Don’t Blow It Bill


Courtesy of TPM:

Now, I want to be clear that there are few better campaigners than Bill Clinton. And virtually anyone would want him speaking and campaigning on their behalf in a tight race. Look at the speech he gave on behalf of President Obama at the 2012 convention. But when I say ‘virtually’, Hillary Clinton may be one of the few who shouldn’t.

I didn’t follow the 2008 primaries closely but of course I heard that it got nasty. I hope this doesn’t go the same way. There is just no need for it. There are two excellent candidates for the Democratic party. Make your case and let the voters decide.


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GOP, Take Your Tacky Little Penis Out Of Politics

I got pregnant (within marriage) and even though it was unexpected, some fail safe mechanism failed us. Big time.

Surfer dude was born. He was a horror. He suffered from colic.Having negotiated that, I was dumbstruck to discover I was pregnant again less than a year later. How could this have happened?

So there was I, having just finished my Ph.D with two toddlers. Less than a year later, I found myself pregnant again. I swear you only had to look at me…

I did not want to be pregnant for the third time, but I was. After a few weeks, I began to look forward to the pregnancy. The idea of creating new life fascinated me. Unfortunately for me, taking my sons on a trip to the beach resulted in me being knocked over by over exuberant tennis players. As I picked myself up, I admonished them on the harm they could have done to my two year old. I also told them I was pregnant.

A few days later, I had a miscarriage. It took me a long time to get over it. Not to mind the horrors of miscarrying, I always felt that I had lost a baby girl. I lost my confidence.

Five years later, for the first time in our lives, we made a decision to have another baby. It was planned down to the last egg and sperm. It was planned for a baby girl.

Well to cut 9 months short, I finally had my baby girl. She is now 18 and we quite happily trot all over the USA together.


My niece lost her baby yesterday. At 13 weeks.

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Rubio’s Terrible Debate

I’m just catching up with the debate today and everyone seems to be talking about Rubio and Christie.

That was just excruciating and embarrassing. I was cringing when Rubio started his lines again for the third time. He is way out of his league.

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Daily Mail Reporting On November 4th Birth Date For Sailor Palin


I’m sorry, but the picture posted by Bristol on her Instagram account, does not show a six week old baby. That baby is much older than six weeks.

Apparently, The Daily Mail agrees:

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota is now being forced to take a paternity test as part of the former couple’s increasingly bitter custody battle over her new baby.

Court documents seen by Daily Mail Online reveal that Meyer’s bid for joint custody in a suit filed in Kentucky and Alaska has stalled pending the results of the paternity test. A question has also been raised over the actual birth date of Bristol’s baby.

The Instagram photo posted by Bristol announcing the birth of Sailor on December 24, places the birth date one day earlier. The date of birth on court papers filed in the custody case is also given as December 23.

But the same Instagram picture posted by Dakota with the caption ‘Best Christmas present ever!!’ reveals a detail whited out in Palin’s account – the date scribbled on her IV line.

There, in black and white, is a date that appears to read November 4 – placing the birth almost two months before Bristol claimed.

I wrote about this at the time. Remember, Bristol quickly put up a new photo – minus the baby, and then just as quickly took it down. The IV tapes were in no way similar.



That fraudulent new photo was the giveaway – and the reason it was taken down so quickly.

I’m glad to see the Daily Mail reporting this. Not that I think much of them either.


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Sarah Palin – Whoring For Trump

There is no vetting process to keep the bad guys out of our country and keep the homeland safe, solvent and sovereign. Agreed. You might want to mention that to Johnny, the loser vet. This is unarguable. Is it? Unarguable is a really ugly word. It has too many ewes.(Read the links below.) This is why we must pay attention to the Presidential candidates and judge their trustworthiness. This is why many of us are passionate about the process of electing public servants who will serve for the right reasons. Who is toughest on illegal immigration? Who is the candid candidate with nothing to lose in offering to serve this nation for the right reason? Who can not be bought and sold by any donor class special interests? Who is the antithesis of the typical politician who’ll say anything to get elected?

And then I thought, fuck it. I’m going to order Thai.

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Some Irish Funnies

It is pouring rain here today in Ireland. Crippled son was at a loose end and I was also and too. Loose, but not as in whoring. God forgive your naughty thoughts.


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Sarah Palin Continues Her Slutwalk


Sarah Palin has lost what is left of the mind that she never had. Profound statement. She has been given her bullet points by the Donald, and she is a screamin’ and a yammerin’ over on her shouty page, trumpeting his latest missives.

She has done the unforgivable. She has become a prostitute. Of course, anyone who was paying close attention knew long ago that Palin was a whore – the whore of babble on and many other unwholesome deeds.

She slutwalked all over the USA.





Those Belmonts were a real turn on for the white, pasty, fat guys from the south, north, east and west and south-westerly and easternly north. Ammon and Cliven Bundy come to mind…

Now, all of a sudden, the right wing has noticed that the Princess of the Northwoods has been bought and paid for. Talk about being slow on the uptake. It took them nearly eight years. Wasn’t it George Bush who introduced “No child left behind?” Well, what about the adults, George? What about the fucking adults?

To be continued…

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