GOP – You Are All Complicit

After the news over the last few days, I thought that this tweet summed up the complicity of the GOP.


The GOP is culpable.

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Rhys McClenaghan takes Pommel Horse gold for Ireland at European Championships in Glasgow


I watched it and was enthralled. Yay for 19 year old Rhys.

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Oh Fucking My

Rachel was on fire last night with this explosive leak about the one and only Devin Nunes.

The GOP will put up with Trump and his cringe-worthy tweets and traitorous behaviour as long as they get their guy on the supreme court, then they will go after Rosenstein and keep trying to shield Trump.

And that’s what it’s all about.

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And The Trial Continues

Check this out. Manafort was broke when he went to work on the campaign and yet he says he worked for free.

There is some very good information in that thread.

The whole lot of them are a pack of thieves.

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Paul Manafort Trial

Keep going…

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Why I Love New York And Diversity

Trump will not prevail.

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This Needs To Be Heard

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