Andrew McCabe Fired

This is McCabe’s classy response.

I bet Trump wanted Sessions to refuse to fire McCabe so that he could fire him too.

On another note – Happy Saint Patrick’s day.

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Is Trump Dead Yet?


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Trump To Go After Mueller?

I hope Mueller has a backup plan. I’m sure he does. He has to have known that Trump would try this. And of course, Trump’s actions are those of an innocent man!

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Conor Lamb – Apparent Winner


Courtesy of  CNBC:

At around 5:30 a.m. ET, NBC News reported that it appeared that Lamb had won. The only outstanding votes are the approximately 200 absentee votes in Greene County, it said, and the provisional ballots that the district will count within the next seven days. Even with those added to the count, it does not appear that rival Rick Saccone can catch up. NBC News noted it was possible that there may be a recount ordered.

Lamb, a 33-year-old former prosecutor and Marine veteran, was expected to narrowly beat Republican Rick Saccone in Tuesday’s 18th District special election. Pro-GOP groups poured money into the race to avoid a loss that may shake up November’s battle for control of Congress.

Early Wednesday, Lamb declared victory, but the Saccone campaign said it did not plan to concede yet.

As Joe Biden would say – this is a big f*cking deal.


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Absolute Chaos


Stormy Daniels, Betsy DeVos, the intelligence committee, Russia, Christopher Steele, Bill Browder, nerve gas, Rex Tillerson. And Paul Ryan is enabling all of this.

This is so alarming. Putin must be smiling from ear to ear. I don’t know what to expect next.

I just hope that Conor Lamb wins tonight. Please, please, please.

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Putin Sending A Message To Trump Stooges?

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Christopher Steele

A must read article about Christopher Steele by Jane Mayer in The New Yorker. It is long, but contains some gems.

It’s too early to make a final judgment about how much of Steele’s dossier will be proved wrong, but a number of Steele’s major claims have been backed up by subsequent disclosures. His allegation that the Kremlin favored Trump in 2016 and was offering his campaign dirt on Hillary has been borne out. So has his claim that the Kremlin and WikiLeaks were working together to release the D.N.C.’s e-mails. Key elements of Steele’s memos on Carter Page have held up, too, including the claim that Page had secret meetings in Moscow with Rosneft and Kremlin officials. Steele may have named the wrong oil-company official, but, according to recent congressional disclosures, he was correct that a top Rosneft executive talked to Page about a payoff. According to the Democrats’ report, when Page was asked if a Rosneft executive had offered him a “potential sale of a significant percentage of Rosneft,” Page said, “He may have briefly mentioned it.”

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