Six Degrees Of Separation

Six Degrees Of SeparationSix degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. It was originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929 and popularized by a 1990 play written by John Guare.

Well, if you don’t limit it to a friend of a friend – I am two degrees of separation away from Sarah Palin. So are a lot of people. Boo Sarah.

I discovered in the last month, that I am about four-five degrees away from an introduction to the Kennedys. I’m not holding my breath…

I definitely have a link to Queen Elisabeth. I met the British ambassador – these rowing events are good for something.

And in the same vein, I met Tom Foley who was the US ambassador to Ireland in 2009.

In 2009, Foley married Leslie Fahrenkopf, who was 41 and vice president for global ethics and compliance and an associate general counsel at News Corporation inNew York City at the time of their wedding. From 2003 to 2008, Fahrenkopf had been an associate counsel to President George W. Bush in the Office of White House Counsel. Foley has a son Tom, Jr. (born October 25, 1981) and he and Leslie have boy and girl twins, Grace Quinlan and William Reed (born September 26, 2011).

Foley was arrested twice, once for allegedly running his first wife and son off the road.[25]


I can’t remember whether they were married or not. I think he was just engaged.

So I probably have a hotline to George Bush and John Boehner.


I’m sure you all have stories to share!

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Denis O’Brien Silences Irish Media – Update

Now many (or all) of you may not find this interesting, tough titty. It is Irish news, but I didn’t hear about it by the normal channels. [H/T to Sirenoftitan]

First up, a little background about Denis O’Brien…

From Wiki:


Denis O’Brien (born 19 April 1958) is an Irish billionaire.[2]

O’Brien set up and chaired the Esat Digifone consortium which won a mobile phone licence in the 1990s.[3] The Moriarty Tribunal found almost beyond doubt that O’Brien’s won this contract due to payments he made to Michael Lowry, the then communications minister, who unduly influenced the bidding process.

Now, an interesting snippet about Michael Lowry is that he was basically thrown out of his party back in the 90’s for corruption. In the 90’s, I played quite a bit of tennis. What has that to do with anything you may ask. Well, I will tell you. I played a lot of doubles with Michael Lowry’s ex-mistress and he basically was (and probably still is) the scum of the earth. He was a liar, a crook, a tax cheat and an adulterer. And that is who Denis O’Brien was palling around with…

This contract formed the basis of O’Brien’s fortune. He established Digicel, a major telecoms provider in the Caribbean. O’Brien formed Communicorp Group Ltd in 1989, with the company currently owning 42 radio stations in eight European countries, including Ireland’s Newstalk, Today FM, Dublin’s 98 (formerly 98FM), Spin 1038 and Spin South West. He founded the international commercial aircraft company Aergo Capital Limited – registered in Dublin, with offices inNairobi, Singapore, Santiago and Johannesburg. He is a leading shareholder in both Sterling Energy and Independent News & Media (IN&M).

Born in County Cork, O’Brien graduated with an Arts degree from University College Dublin, received an MBA in corporate finance from Boston College in 1982, and was later given an honorary doctorate by University College Dublin. After the sale of Esat, he moved to Portugal where he owns the Quinta di Lago golf complex. He is now a resident of Malta.[4]

Fast forward to the news in the Guardian today:

Catherine Murphy, an Independent TD (MP), yesterday spoke about the relationship between Ireland’s leading media owner, Denis O’Brien, and the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC), the former Anglo Irish Bank.

Here is a key passage from her speech (edited only to make it explicable to people outside Ireland who have not followed the details of a long-run saga):

“We are now aware… that the former CEO of IBRC made verbal agreements with Denis O’Brien to allow him to extend the terms of his already expired loans…

I understand that Mr O’Brien was enjoying a rate of approximately 1.25% when IBRC could, and arguably should, have been charging 7.5%.

Given that we are talking about outstanding sums of upwards of €500 million, the interest rate applied is not an insignificant issue for the public interest.

Her speech can be seen here on YouTube and can be accessed here on the Oireachtas website. But her remarks were not reported in Ireland because lawyers acting for O’Brien argued that the details were covered by a high court injunction obtained by O’Brien against the country’s main broadcaster, RTÉ, last week.

