We’re Going Solar


Yes indeedy. We had a guy around tonight and we have made the decision to have solar panels installed on our roof. The never-ending quest for hot water for showers from surfer dude, crippled son and dappled daughter have driven us to it.

While we congratulated ourselves on the decision, there was one hell of a rattling knock on my *office* window. I rushed outside to find my 76 yr old neighbour in an awful state. Her husband had inadvertently locked her out of the house while she was out gallivanting and playing bridge. He wasn’t answering his phone and she feared that he was dead.

To cut a long story short, hubby had to put our ladder over their wall, climb on top of a roof and throw stones at his window. This didn’t work.

He than had to get the ladder to the back of their house by another means and try a different  method of a break-in on another section of the roof. This was all well and good, but our elderly neighbour who is an actuary and worth a fecking fortune, had made his own lethal glass house right there out of old window panes!!!!!

One wrong move and you’re sliced and diced. I was waiting for an “aaaargh” and then silence.

Hubby managed to wake the old fellow up. Thankfully he was not dead.

I’m not right yet.

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One Response to We’re Going Solar

  1. pvaz says:

    Don’t you need sunshine to make it work?

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