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Last Night Clint Eastwood Broke My Heart

I turned on my computer this morning and saw that Clint Eastwood was making the headlines in a big way after his appearance at the convention. Of course I clicked onto the you tube video that is doing the rounds. … Continue reading

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The Return Of Sarah Palin

After only a few day’s absence from Fox, Sarah Palin returned sporting the biggest knockers I have seen her sport for quite some time. She even had a cleavage of dubious origins. Sarah really shouldn’t wear sleeveless clothes as she … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan – Another Sarah Palin

Paul Ryan is another Sarah Palin – they are both consummate liars. Sarah Palin’s Lies At Her Convention Speech: Courtesy of Andrew Sullivan: Palin lied when she repeatedly claimed to have said, “Thanks, but no thanks” to the Bridge to … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Given The Bum’s Rush By Fox

Courtesy of The Huffington Post: The former vice-presidential nominee famously signed a huge contract with the network back in 2010, and she was once one of its marquee faces. In a Wednesday Facebook post, though, Palin let the world know … Continue reading

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Open Thread

View of Killiney, Co. Dublin I’m having visitors from America tonight! 😉   I haven’t time for blogging today, but feel free to leave a comment as I know that there is a lot going on.

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Sarah Palin – Steaming In Arizona

Sarah Palin was in Gilbert, AZ yesterday campaigning for Kirk Adams, looking  her usual demure self. Yep, she was sporting new *teef* and she was ready to bite. She is a Mama Grizzly alright and she had really worked herself … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Tells It Like It Is – GOP Playing The Race Card

I know that Chris Matthews can tend to talk over his guests, but I loved how he took a leaf out of Michael D. Higgin’s book and absolutely steamrolled Reince Priebus. Matthews accused Romney of playing the race card after … Continue reading

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