Fed Up Of Trump







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12 Responses to Fed Up Of Trump

  1. frettadafrog says:

    Beautiful flowers you have!

  2. grannyj1 says:

    You have created a lovely little oasis, IG. Enjoy it.

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    And knock down the shed.

  4. Very pretty. Yard work is always my place of serenity, even when it’s incredibly overgrown cleanup chores. Always good to be outside!

  5. Moles says:

    A HAMMOCK! I’ve gone into a time warp back to our childhood one slung between two vast oak trees.

  6. PVAZ says:

    Backyard look’s very nice except…

  7. Just a little patch of Earth… it’s all I need. Sometimes big is too much.

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