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TBogg Celebrates Sarah Palin’s Bad Year

I love when TBogg has a go at the Palins because he really has a fantastic way with words. Sarah Palin — former half-term governor, babbling-word-fountain, almost-one-heartbeat-away-from-the-presidency mother of  Slam, Brisket, Pillow, Oreo-Double-Stuffed, and maybe or maybe not Lil Trigger … Continue reading

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Will David Duke Spill The Beans?

Hell’s bells. Even I have heard of David Duke – and to think that Steve Scalise was pallin’ around with this White Supremacist a few years back is  not shocking  astounding. Of course, Duke’s ex-wife Chloe Hardin and her current husband … Continue reading

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It’s Hard To Remember Someone That You Don’t Know

Hubby and I went down to the local pub today. It is just at the end of this road. We struck up a conversation with a Dutch man and his two little Irish  girls. As we were leaving, I waved … Continue reading

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Recovering I Hope

And there you have it. Hubby made the disastrous suggestion to me the night before Xmas that I may need to get up early! You know what the implications are there? Quelle, qui and what the feck. In  a fit … Continue reading

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Irish Humour

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The Storm After The Calm Or Whatever

Well, you take that cheese knife and you carve that bird. And that’s what it’s all about.’

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Ho, Ho, Ho

Jesus, I can see the cobwebs in the upper LHC. Those spiders must be getting overtime! I couldn’t reach the top of the tree so there is no star there yet. A Chucky Palin rendition of artsy fartsy… I did … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Reported Wardrobe Malfunction

I was reading tonight about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe malfunction! Huh? Like her or not, former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has a knack of stirring up controversy and drawing attention to projects she’s working on. On a recent episode of … Continue reading

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I Was Going To Write A Post About Sarah Palin

But then I couldn’t be bothered. Who wants to look at her inflated boobs? So instead I will tell you about my week. Hubby and I went to the theatre on Tuesday night. We saw “She Stoops To Conquer.” … Continue reading

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I Hear Sarah Palin Likes Pig Huntin’

Pivot all you like Sarah. I think we all understand how Bristol came up with the fictional *I was dragged around by my hair* excuse at the Palin family brawl. Except it wasn’t really fiction was it? You guys wanted … Continue reading

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