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When A Pic Is Worth A Thousand Words

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A Glorious Day

, The sun shone. I gardened. I painted everything in sight. I painted the bench, terracotta pots and the bbq (black). I had three tins of paint left from last year. Yellow, white and blue. Once I had painted the … Continue reading

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Trump And Sanders – A Pair Of Misogynistic Old Men

What the hell is Bernie Sanders thinking by agreeing to a debate with little Donnie? Bernie seems to want to undermine Hillary at every possible opportunity. I know he is competing for the nomination – but he has essentially lost. … Continue reading

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Trump Tries To Belittle Elizabeth Warren

Oh my. Little Donnie is deathly afraid of Elizabeth Warren. Just listen to this… I’m so mad listening to the derogatory way he speaks about Warren and the lies that he spews about her. I think I’m beginning to agree … Continue reading

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Trump Isn’t Actually Planning At Working At This Presidency Lark

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Sarah Palin Rose From The Dead After The Beautiful Sound Of Silence

She posted the following on FB today. Well, I thought to myself. Why is this retarded bitch lecturing people about getting drunk? Remember the drunken brawl, the domestic abuse incident, Sarah’s appearances on TV when she was clearly incoherent and … Continue reading

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Samantha Bee – Feel The Turn

I  love this woman.

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