That injunction prevented RTÉ from broadcasting a report relating to O’Brien’s private banking affairs with IBRC. It was imposed despite RTÉ contending that press freedom, public interest and legitimate journalistic inquiry should be paramount.

But the extension of the terms of that injunction to cover a parliamentary speech has shocked the Irish media community, not to mention the public…

It had extraordinary effects. For example, RTÉ reporter Philip Boucher Hayes tweeted yesterday afternoon that the Drivetime show was about to play Murphy’s speech, but the piece was not broadcast and his tweet was later deleted.

RTÉ news bulletins mentioned that Murphy had spoken but didn’t quote what she had said or play clips. Online reports quoting Murphy were removed, stating only that Murphy had spoken about O’Brien. Similarly, the Irish Times’s report was silent on what Murphy said but it did provide a link to her speech on the Oireachtas site. (Evidently – hat tip: Padraig Reidy – the Irish Times did initially report her words).

The report on the matter by Ireland’s best-selling daily newspaper, the Irish Independent, said: “Mr O’Brien successfully stopped RTÉ from broadcasting the details which Ms Murphy raised in the Dáil”.

The Indo, as it is known in Ireland, is owned by Independent News & Media (INM), which is controlled by O’Brien. That company is far and away the largest newspaper owner in Ireland. It also publishes the Irish Daily Star, the Sunday Independent, the Sunday World, Dublin’s Evening Herald plus 14 regional titles and, north of the border, the Belfast Telegraph.

So there you have it. There has been a media blackout on the affairs of one Mr. Denis O’Brien, as the Irish taxpayer foots the bill for his thieving and corrupt ways.

However, I do know a little about the affair of his former partner in crime – Michael Lowry. He treated his mistress very badly one night when she arrived unexpectedly in a pub where he was canvassing for votes. She was hoping to surprise him, but he studiously ignored her. Why I don’t know because everyone knew about the dalliance!

She was so upset that the following morning she had to be turned around to face the right direction on the court…


So keep on silencing the media Denis O’Brien. You can’t shut everyone up and you would be amazed at the chit chat that happens over the net. ;)

Update: Courtesy of The Guardian again because our national broadcasting station can’t report on it.

“Denis O’Brien, the major shareholder in Ireland’s Independent News and Media Group, won an injunction that his lawyers argue prevents Irish broadcaster RTÉ from reporting a speech by a leftwing Dáil deputy who raised questions about the billionaire’s relationship with the state-owned bank, the IBRC.

The IBRC is the offspring of the now defunct and disgraced Anglo Irish Bank, the financial institution that almost bankrupted the state through reckless lending to some of the republic’s wealthiest investors.”

And the Irish people have been screwed with increased taxes for the last number of years to pay for this.

Independent TD Catherine Murphy used Dáil parliamentary privilege to question whether O’Brien enjoyed a favourable interest rate of 1.25% with the state-owned bank, when the IBRC should have been charging him up to 7.5%.

If indeed this is the case, then I do think that this in the public interest as we have been bailing out those bloody banks for years.

A number of broadcasting organisations received threatening letters from O’Brien’s lawyers yesterday and did not report Murphy’s remarks in the Dáil.

Murphy, TD for Kildare North, said the favourable interest enabled O’Brien to “pay off his own loans in his own time at low interest rates”. The deal was to enable O’Brien to purchase the Siteserv company, a utility firm that installs controversial water meters across the republic.

And this is another new tax – water tax. We have already been taxed for water twice through other taxes. I got my new water bill today. So, we bail out the banks that loaned money to these wealthy individuals. The bank then gives a great rate of interest to O’Brien to enable him to buy the company that installed our water meter a few months ago so that we can pay more fecking taxes because all of the taxes that we are paying don’t go towards our infrastructure because they all damn well went to Germany.

More later…the pizza just arrived.

high court

RTE ain’t takin’ this lying down.

RTÉ is to make an application to the High Court on 2 June for permission to broadcast statements made in the Dáil about businessman Denis O’Brien by Independent TD Catherine Murphy.

In a statement this afternoon, the broadcaster said it has “consistently maintained that greater levels of disclosure is in the public interest; however we have complied fully with the court’s decision.”

