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Dairygate 998

Wickersham’s Conscience has a piece on his blog entitled “Tales from Wasilla: Karen Olson and the Cash Cow.” It is a good read for a quick overview of Dairygate. Matanuska Maid Dairy died an unnecessarily messy, protracted and, apparently, corrupt death. … Continue reading

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[H/T to Sirenoftitan] What an unholy mess.

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Sarah Palin – Attention Twerk

Notice the similarity with a certain young lady…   They are both disgusting idiots. Yuck They’ll both do anything for attention. And I mean anything.

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Sarah Palin – You Can’t School An Old Fool

Stupid Sarah tweeted this yesterday… To which ‘Modern Family’ producer Danny Zuker replied… She left herself wide open for that one.

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Sarah Palin And Dairygate – Part 999

As Dairygate rears its ugly head over Alaska, I decided to go back and look at one email that had grabbed my attention many months ago. The Crivella link didn’t work for me, so I typed in some text at … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Dairygate

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch: A former Sarah Palin-appointed agriculture official was indicted Friday on charges she lied to the feds and tried to defraud the state of Alaska. Charging documents allege Karen Olson lied to officials and ran interference for … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin – Stupidity On Steroids

I’m très busy today, so just throwing this here. I haven’t *rilly* had a chance to listen to it all yet myself. And for those of you who can’t bear to listen to Miss Titty High Shoes – this is … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Accepted Huge Pay Cut To Return To Fox – Update

Courtesy of Politicususa: It was widely reported that Sarah Palin took a pay cut to come back to Fox News. What wasn’t known was how large of a cut she took. Now we know, and boy did Roger Ailes sock … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Fans Represent Probably 5% Of America

Courtesy of Huffington Post: Addressing criticism that the film received for its perceived politicized portrayal of Palin, Strong told Hill, “I disagree with the statement that half the country views ‘Game Change’ as a hit job on Sarah Palin. I … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Grifter And Quitter Praises Ashton Kutcher For His Work Ethic

Courtesy of Politico: Sarah Palin is the latest in a group of conservative politicians praising actor Ashton Kutcher for his speech at the Teen Choice Awards. Kutcher, who plays Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the recently released biopic, “Jobs,” described … Continue reading

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