Trump And Sanders – A Pair Of Misogynistic Old Men


What the hell is Bernie Sanders thinking by agreeing to a debate with little Donnie? Bernie seems to want to undermine Hillary at every possible opportunity. I know he is competing for the nomination – but he has essentially lost. I can’t see any purpose in him debating Trump. The optics are just awful. It appears that these two assholes are trying to sideline Hillary and put the little woman in her place. Whether you like Hillary or not, this is time to unify the Democratic party and try to keep Trump out of the White House.

Sanders seems determined to upset the apple cart at any cost. He is all out for Bernie, not the American people. He is going to inflict as much damage as he can and then leave the place in tatters.

He is getting on my last nerve. At this stage, I now despise him. He is dangerous.

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Trump Tries To Belittle Elizabeth Warren

Oh my. Little Donnie is deathly afraid of Elizabeth Warren. Just listen to this…

I’m so mad listening to the derogatory way he speaks about Warren and the lies that he spews about her.

I think I’m beginning to agree with Josh Marshall at TPM.

I wrote recently that I thought Elizabeth Warren would be a great Veep pick but it wouldn’t happen because it would add to the burden of retaking the Senate. Massachusetts has a Republican governor. That would mean at least 6 months or so of an additional Republican senator in 2017 – assuming Clinton wins.

But I’m reconsidering that. In fact, I’m past reconsidering: Hillary should put Warren on the ticket…

…Warren is off-the-cuff, free-wheeling and direct in all the ways Clinton is cautious and rehearsed. But it is a reinforcing rather than an invidious contrast and likely helps bring to the surface Hillary’s progressive background that has been buried by decades at the pinnacle of Democratic party politics and years as the punching bag of the left of the party which feels excluded by the seemingly endless Clinton ascendency.

It may sound crazy to attach so much to her recent Twitter contretemps with Donald Trump. But the tone, rhythm and style are exactly what the Democrats need to knock Trump down and bring out his toxic mix of personal insecurity and emotional instability. It’s not over-earnest or off-key or droning (traditional Democratic tonalities – let’s be honest). She’s mocking, substantive and constantly on target.

Indeed, Trump’s responses to Warren, his attacks on her, make it clear to me he’ll have a hard time handling her.

He won’t win a twitter war with Warren. Or any other kind of war.


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Trump Isn’t Actually Planning At Working At This Presidency Lark

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Sarah Palin Rose From The Dead After The Beautiful Sound Of Silence

She posted the following on FB today.


Well, I thought to myself. Why is this retarded bitch lecturing people about getting drunk? Remember the drunken brawl, the domestic abuse incident, Sarah’s appearances on TV when she was clearly incoherent and Todd’s accident?

Clearly, that must be what the Palins do – get drunk on Memorial Day (which is next week) Also and too, a lot of people at IM thought that this pic was Bristol posing with baby. It’s not. That woman’s husband served three tours in Iraq and unfortunately lost his life in a motorcycle accident upon his return home.

I don’t have a problem with the woman lying on her husband’s grave with her baby. Some people do. Let people grieve in their own way I say.

Trust Palin to dig this photo up and try to use it.

Drunken Track’s court case is tomorrow.

In other news, my daughter graduated from school today. We had a lovely ceremony tonight. I also had a birthday. Crippled son said to me this morning, you can apply for the old age pension in ten years.

I was gutted as I realised that I am no longer 21.

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Samantha Bee – Feel The Turn

I  love this woman.

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Doonbeg Donnie Believes In Global Warming


Remember when I mentioned that Little Donnie wanted to build a wall around Ireland? Well, I exaggerated somewhat. He wants to build a sea wall to protect his golf course in County Clare which is on the west coast of Ireland. You will never guess the reason why he wants to build the wall – he wants to prevent erosion due to the effects of global warming.

Courtesy of Politico:

Donald Trump says he is “not a big believer in global warming.” He has called it “a total hoax,” “bullshit” and “pseudoscience.”
But he is also trying to build a sea wall designed to protect one of his golf courses from “global warming and its effects.”

The New York billionaire is applying for permission to erect a coastal protection works to prevent erosion at his seaside golf resort, Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, in County Clare.
A permit application for the wall, filed by Trump International Golf Links Ireland and reviewed by POLITICO, explicitly cites global warming and its consequences — increased erosion due to rising sea levels and extreme weather this century — as a chief justification for building the structure.
The zoning application raises further questions about how the billionaire developer would confront a risk he has publicly minimized but that has been identified as a defining challenge of this era by world leaders, global industry and the American military. His public disavowal of climate science at the same time he moves to secure his own holdings against the effects of climate change also illustrates the conflict between his political rhetoric and the realities of running a business with seaside assets in the 21st century…

…Trump’s company has warned not only the county council of the perils of climate change, but also local residents. An appendix to TIGL’s planning application includes a scan of a brochure that the company has distributed to residents to make the case for building the proposed coastal protection works. The heading of one page — emblazoned with a “Trump Doonbeg” logo — is “Need for Coastal Protection.” The page lists four bullet points, the last of which is, “Predicted sea level rise and more frequent storm events will increase the rate of erosion throughout the 21st century.”

So there you have it. Little Donnie is a big fat, lying hypocrite. He obviously believes in global warming. Well he did when a whopping great storm tore eight metres off the sand dunes in front of his golf course days before he signed the deal back in 2014 and he had to confront reality. But, he is not telling his rubes that.

Here is an interesting Facebook page dedicated to saving Doughmore – Doonbeg Beach. The “About” section reads as follows:

Donald Trump has applied for permission to dump 200’000 TONNE of boulders along 2.8kms of Doughmore’s sand beach. This page is trying to stop it.

It appears that he is not getting his way. That wall, like the one on the Mexican border will never see the light of day.:)


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Donald Names


Old sphincter-face Trump has a nasty habit of giving demeaning nicknames to his opponents. There was low-energy Jeb, lyin’ Ted, crazy Bernie and finally crooked Hillary.

I’ve seen a few nicknames for the orange buffoon floating around. Hair dRumf, the tangerine nightmare, deceitful Donald and Don the Con. I think my favourite one is little Donnie. It is simple and emasculating and I think he would hate it.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for naming this nasty bully.


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