The Week That Broke America

I have been pretty busy lately and I will fill you all in on my exploits and adventures soon but I have to admit that I have been beyond horrified at the events unfolding in the US this past week.  I refer of course to Barr and Mnuchin and their testimonies and their total disregard for the law. I watched it in disbelief.

The following sums it up,

Where the fuck are you Mueller?

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Does Anyone Else Feel Utterly Hopeless?

These last few days remind me of the horrible feeling I had when trump stole the election.

William Barr was put in there to whitewash the Mueller report and he did so with gusto. This is a travesty. Even a  blind man can see all the links to the Russians. What on earth happened?

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP  have really done a number on the US.

I think it’s time to take to the streets with pitchforks. This can not be allowed to go any further.

And on this side of the Atlantic, we have Brexit. Another power grab by the the conservatives  (Tories).

I feel so disillusioned.


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Lol, Lol And Lol

Watched the sentencing of Manafort today and listened to his lawyer tell outright lies. It was a hoot to hear the NY crowd immediately pounce on him with all of those new charges that can’t be pardoned.

I think Mueller has this covered.

Then there is Whitaker fessing up to his lies before congress.

Also and too, I have been in Miami Beach this past week with my travelling companion, CC and her darling dogs.

And my BP has gone from 160/100 to 97/67.

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The Latest Twitter Madness

Christmas has come early…

I could give this smug little bollox a kick in the nether region. That applies to both above and below. They are sooooo damn stupid.

Traitors…the whole lot of them.

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The Dems Are Killing Babies – Live Ones

We do that in Ireland too.

We go around to all the maternity wards and steal the babbys. The younger the better.

JHC, what sort of bullshit is the GOP coming up with now?

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Michael Cohen

I’m watching and Cohen is destroying the Republicans. It is a thing of beauty.

Mark Meadows and the rest of those despicable Republicans were a goddamned disgrace.

Meadows is a racist.


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Meh – Climate Change


I mowed my lawn today. It is February.


This is not my lawn.

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