Gals’ Used Bayer Aspirin As Contraception   Foster Freiss says: “In my day,” he told Mitchell, “they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptions. The gals put it between their knees and … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin having a mouth booger problem on Fox

Make sure to go to full screen!

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McCain: No regrets over Sarah Palin’s boobs!

Republican Senator John McCain has defended his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate in the 2008 presidential election. After losing the election he faced criticism over the choice. Speaking to Stephen Sackur, McCain said it was a myth … Continue reading

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Adele hits the high notes

Adele’s Grammy Performance: Singer Performs ‘Rolling In The Deep’ This may have better sound quality.

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Bits and Pieces…

Wow, what a day. Karen Handel resigned rather ungraciously from the Komen Foundation. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. She should have known that she was fecked the minute Palin endorsed  and then fleeced her back in 2010. The … Continue reading

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