Just Wow

And just where did your parents come from Mark Kirk?

Racism at its finest.

I have no words.

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The Despicable Newt Gingrich And His Pal Trump

I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly, but she got it right here.

“You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy,” says the fool who tried to impeach Clinton over a blow job. Gingrich is low life scum, just like Trump.

Shame about those bone spurs, Donald. You wanker.

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Obama Is Having Fun!

And this time he is taking no prisoners.

Courtesy of TPM:

“As far as I can tell, [Darrell] Issa’s primary contribution to the United States Congress has been to obstruct and to waste taxpayer dollar on trumped-up investigations that have led nowhere. And this is now a guy who, because poll numbers are bad, has sent out brochures with my picture on them, touting his cooperation on issues with me,” Obama said Sunday evening. “Now, that is the definition of chutzpah.”

Needless to say, I’m loving the new unleashed Obama and am hoping his campaigning will really help the dems in the above races. He is also going to be campaigning for down ballot legislative races.

As Politico reports:

As Democrats aim to capitalize on this year’s Republican turmoil and start building back their own decimated bench, former Attorney General Eric Holder will chair a new umbrella group focused on redistricting reform — with the aim of taking on the gerrymandering that’s left the party behind in statehouses and made winning a House majority far more difficult.

The new group, called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, was developed in close consultation with the White House. President Barack Obama himself has now identified the group — which will coordinate campaign strategy, direct fundraising, organize ballot initiatives and put together legal challenges to state redistricting maps — as the main focus of his political activity once he leaves office.

(My bolding)

The Republicans are not going to be happy with that at all. Evil chuckle.



Update: I forgot Samantha Bee.

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So The Donald And Cohorts Were Soliciting Chinese Money – Ye Gods!!


Courtesy of The Telegraph:

That’s a UK paper! And I may be wrong but I thought it was very conservative.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is facing a fundraising scandal after a Telegraph investigation exposed how key supporters were prepared to accept illicit donations from foreign backers.

Senior figures involved with the Great America PAC, one of the leading “independent” groups organising television advertisements and grassroots support for the Republican nominee, sought to channel $2 million from a Chinese donor into the campaign to elect the billionaire despite laws prohibiting donations from foreigners.

In return, undercover reporters purporting to represent the fictitious donor were assured that he would obtain “influence” if Mr Trump made it to the White House.

Last week Eric Beach, the PAC’s co-chairman, confirmed to the reporters at an event in Las Vegas that their client’s support would be “remembered” if Mr Trump became president.

Personally, I think the Donald is fucked. He is so fucked. Just absolutely fucked. Fucked bigly or big league. Doesn’t matter, he is fucked.


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Flash Mob In Raleigh

Cool, huh?  :)

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I Had To Share This

Boy was he hopping mad!  🙂

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The Third SNL Debate

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