And Milo Is Gone From Breitbart

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The Dog That Chased The Car


Trump and the GOP have finally caught the car, albeit through illegitimate means.


But the GOP doesn’t have a plan for anything. They have had eight years to come up with plans, but they have nothing prepared. No replacement healthcare. Zilch.

Trump, however, has plenty of plans. He is just going to undo everything President Obama achieved. He’s going to get rid of regulations that keep Americans safe. He’s going to dump coal dust into rivers, help Americans die quicker and deny global warming.

He’s going to try and dismantle NATO and do everything in his power to keep his Russian cronies happy because he is beholden to them. That Russian money has been flowing to him and his jaw-deprived offspring since the eighties and has kept him in the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed.

Don’t tell me the GOP doesn’t know about his illegal activities. If they can ferret out a semen trail, it shouldn’t be too hard to follow a money trail.

But any little trail now is met by the scream of FAKE NEWS. Sarah Palin (RIP) started this meme in an effort to deflect the media’s scrutiny of her. I dare say Bannon noticed that and thought it was a wonderful idea. Discredit the media and do whatever the fuck you what. After all he directed or produced the crap about her called “The Undefeated.”


He was hoping she would piggyback him to the White House, but she was simply too stupid. She couldn’t even fake tits!!!

So he went with Trump this time around and the jaw-deprived McConnell and his counterpart, peaky-hair Ryan, are quite willing to go along for the ride. Fuck democracy and whatever, they have THE POWER NOW and a shot at the nomination of the SCJ. All is well.

However, Trump is not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.  Add to that the fact that he is insane and has left all those disgusting little Russian trails after him and you have a recipe for disaster.

Well, I am broke, but feel it is my duty to swim to Sweden to protest the Bowling Green Massacre that occurred over the weekend.




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Trump And His Murky Russian Connections

There has been some very murky stuff going on with Trump’s henchmen. I follow these three people on Twitter but will admit I am not up to speed with what exactly is going on.

The Washington Post has this to say…

President Trump’s personal lawyer and a former business associate met privately in New York City last month with a member of the Ukrainian parliament to discuss a peace plan for that country that could give Russia long-term control over territory it seized in 2014 and lead to the lifting of sanctions against Moscow.

The meeting with Andrii V. Artemenko, the Ukrainian politician, involved Michael Cohen, a Trump Organization lawyer since 2007, and Felix Sater, a former business partner who worked on real estate projects with Trump’s company.

The occurrence of the meeting, first reported Sunday by the New York Times, suggests that some in the region aligned with Russia have been seeking to use Trump business associates as an informal conduit to a new president who has signaled a desire to forge warmer relations with Russia. The discussion took place amid increasingly intense scrutiny of the ties between Trump’s team and Russia, as well as escalating investigations on Capitol Hill of the determination by U.S. intelligence agencies that the Kremlin intervened in last year’s election to help Trump.

As Josh Marshall writes:

On its own, Trump’s relationship with Sater might be written off (albeit not terribly plausibly) as simply a sleazy relationship Trump entered into to get access to capital he needed to finance his projects. Whatever shadowy ties Sater might have and whatever his criminal background, Trump has long since washed his hands of him. (Again, we’re talking about most generous reads here.)

But now we learn that Sater is still very much in the Trump orbit and acting as a go-between linking Trump and a pro-Putin Ukrainian parliamentarian pitching ‘peace plans’ for settling the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. (Artemenko is part of the political faction which Manafort helped build up in the aftermath of the ouster of his Ukrainian benefactor, deposed President Viktor Yanukovych.) Indeed, far, far more important, Cohen – who is very close to Trump and known for dealing with delicate matters – is in contact with Sater and hand delivering political and policy plans from him to the President.

Were Cohen not involved, one might speculate that Sater is just up to yet another hustle, looking to parlay his one-time association with Trump into influence with the new President. Cohen hand delivering his messages to the President changes the picture considerably. How or why Cohen would do this, if for no other reason than the current massive scrutiny of Trump’s ties to Russia and Sater’s scandals, almost defies belief. But here we are.

Cohen has now denied delivering the message to Trump.

Apparently there has been all sorts of high jinks going on regarding Trump losing money on his casinos. Russian oligarchs seem to have been jumping out of the woodwork to prop up Trump’s losing ventures and there is evidence of money laundering going on with Trump selling property to the Russians at vastly inflated prices.

More when I can understand exactly what is going on.

Ok, if you’re interested in this you really need to read Adam Khan’s tweets.

Start here and read the whole thread.

It really is mind-boggling. Trump and his cronies are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

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The Lunatic

Well, I thought this was funny.

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Forget About Fake News

Trump is just bad news.

That’s all I’ve got.

This week was a rollercoaster of awful.

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I Love Liam Neeson

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The Only Way Is Up


Protests and mass demonstrations are the way to go.

The majority of Americans did not vote for Trump’s agenda. Torment the GOP in ways they have never experienced. You guys are at rock bottom now.

The only way is up.

Holy shit. When you have lost Luntz you are in dire trouble.

And I like this article. Courtesy of TPM:

In any case, this is dangerous ground, on every front. We are on numerous fronts in an unprecedented and perilous situation. No government likes leaks. Sometimes leaks are illegal. This is something that can be addressed on its own. The key here is the substance of what we’re learning. It speaks for itself. That’s why it’s been so damaging. Even Republicans, who have been remarkably willing to give Trump a pass on virtually anything as long as he will sign key legislation, have been unable to ignore this. This is no ‘political assassination’. That is a ridiculous and preposterous claim. The facts we are learning speak for themselves. When leaks are this damaging and this tied to the fundamental operations of government, it’s not about the leaks or the motives. It’s about what we’re learning and what we need to know.

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