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Someone Is Shitless

More Judge Ken Starr, former Solicitor Generel & Independent Counsel, just stated that, after two years, “there is no evidence or proof of collusion” & further that “there is no evidence that there was a campaign financing violation involving the … Continue reading

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Reaction To Trump At Dublin Concert

Crippled son just sent me this from the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. This is happening in the Olympia Theatre tonight in Dublin! — Irishgirl999 (@Austinisafecker) December 13, 2018

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Trump And An Adderall Habit?

Just seeing this on the twitters… JUST IN: Former @ApprenticeNBC staffer, @CaslerNoel, says Donald Trump is a “speed freak” who crushes up Adderall and snorts it — Evan Rosenfeld (@Evan_Rosenfeld) December 13, 2018 MORE: Casler says Trump invited teen beauty … Continue reading

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Schmidt Lets It Rip

"The Chief of Staff is a cabinet rank position, often described as the 2nd most powerful position in govt and Trump can't fill it…because he's a liar, he's mean, he's cruel, he's incompetent and there are criminal investigations closing in"- … Continue reading

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I have been watching this power grab for the last week. I quite literally can not speak. I am enraged. I hate Scott Walker with the passion of a thousand passion fruits. If perchance, I happened to come across that … Continue reading

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Trump’s G20 Summit

This is why he hates going to these things.. He actually is amongst intelligent people, not at a rally where he's with America's rejects. — Molly ♒🔥🐯 (@MsMollyRachael) December 1, 2018 So this just happened at the G20 – … Continue reading

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