Lordy, They Have Tapes!

It appears that Michael Cohen has decided that his family and his country is more important than the bloated, orange buffoon.

That should worry his former boss.

This week has been bigly bad for the illegitimate asshole currently residing in the oval office. First of all he showed the world what a craven, treasonous coward he is as he cosied up to Putin and denigrated his own intelligence community.

What Putin has on him must be HUGE for him to have done that. Trump has shown that he is actively being manipulated by Putin and that is not good at all.

And in the meantime, Mueller keeps dropping little bombs. Actually, they are big bombs and they must scare the bejaysus out of the tangerine turd.

I await further developments because you know they are coming. This isn’t just a little bit of chatting to Russia on the part of the Trump campaign, this is a very orchestrated act of treason that has been going on for years.

Spill your guts, Michael Cohen.


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To Take Your Mind Off Shit

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Is He Dead Yet?

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I look at my computer every day in eager anticipation of the death notices.

That’s all I’ve got.

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Rachel Maddow Cuts To The Chase

I’m sure people have seen this but if you haven’t – Watch. It. Now.

The reason the GOP won’t do anything is because Russia was funneling money to them through the NRA.


And then watch this tripe.

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Trump/Putin Get Together

Submissive much?

And what the hell is with that wink?


Trump sounds very subdued here.

He looks shitless.

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Funny And Deadly Serious

The news on German TV.

An excerpt from the hearing that is going on today. I’m glued to C-Span.

Yes, wow.

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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things – Tra La Lalla La

While I strive to get ready for this damn party that I volunteered to host (in the middle of a heatwave), there are some things that make me smile.


And then there is this…

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