Mike Pence – Wrecking Indiana One Day At A Time

John Fugelsang on Indiana law allowing businesses to refuse service to LGBT…

And Mike Pence just threw Indiana under the bus again.

Courtesy of Huffpo:

WASHINGTON — Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) refused to say on Sunday whether it should be illegal under state law to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Pence appeared on ABC’s “This Week” to defend his decision to sign a controversialpiece of legislation intended to protect religious liberties that critics say will enable discrimination in the state. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act would allow individuals and corporations to cite religious beliefs in private litigation. Pence’s decision to sign the bill into law has sparked backlash against the state.

In the interview, Pence dodged a question from George Stephanopoulos about whether the law would allow florists and bakers to deny their wedding services to gay couples by citing their religious beliefs. He also twice dodged a yes-or-no question on whether he believed it should be legal to discriminate against gays and lesbians under state law.

Have I got this right – he wants to protect religious liberties by allowing those *christians* to discriminate against anyone who disagrees with them or anyone who is not the same as them?

Even Jan Brewer was smart enough not to pass that poisoned piece of legislation!

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Atmosphere Re-employment In Florida

Okay, I have watched this video about ten times. Each time, I break out into uncontrolled peals of laughter – and I love Miami. I would take a bullet for Miami beach. Thank you Joe Biden and SNL.

I woz there once. Thank you CC.



But you Floridians rilly need to get your sh*t together and vote out assholes like Scotty boy.

Climate change, climate change, climate change.

Global warming, global warming, global warming.

A state hazard mitigation plan. Ok – lets run with that. :)

Atmosphere re-employment…


No wonder the Democrats are laughing.

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This Or That

U.S. Senator Cruz speaks to members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women in San Antonio, TexasO

Or this…


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Fighting Fire With Fire

bristol_3233096bI haven’t really discussed the Palin/Meyer merger because I don’t really think it’s going to affect the world one way or another. Nor do I think this sorry union will even get to the altar or whatevah. And if by chance they do get there – it won’t last. Mark my words, you don’t get involved with a Palin and walk away from it unscathed.

By the same token, Dakota Meyer is not to be reckoned with either.

Courtesy of a review of Meyer’s book on Amazon:

INTO THE FIRE, by Dakota Meyer and Bing West, while certainly well-written and meticulously documented, in the end failed to really engage me as a reader. There are two reasons for this. One is that CO-authored books, to my mind, can never quite match the reality or the authenticity of a true memoir – i.e. one written solely by its subject/narrator. In that respect, INTO THE FIRE, simply did not quite ring true. By this I do not mean that I did not believe Meyer’s story. I mean that I could not stop thinking that his story had been carefully organized and scrubbed by a talented and professional writer (Bing West), and I also kept wondering how much of the substantiating research about the Afghan war and the host country, not to mention the notes and timeline – all the stuff that ‘fleshes out’ a story about a single battle that lasted less than one day – had been dug out and skillfully addended by West.

The second reason I had trouble with Meyer’s story is more difficult to explain. But I’ll try. Samuel Hynes, a writer I have the highest admiration for (who was, incidentally, a combat veteran of WWII, and whose memoir, FLIGHTS OF PASSAGE, is a minor classic), once told me that one of the most important ingredients to a successful story is a likeable narrator. Much as I wanted to like Meyer, I couldn’t. My problem with this began early, in the Introduction, when Meyer described his team, ending with, “The others were looking to do their jobs and return home; I was looking for a fight.” And just a few pages later, still in the Intro, he describes his first ‘kill’ -

“I aim the gun. I’m a sniper; shooting is technique. No emotion … I fire burst after burst, walking the tracers up the slope. I hit hislegs first, then his back. I keep shooting until I’m tearing up a corpse. I rip through two hundred rounds …”

This is followed by joking with his team members, no introspection, no sense of the enormity of the taking of life. And this is pretty typical of the strong, silent macho ‘cowboy’ attitude Meyer displays through most of the book. He relents only slightly when he tells of his subsequent and reluctant treatment for PTSD.

As the person who alerted me to this said…this guy is a psychopath. I tend to agree.

Dakota and Tripp in Kentucky

And that is why this little consolidation could end in tragedy.


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I Smell A Rat

photo_of_levi_johnstonCourtesy of RadarOnline:

Bristol Palin is unloading her half a million dollar Alaskan home to move across country with her fiancé but her exLevi Johnston recently changed addresses for another reason. RadarOnline.com has learned that he recently moved back in with his mom after falling on difficult financial times.

“He’s packing up the whole house and just had a garage sale,” said a source close to the family.

The 24-year-old had been renting a duplex for his wife Sunny Oglesby and their two daughters, two-and-half-year-old Breeze and newborn Indy. But working seven days a week as an electrician in the Wasilla area isn’t bringing home enough money to keep a roof over their heads.

The young couple has tried everything to avoid moving in with his mom, Sherry Johnston, according to insiders…


“They’re not being welcomed with a warm greeting,” continued the source. “But what choice does his mom have — leave her grandkids homeless?”

Some of Levi’s family members “think it’s Sunny’s actions that have gotten him into this,” the source said. “It’s because of the way she spends and manages money and refuses to downsize.”


“She (Sunny) just spends his money on stuff for her — hair extensions, clothes, shoes, expensive makeup, all sorts of unnecessary purchases,” continued the source. “And it’s all while she tells Levi that the money being spent is going towards clothes, diapers, food for their daughter and food for them. He’s not being a deadbeat dad. He’s such a good dad.”

And right now, Levi is allegedly the only one bringing in an income.

“Sunny … got fired from two jobs she only had for a month,” the source claimed.

This isn’t the first time the down and out couple has been forced to crash with his family. Three years ago, he reportedly lived with his mom, and more recently Levi and his 24-year-old wife lived with his sister Mercede Johnston.

“They didn’t pay rent and made Mercede’s life miserable,” added the source.

Meanwhile, Palin continues to drag Levi to court for thousands of dollars she’s owed in back child support payments for their 6-year-old son Tripp. But the insider said she’ll soon find out why he hasn’t been able to show her the money.

Added the source, “Bristol and the Palin family have no clue how broke Levi now is!”

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Unrequited Love – The USA And Israel


_MG_0118 copyWhilst son has been recuperating from that dreadful ACL surgery – he and I have had a few chats. He is installed (embedded)  in my computer room downstairs.

So, he is bored out of his brain and looking at the news. We get onto the topic of Netanyahu and the US. He says…

It is like you have a girlfriend that treats you like shit – and you buy her stuff constantly.

And I thought that about summed it up.

unrequited love

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In case I forgot to mention it…

Six Nations 2015: Ireland win title from England & Wales

Champions Ireland retained their Six Nations title on points difference after an extraordinary final day.

The last round of games concluded with England falling agonisingly short of the 26-point winning margin they needed as they beat France 55-35 in an epic.

The day had started with Wales annihilating Italy 61-20 in Rome.

Ireland needed a huge win and their 40-10 demolition of Scotland was enough to both pass Wales and set a target just beyond England.

With three teams on three wins apiece going into the final round of games the stage was set, and what followed was one of the most incredible days in the tournament since it was first played in 1883, with 221 points scored in the three matches.

I’ll be quiet now.

Oh, it was warm enough here today to have coffee on the patio.



As Joe Biden would say, “This is a big f*cking deal.” :)

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