The Shaming Of America

I think Chris Matthews can be a bit of an old windbag. But as regards the disgraceful behaviour of the GOP and the yahoo from Israel in Congress today, he hit it out of the park as far as I was concerned.

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Will The Boehner/Bibi Stunt Backfire?

Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses U.S. CongressWell, the world will be watching as Bibi addresses Congress tomorrow at midday (prime time viewing in Israel) and tries to garner a few more seats for his party. Hopefully, this treasonous stunt by Boehner will backfire big time.

Israelis are more worried about the skyrocketing cost of living and housing than they are about Iran. However, when they are asked about security issues, they feel their own military is more than capable of protecting them. After the military, they rank the relationship with the US as the next most important item concerning their safety.

So quite a few of them are more than horrified that Bibi and Boehner would cook up this little plot to embarrass President Obama and derail talks involving a number of countries re the Iran sanctions issue. The US pours billions of dollars into Israel every year (their national healthcare system is ranked fourth in the world, but don’t tell the GOP that) at the expense of the American tax payer. You can be damn sure the Israelis don’t want this flow of funds to dry up.

I have read a lot of news articles on this today, and I get the distinct impression that many American tax payers are not at all happy with where their dollars are ending up. They feel it would be better spent at home.

The Israelis are not happy, Bibi is interfering in their greatest ally’s politics and they fear a backlash.

Well done Boehner, you traitorous bastard.


You can’t cure stupid, so why try?


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The Young Turks Have Some Issues With Palin’s CPAC Speech

Not only is she ignorant, she is also a clown.

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Butt, Butt, Butt

B-zmt4_WsAAE5CY (1)

Well, well, well. It has taken me all day to get over the shock of seeing Palin making an arse of herself. Again.

I still haven’t listened to the entire speech. Six minutes at the start and the Q & one word answer was as much as I could stomach. However…I did grab some screenshots. ;)

B-zmt4_WsAAE5CYcopyIf you look very closely, she seems to have an inverted nipple on her right, shiny buttocks. Mebbe she got the boobs and the butt mixed up. It could happen to anyone.

buttyWhat can I say. Nothing. But I will anyway. Who told this woman that it was a good idea to go out and give a speech in a rubber slip? Probably Bristol.


pad2Like I am half blind, but even I can see what is going on here. You betcha! And she has a dark stain going on also and too.

butt enhancersI think she went for number 4.

I was going to talk about her front…

front2But I couldn’t be arsed.

This needs to be included.

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Fashion – The CPAC Way

Yesterday I posted a pic of the spider, resplendent in her Americana t-shirt and what I now realise was a pair of penis jeans.

buttIn case you forgot, today is CPAC day. The day when all of the loons hang out in Washington and bash your handsome  and intelligent president. (Be still my beating heart.)

Of course spider woman will be giving a speech soon. She was photographed with an adoring fan today.


posers1Miss Titty High Shoes still has on that old piece of Americana. Having stomped around Disneyland yesterday on what I can only presume was a warm day, she jumped out of bed (or fell, take your pick) this morning and threw on the same clothes. We have been giving this woman fashion advice for years now, but does she fecking listen?

Sarah dear. When you arise or descend in the morning, pick up the clothes you were thinking of wearing and sniff under the armpits. This will usually give an indication as to whether the garment in question has been worn recently. If you detect any sort of aroma, immediately discard said object and opt for another outfit. And dahhhhling…it is not a good idea to be out and about in public wearing the same outfit two days in a row, whether clean or not.


And not to be outdone, Ricketh Perriwinkle (H/T to anonymous 1253) showed up looking so presidential and busy, busy, busy. (Be still my shocked heart.)

I give you

drum_aniWait for it…


Now that is an outfit that is lost in B/W.

One final thought. Why do the CPAC speakers pose with some very strange looking people?

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Classic Stewart Takedown Of The Right And Fox “News”

I’m really going to miss this guy.

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Palin Brings Her Rack To The National Erection Society

n6She wants to climb higher. Mercy me. I am at a loss for words.

These Republicans sure do want to share their sexual exploits. We don’t have sex in Ireland, so I rilly don’t know what to say.

Look what I found.

buttSpider, spider on the wall, who has the skinniest legs of them all?

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