May As Well Laugh

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This Says It All Really

What a disgrace.


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Mayhem And Bedlam


Does anyone else understand what is happening?

I don’t know what is going on.

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Well Fuck It

Just reading about Trump and his meltdown last night which I watched with mouth agape as he tore into Jim Acosta.

Now there is breaking news about 12 dead in California

I’m so tired of this shit.

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A Banana Republic

That’s all I’ve got. Thank god I live in Ireland.

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I Am An Adopted Sconnie


Monica et moi in a a raging hot bar in Dalkey, Ireland.

Our respective hubbies were on the other side talking about yeast  You don’t want to know…

I know I am not a hoosier thank god, but I feel damn privileged  to be a sconnie. And fu*k you too Scott Walker.

I have ways and means.

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On Tenterhooks


I wish I had skin like that.

What to do when you live in Ireland and can’t get your ass to North Dakota or Dodge City.

I’ll tell you what I did…I deleted 32,000 emails. Believe you me, it was cathartic.

Off tonight to meet some Wisconsin dems in Dalkey. I am  so f*king au fait with that prick Walker and Foxconn.

Wish me luck.

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