I Love This So Much

Apparently the two dogs and the goat are renowned for their adventures.

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Watching Trump Lie Through His Veneers

It’s good to see Trump squirm.

I think George did a really good job here. Of course the Fox crowd couldn’t dispute the substance of the interview and instead moaned about why Trump had even agreed to the interview in the first place. Talk about transparency!

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Listen to him repeat himself over and over again. The fool doesn’t have a clue what he is tallking about. Brexit will be disasterous for Ireland!

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Oh This Is Worth A Listen


It explains a lot. Lindsey Graham worried that he’s caught on tape talking to Russians. He did the about turn regarding  Trump a few months later.

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Do It Nancy – You’ll Lose Your Base Otherwise

This cannot go on.

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Straight From The Horse’s Mouth



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What A Week In American Politics


Law and order has gone out the window. Trump is acting like a syphilitic king. He’s running around the place with trousers that are either too short or too long. My husband has long said to me when you see a man wearing trousers at half mast then you know they are mad. I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures.

Well his trousers are the least of our worries.

I listened to Mueller today. I heard that they couldn’t prove collusion because of obstruction. And they couldn’t convict him on obstruction because of DOJ laws.

Then he basically told Congress to do their job.


Even Fox News’ coverage has taken a turn.

And may Mitch McConnell rot in hell.


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