Who thought this was a good idea?

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Explosive Washington Post Report

It is a very, very long article but an enthralling read. Putin was directing this election hack. The Russians were mucking around with voter data bases.

I came away from it feeling that President Obama pussyfooted around the Russian problem, in part because they were so sure Hillary would win and they could deal with Putin later.

Unfortunately that didn’t work out…

The GOP were a dead loss, but I’m sure they didn’t give two hoots as it was benefitting them. Mitch McConnell was probably up to his dirty eyeballs in this. He refused to cooperate with PO and the IC.

Trump most definitely was up to his obese oxters with the Russians.

This was not a legitimate election.

The result should not stand.

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The Right Wing Are In A Snit Over Moby Video


Also and too, Kansas farmers who voted overwhelmingly for Trump, are terrified.  He is deporting their crop pickers. Their crops will die, and prices will rise for their produce. Oh my fucking my.

I must tell my trump–loving cousin where he can finally get a job.

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The Deck


It’s amazing what you see when you look up.

Apart from that I’m recovering from a torn muscle/ligament  in my lower back. Gardening can be treacherous.

And feck Donald Trump.

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Oh My – Randy Rainbow At His Finest

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Rosenstein To Recuse Himself From Russia Probe?

This is getting weirder and weirder.

And Trump is very irate about something.

russia probe

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A Dog


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