That Damn Bridge – It Was Everywhere

_MG_0032View from Coit Tower

_MG_0074View from on the bridge

_MG_0093View from the other side


What no bridge?

_MG_0163View from under the bridge

_MG_0180Random thoughts

_MG_0190Lands End. They don’t tell you about the steps down. AND UP.

_MG_0196Some kind of plant on the way up. Daughter was not fooled. She knew I was stopping to give my legs a rest. The heart was good, but the calves were screaming.

_MG_0199Oh lookie – the bridge again. This time shrouded in the famous fog.

_MG_0216Down and up. I balked at this one and never got to see the labyrinth.

But I googled it.


Having blown through our budget by day 3, I made ham and cheese sandwiches for our hike. Jaysus H. Christ. It cost ten dollars for some ham and cheese. We only had access to Whole Foods in the Noe Valley… I believe Trader Joe is much better value.

At the end of Lands End (we did have to come all the way back, so this was only a respite) we had our sammiches and water. I was gasping for a cigarette. I had to wait until the coast was clear, and then I discovered my damn lighter had broken! Have you ever felt like crying?

Not one to be deterred, well what choice had I? We headed back. Imagine my relief to see someone smoking underneath a leafy tree. After a quick bartering session, I left with my cigarette lighting, and my new-found friend had another cigarette. This is why I love America.They will do anything for a smoke.

_MG_0347Ocean Beach, San Diego.

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Sarah Palin – Whoring Again For Attention

utSarah Palin has been working this week. All gussied up with new lipstick, new eyebrows, a new top with silver pine tree needles swinging softly in the breeze that had arisen from her word flatulence, Sarah was trying to be serious – I think. She really must be in need of a job. I only listened to a few minutes of her claptrap. She was boring. Obviously everyone else felt the same way because there was nothing about her interviews on the media.

ut2Different outfit. Same crooked mouth.

There is one thing Palin doesn’t like. And that is being ignored. So, upset with no publicity she set about to create some for herself. From her screechy page…

ut4ut5So Sarah brings up Mike Tyson’s comments about Glen Rice which were made back in 2011. WARNING – THEY WERE PRETTY ATROCIOUS.

Now why on earth would she dredge up that old dreck and her one night stand with Glen Rice?

Because she can once again paint herself as a victim.

Never mind the fact that she is wrong about Schilling’s tweet, she has made the news again!!! And that is all she wants. No one puts Sarah in a corner.


Once a whore, always a whore. How low can you go Sarah? ;)

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Lost Post Miraculously Reappears

_MG_0295The East or the West Pier in Santa Barbara?

Does it matter?


A Cat and Mouse game in San Francisco





Cat knows that I am watching…


Mouse is now over hiding in a crack in the pavement on the LHS.

That poor stupid mouse was too frightened to run for the hills. Cat got bored and went inside. Daughter went out and covered the frightened mouse with a leaf. Cat came back and found mouse. This actually was hysterical watching cat sniff out our hiding place…

At that stage, we had to leave. We were in SF and had things to do. When we got back, cat came bounding down the stairs looking for the mouse. We reckoned mouse had escaped.

_MG_0183Five Painted Ladies. We of course got lost trying to find these whores.


One of the many lunatics we met on our travels. Daughter scolded me for taking the pic. I thought I was being artsy?

We travelled by public transport and it was so obvious that there were so many untreated mentally ill people around. Ronny Raygun?

We also had our laughs. Thinking I was alone at the pool in SLO (get with it), I rescued a drowning bee with a leaf. Pumping my arms, I shouted to my daughter, I just saved a bee. Apparently we had an audience in the balcony above the pool.

While trying to meet my son, sitting on the bus, I asked daughter where do we get off. She said (or I thought she said), I hop just across the road. I asked her why she needed to hop across the road.

She looked at me. And then I saw IHOP!! Apparently it is a restaurant. We were falling around the place laughing at that stage.

A few days ago we were heading to the Holiday Inn Express for our final night before the flight. I asked the bus driver where it was. In the middle of the bus ride he called out to me asking about the directions. Next thing, all of the passengers weighed in and there was a big discussion about the whereabouts of the HIE. I thought that only happened in Ireland. We weren’t staying at the Ritz and everyone now knew it.  People were really, really nice and helpful and they got us to our destination.


And that was my lost post. Perhaps it should have stayed lost? Anyway, more holiday pics to come later… :)

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Fuck it anyway

I just lost  a post that I had spent hours on.

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Lost Post

Somehow my last post ended up beside the Home and About thingies just above. I have no idea how that happened. By the way, daughter made it back safely.lo

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The Company You Keep Says A Lot About You

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