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Audio Proves That Michael Brown Must Have Been Shot Twice Before Surrendering

If one listens  to the audio of the shooting, six shots can be heard initially, there is a pause and then another four shots are fired. Michael Brown was shot six times, so at least two of the bullets hit … Continue reading

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The Problem Is I’m Black – Updated

And according to the Supreme Court, there is no racism in the United States. _________________________________________________________________ Update: Little Green Footballs is reporting that the audio recording obtained by CNN of the number of bullets fired at Michael Brown  is legitimate.  

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Roddy Doyle And The Ice Bucket Challenge

Courtesy of The Irish Literary Times Facebook page: I left it unedited and the language is very salty, so beware!! Roddy Doyle -You’re lookin’ a bit pale. -The fuckin’ ice bucket challenge. -Wha’? -One o’ the grandkids challenges me. Grand. … Continue reading

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Gun Nuts Gone Mad

I have just been reading about the 9 year old girl who shot and killed her weapon’s instructor in Arizona. What sort of damn idiots let a 9 year old girl use an Uzi? Apparently it was on automatic and … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin – Too Old To Be Cutesy

Bob Cesca has written a great piece over at The Daily Banter about Palin’s Ice Bucket Challenge. I would love to copy and paste the whole damn thing – but that wouldn’t be ethical. Instead I will post some of … Continue reading

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Brain Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

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Sarah Palin Makes Ears Bleed During Ice Bucket Challenge

Courtesy of TBogg at RawStory: Trend chasing community access TV hostess Sarah Palin heard about this here ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which is raising money for some disease or something or whatever –she doesn’t care– and so she decided to use … Continue reading

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