I wrote this really long blog post and the damn thing disappeared into the nether regions. I was trying to download a pic of my Morning Glory that has suddenly blossomed. I am tres excited about it and keep  calling hubby and saying…*look at my morning glory!*

He finally said to me yesterday…I don’t think you understand what Morning Glory means.

So, I googled it, as one does…

I’m pretty good with the googles and the twitters. I have not stopped laughing.

The other marvellous news is that my keyboard has come back from a certain death. I can curse with a *C* now. Words such a crap, crazy and comeuppance are commonplace. I have to restrain myself from calling Mitch a *r*unt, but now I can’t download photos which is why I don’t have a morning glory prominently featured and my son is surfing.

Such is life…

I’m just glad I have a *c.*

And Ayershgirll in LonG Island. I wasn’t joking when I told you that I know where the bodies are buried.

I know things.

My best friend is a guy called Mueller.

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Bits And Bobs

And this…

Ashley Kavanaugh knows that Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth. The body language in this video is very telling.

I currently have a dodgy keyboard so haven’t been able to post much.

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As we wait to see how the vote goes, I’ll leave you with this.

By the way, Kavanaugh must have been pretty desperate to have written that op-ed.

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Fraud And Misogyny

This is what Trump said to take attention away from his tax fraud.

I loathe this man.

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SNL – Cold Open

I laughed out loud throughout this skit.

Just so you know…

A threesome with 1 woman and 2 men. It is important to remember that straight men do not make eye contact while in the act. Doing so will question their sexuality.
To abuse any licit or illicit substance via insertion into one’s rectum.
This is the guy Trump nominated.
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Heh Heh



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A Sense Of Rage


I watched the whole hearing and was in tears at Prof. Ford’s heartrending account of her assault. I believed her.

Then I had to listen to this snivelling little bastard.


His behaviour was an absolute disgrace. Shouting partisan slurs and weeping like a toddler and then screaming at Feinstein and Amy K. What a fucking shit show.

The GOP showed exactly what they thought of women.

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