I Lost My Daughter In Pacific Beach

We got a taxi to Pacific Beach last night.

3 Responses to I Lost My Daughter In Pacific Beach

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    Surfer dude held a bbq in our honour except no one ate anything. There was a lot of beer however. Daughter and I got a taxi. The only problem was that it was dark and he couldn’t read the road signs so we ended up in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully my daughter actually takes note of her surroundings and had a good idea of where we were. I, on the other hand, was blissfully unaware of where the f*ck I was. I just followed her. I now call her, my little compass.

    Anyway, we had a good night meeting my son’s friends and son insisted that my little compass stay over with him. She was giggling rather merrily when I left!! I think she had had two beers. Dog only knows what they got up to after my departure.
    I managed to make it home on my own while chatting to my taxi driver about Donald Trump. Also and too, there is no street lighting here!
    I am still awaiting the return of my compass. I popped an advil or two in the meantime. 🙂
    Two coffees later, I feel ready to take on the beach. A few waves will lift my fog. This is also my last chance to have a Bloody Mary. We leave SD tomorrow.

  2. titlewave says:

    Found it!! 🙂
    You might want to delete this post from the top heading- ‘I Lost My Daughter In Pacific Beach’ You can carry bazookas here but you can’t lose your teenagers..
    I hope you had a most wonderful vacation, Irish! I am so sorry I couldn’t catch up with you- 😦

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