Trump – Full On Mad Today

I managed to get a screenshot of this tweet before he deleted it.


Here it is for posterity.  He now seems to have tweeted it again!

The whole of the British establishment is now gunning for Trump after he tweeted videos from a hate group in Britain.

He has gone absolutely ballistic today. Something is up.


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Oopsies For Trump

I hope you choke on your turkey (or cremated steak) mr little hands.

And if you follow Seth Abramson then it is more than obvious that mr little hands has been up to his oxters with Putin and Russia since 2013.

He has plenty to worry about today.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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I’m Not Too Sure I Believe Leeann Tweeden

I think Leeann Tweeden had an agenda and that was to remove Al Franken from the senate.





Leeann said that Al groped her. While the photo is pretty disgusting, it is clear that Al is not in fact groping her. He isn’t touching her. He is posing in front of a camera pretending to grope her and he obviously had an audience. They thought it was funny.

It wasn’t.

I can understand why Leeann felt humiliated at this picture and I contend that that was her biggest problem. Humiliation. That is ok. I imagine I would feel the same way. Al Franken should not have done it. Understandably she was angry.

BUT…it is obvious that he isn’t groping her and yet she maintains that he did. My problem with her recollection of events is that if she is willing to lie about the groping when there is a photograph proving that he didn’t, then I’m not so sure I can believe her about the *tongue down her throat* scenario. Al Franken also has a different recollection of that too.

I know this is not PC, but I’m not going to accept her version of events without question.

Men can be bastards, but some women can also be vindictive bitches.


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Sessions Jokes About Russians

This little perjuring ratf*cker thinks this is funny. So does his audience.

Also there is this, courtesy of Salon.

Observations from Dr. John Gartner, a psychologist at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School and founder of the Duty to Warn advocacy group, an organization which is supported by thousands of mental health professionals and others in the United States and abroad who are dedicated to sounding the alarm about Donald Trump.

To be honest, I think it’s actually chiming at midnight right now. I don’t think people have any idea how close we are the point of no return. I think there is an 80 percent chance he’s going to push that nuclear button. Why? Number one, Trump is a malignant narcissist. As far as I know, I cannot recall a single malignant narcissist in history who did not start a major war.

Now add one more factor: Under the surface, this [Robert] Mueller investigation is turning him and his family into cornered animals. They are guilty of treason, guilty of money-laundering, guilty of collusion, guilty of obstruction of justice. They are guilty as sin and they know it. The noose is tightening around their necks and, unlike Richard Nixon, Trump and his cabal are not going to leave gracefully.

Donald Trump is going to be like Bonnie and Clyde; he’s going to shoot his way out. The best way for him to shoot his way out is to start a war and distract from his misdeeds, rally the country behind him and — most importantly from a psychological perspective — to transform the feeling of being a weak victim of a massive criminal investigation into that of an omnipotent destructive and powerful leader by destroying and killing millions of people.

What does that sort of stress do to people?

Stress is very destructive. It’s destructive mentally; it’s destructive physically. This is especially true for members of the groups that Trump has targeted, such as immigrants and minorities. Then there is also the general sense of existential dread that everybody is feeling. In addition to existential dread, there are also the negative feelings when you watch TV and you are like, “Wait a minute, that’s crazy. How can this be happening? How could people not be reacting to this?” This is that normalization of the abnormal. Ultimately, we are under such great stress because our sense of reality is under attack.

Do you think that Donald Trump is happy right now? An unhappy leader is a very dangerous leader.

I think Donald Trump is in a state of constant rage and agitation. We are hearing from sources inside the White House that  he has dark moods, is yelling at people, screaming at CNN at 3 in the morning. This is terrifying, because you are right: Someone who’s in a state of agitation and anger is more likely to act out in a destructive and impulsive way. We have all the warning signs that this guy is ready to blow.

How did it come to this?

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WTF USA – This Isn’t Getting Any Better

Remember this?

My what big hands you have Marco!

I have never seen anyone look so angry trying to open a bottle of water. And then he had to hold the bottle with his two hands in order to take a tiny sip. I hope you heard the snorting too. What the hell was that about?

Maybe he will finally understand that PR needs water as well..

I listened to the Keebler elf spew his mantra of “I don’t recall” yesterday. What can I say? The racist bastard is obviously up to his tonsils in this Russian shit. He is the AG of the USA and he is quite openly lying and the GOP won’t do anything about it because “TAX CUTS” and “OBAMACARE.”

I find I have lost all hope in the US. The GOP is in charge and the damage they are trying to inflict on ordinary American citizens is astonishing and it seems that no one can do anything to stop it.

They are stacking the courts with unqualified judges and the Senate with a pedophile.

Nothing is being done about climate change and there is this constant threat that the orange baboon will press the nuclear button in a fit of pique.

My cousin in NJ who voted for Trump, is set to see his property tax go up with the new tax bill. When I visited him before the election I was more than surprised to hear how much he had to pay. He is going to get a nasty surprise. I must email him tonight to tell him he can make up the shortfall by heading over to CA to pick crops seeing as how all those immigrants are taking his work and they are now being deported.

End of rant.

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Trump Jr. Appears To Have Been Doing The Dirty With Wikileaks

If you have not done so already get up and go read the latest at The Atlantic.

Trump Jr. was in touch with Wikileaks about the election and emails and a whole lot of other shit.

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