A Perfect Day

The best part of the day was around 7.30pm. Hubby and I went to an osteria (sp) that I had discovered. The tables were full but everyone just hung around and sat on the sidewalk close to the canal. We sat with our legs dangling over the canal while we munched on goodies and sipped some nice wine.

It was perfect. The sun was shining on our backs and life felt good.

Hubby said to me when we got back to the apartment…I will never forget that moment. It encapsulated Venice for me.

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Off The Beaten Track


My first Negroni.


An alleyway.


I wonder who is that standing there?


The Jewish Ghetto.


The buildings where the Jews lived.


The square enclosed within the walls of the ghetto.




One of the three gates that were locked to prevent the Jews from leaving at night.


Leaving the ghetto.

Sometimes it sucks not having a car.


On the way back from our travels.




Now I need to see what Trump has done in the last few hours.

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Hannity! Bwahahaha…

Trying to keep up with all the info. The latest about Cohen and Hannity is hilarious. Hannity is a POS.

Going to try and download some photos of Venice now.


View from my window.

_MG_0456 (1)


_MG_0458 (1)

Barrel door

_MG_0460 (1)

At the fish market.

_MG_0462 (1)



Missing arm!

_MG_0466 (1)

St. Mark’s Square.

_MG_0473 (1)

I call it The Bridge of Sighs.


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First Day In Venice

We had the most wonderful first night in Venice on the food, wine and walking tour. There were three couples, one from Florida, another couple from Yorkshire in the UK and us. Then there was our guide, Anna from Napoli and her mother who happened to be staying with her for a week. Anna decided to bring her mother along rather than leave her alone at home. Her mother was fantastic and so much fun. She was trying to help Anna out and she was such a character. She had very little English but that never stops people who want to talk.

We all got on like a house on fire and as we walked the streets of Venice we got to know each other.

The company was great and the food was amazing. I have only been on one food tour before which I enjoyed immensely. That was in SLO in CA and was why I suggested to hubby that we do this. But this tour was several notches above that one. They weren’t stingy on the wine. We had eight food stops. Three different types of wine and a spritzer

I thought I was going to split a gut after the fifth stop but I soldiered on and had cakes and expresso and finished up with gelato. It was fecking marvellous and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going to Venice. I have no doubt it will be the highlight of our visit.

Also and too, I am a sneaky bitch. I got talking to the American guy (he’s 30) about photography and he was telling me about some great photos he had taken in a Utah national park. I made a comment about how they were privatizing the parks…waiting for his response. He didn’t disappoint me. He trashed Trump in one sentence and I left it at that. The night was too much fun to think about that decrepit old bugger.

Will try and post some photos tomorrow.  I didn’t take that many today.

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Off To Venice In The Morning


Hubby and I will be celebrating/berating thirty years of marriage on Monday and this is where we are headed for a few days. I hope to take lots of pics and post them and of course I will be keeping up with the news.

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So Much Chaos And Corruption

I quite literally didn’t know where to start yesterday. Every hour had a new bombshell. I’m just going to leave some tweets here to remind us of the chaos and corruption surrounding the Trump administration.


Trump seemed very worried about something that did not happen.

And what about that other NDA that the doorman signed concerning Trump’s housekeeper?

Then there is Scott Pruitt spending taxpayer’s money like a drunken sailor.

What a fecking idiot.

We’ll see how the rest of the day goes. And I haven’t even mentioned Syria.

Trump is now tweeting.


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Paul Ryan’s Legacy

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has revealed to those close to him that he will not seek reelection in the 2018 midterm elections, according to Axios. 

The outlet reports that the speaker will make the announcement soon.

Friends of Ryan reportedly said that he felt he had accomplished his “longtime dream” of tax reform and that he was ready to step back due to frustrating aspects of the job, including working with the president.



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