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Prayers For The USA And Another Twitter Bender By Trump

I’m not big on prayer, but I will be praying for you guys today. I can’t believe that the GOP will vote on a bill that they haven’t seen.  Well, yes I can. And if John McCain arrives from his sick bed and his own very privileged access to healthcare to vote for the bill, then I wish him the worst possible outcome.

By the way, did you see what Obamacare did to this woman’s eyebrows? It repealed them and replaced them with hockey sticks.


Time for single payer or unibrow.

Update: The tangerine clown is on another twitter bender. He’s going after Sessions again.

He’s gone quiet for the moment.

I follow Rick Wilson on Twitter and this is what he has to say.



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The Donald Is On A Twitter Rampage – Again


My, he seems a tad worried about Russia. And so he should be. Jared’s little letter this morning is a pack of lies. They all need to be arrested pronto. They are nothing but a gang of thieves.

And for heaven’s sake, can the bloated one leave Hillary Clinton out of this. She was the victim.

This is worth adding.


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Goodbye Bubbles


Beatrice Miller,  a staunch Mudpuppy and friend who died earlier this week.

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Trump’s Frightening NYT Interview


If you haven’t read it yet, here it is. And I warn you it is hard to read because of his  gobbledygook  but the content is very alarming.

He goes after Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian inquiry saying he never would have appointed him if he knew that.

He goes after Comey calling him  a liar and intimating that Comey was trying to blackmail him with the dossier.

He goes after Rosenstein because he is from Baltimore.

And he threatens Mueller if he dares to look at his finances.

And that is only a small portion of the interview.

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Tragic Tuesday


Ali is a sun-worshipper. I got up this morning at a very early hour. The sun had not yet risen but Ali heard me pottering around and came down. As I sat on the patio watching the sun slowly move in my direction to warm my old cobbled bones, I glanced behind me to find my dear old dog,  asleep on a sack of coal. This is the ugliest part of my house but the first place that the sun hits. You learn something new everyday if you get up early enough.

It is where we throw the coffee grinds, the dead blooms and the bodies…

Oh the bodies.


There are more under the deck.


I could fit more bodies inside my newly painted bbq.



Pink hides a multitude.


So, I like this.

Ali has now moved onto our carefully tended lawn.



Artistic licence.

I am ignoring American politics – otherwise, I will swing for the turtle.

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Former Russian Spy at Don Jr. Meeting

Oh boy!

We have the rest of the day to salivate over what’s coming next. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the White House.

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