The statement goes on: “we await the outcome of the judge’s ruling on 5 June as regards what level of detail in the court’s judgement can be disclosed.

I’m going to send my water bill back to those feckers and tell them to forward it on to Denis O’Brien, who lives in Malta.

Although he owns up to 20 national and regional newspapers, as well as two major radio stations, O’Brien lives in Malta for tax purposes.

And youse guys thought you had patriots?

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Sarah Palin – On The Road To Nowhere

runawaycowShe’s on the the road to nowhere.

And begorrah, I think the bots know it. They are refusing to contribute. Happy days!

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Sarah Palin’s Exotic Friend!

original (2)22

Why so surprised Sarah? We know that you pal around with Russians. ;)


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Lower Back Pain

I got it yesterday, and it is getting better. But fuck politics. I’m heading to bed, Ali is already there.

I’m now convinced of the dangers of gardening. Fuck Morning Glories you damn little feckers you…

_MG_0100_MG_0102_1The lemon was a leftover after the fishcakes!

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What Sarah Palin Should And Should Not Have Done

ring2She should have never arranged this very awkward union.

She should not have publicized it on Facebook. It was all too obvious that she was trophy-hunting for her daughter. That medal of honor really bedazzled the old whore.

When the shit hit the fan at the news of Meyer’s undisclosed marriage, she should have kept her gaping maw shut. It was up to Bristol and Dakota to deal with the media if they felt so inclined. Maybe Bristol was looking for a way out, and that news was a godsend.

When Bristol fled from Kentucky, Sarah should not have flaunted Bristol’s ring or a lookalike on her finger. That was beyond juvenile.

The crabby bitch should have never suggested a BBQ to celebrate life on the day her daughter was to be married, on Memorial Day. Even I get that.

Bristol is obviously pissed off, or she is a better actress than I thought.

This pretend “celebration of life” was always going to be an embarrassing affair. What sort of mother cozies up to the jilted lover and is then seen pointing her gnarled finger in his face. And I don’t think he is exactly an honest person either!

What Sarah Palin and Dakota Meyer should have done, was to take all of that food (bbq’d chicken no less), and given it to a veteran’s association on Memorial Day. Think of how that would have upped her military cred!!

But Sarah is too fecking stoopid for words.

She is mean. Mean to the bone.

And she will never change.

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Daily Mail Exclusive On Palin/Meyer BBQ

Oh boy!!! Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

wagHeated exchange? Despite the cancellation of Bristol Palin’s wedding to ex-Marine Dakota Meyer the families went ahead with a ‘celebration of life’ on Saturday and in this photo Sarah Palin appears to be having a heated exchange with the man who was supposed to become her son-in-law.

Someone has a very red face…

wag copy

wag copy2

Despite the cancellation, the former vice presidential candidate confirmed a celebration would still be held on May 23 and both families would be gathering for a barbecue at Meyer’s Kentucky farm.

‘This Kentucky farm is a beautiful setting for our friends and families to gather in celebration of life itself this Memorial Day weekend,’ wrote Palin.

‘Nothing is more precious to us than family, faith and America’s freedom.’

But the ‘celebration of life’ appears to have quite heated at one point as this photograph showing Sarah Palin raising her finger in what appears to be a heated exchange with the man who was supposed to have become her son-in-law.

Days earlier Meyer had put out his own statement on Facebook page around the same time as the elder Palin and bearing striking similarities to her message, suggesting a concerted public relations offensive.

But if both sides were supposed to be maintaining a united front someone forgot to tell Bristol…

Sarah Palin makes a big issue of her family’s supposed belief in traditional Christian family values, but after the embarassment of a cancelled wedding Bristol’s choice of friend for her trip – ‘exotic model and video vixen’ Marina Lupas – was the last thing the family’s tarnished image needed.

Lupas aggressively markets herself as an ‘exotic model’ on the internet, and her public photos leave little doubt about what she means. She and Bristol are long time friends and they spent the weekend enjoying the outdoors and driving an RV.

Photos from the family barbecue in Kentucky suggest Bristol didn’t miss much with only about 100 people showing up.


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