Sarah Palin – Shapeshifter Extraordinaire

There is a discussion underway over at The Urinal…




article-0-18DF725D000005DC-986_634x854Good boob day – bad hair day


flat chested 2Bad boob day

flat chestedVery bad boob day

flat chested 3A wee bit lopsided

Actually the video of her with the American Chopper crew was seriously creepy. The men looked very uncomfortable with her flirting.


article-1285570-09E7755C000005DC-953_468x311The Introduction of the Belmont Babes


flatDisappearing act?




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26 Responses to Sarah Palin – Shapeshifter Extraordinaire

  1. Kathleen says:

    “I think she bound them”? hahahahahaha! Seriously that lot are driving themselves demented.

  2. It doesn’t matter what these people say, none of them can write OR spell. They are totally ignorant.
    Her boobs look bigger because she is skinnier and she had her boob surgeon inject a few more cc’s of saline. That’s it – It is not rocket science – and it isn’t a big deal.
    On the other hand, if she’s just using falsies, she should find some way to actually SECURE the fake boob to her chest so one isn’t 2″ below the other.
    Between fake hair, fake boobs and a FAKE pregnancy – I doubt there is anything real about her.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    How pathetic….she and the bots! Totally oblivious to reality. A bunch of sicko’s

  4. titlewave says:

    They sound like die-hard Justin Bieber fans. Give it up boys, she already admitted Todd gave her a rack for Christmas.

    That site is her biggest promoter, if they really want her to be a viable candidate, wouldn’t it be smarter to discuss and promote her policies rather than her physical awesomeness and elusive mammary glands? Do they know where she stands on any issues NOT written on her t-shirts?
    They like to say “she’s one of us!” Well, I think they’re right!

    Keep up the good work, c4p! πŸ™‚

    • Forty Watt says:

      Well please! In their minds, * she stands exactly where they stand on the issues. And if she ever lets it out that she stands somewhere else, there in a mad rush to join her there – like that was where they stood all along.

      * I know what you’re thinking but everyone has some sort of cognitive apparatus however primitive and/or ill-functioning.

      • titlewave says:

        Ha ha! Too true. πŸ™‚

        “* I know what you’re thinking but everyone has some sort of cognitive apparatus however primitive and/or ill-functioning.”
        (I was going to say that in this case size matters, but I won’t.)

      • Forty Watt says:

        I would like to say that my use of “there” instead of “they’re” is an homage to Swimmers of the Urinal but I am a dirty, treasonous, pinko, commie fascist aka truth teller, so – It was I. I cut down the cherry tree. πŸ˜‰

      • irishgirl999 says:

        Now that made me guffaw. πŸ™‚

  5. Gindy51 says:

    Why is she always shaking her head “no” when she speaks in that video? I had the sound off, can’t stand her voice, and no matter what she was saying she shook her head no.

  6. Forty Watt says:

    titlewave says:

    β€œ* I know what you’re thinking but everyone has some sort of cognitive apparatus however primitive and/or ill-functioning.”
    (I was going to say that in this case size matters, but I won’t.)

    I wonder….. Perhaps, for the sake of making a point, we can agree that it doesn’t get any smaller than not existing at all?

    Now Slime Mold, for which I have a great deal of admiration, has no brain, no nervous system. “One species in particular, the SpongeBob SquarePants–yellow Physarum polycephalum, can solve mazes, mimic the layout of man-made transportation networks and choose the healthiest food from a diverse menu.”

    To me this represents more “intellectual” effort and success than anything witnessed by the average Palinista. I’m inclined to go with it’s not the size. It’s what you do with it. ;D

  7. titlewave says:

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I can’t believe you went they’re….!

  8. Lisabeth says:

    I have never ever ever seen such stupid people at as at the C of P. I sometimes wonder if they are even real. Are there really people who are so dumb??

  9. Seeing/analyzing says:

    There are so many pictures of her with a preteen-flat chest, more than you published. Then one day she’ll be exceedingly-well-endowed, then the next she’ll be flat-chested again.

  10. Scarsdale says:

    I seriously think the commenters on that blog are her family members, or even $carah herself. Paid, no doubt. Now that there is a crackdown on paid “fans” the numbers are dwindling. Nothimg about this scrawny bitch is authentic, apart from her stupidity. IF the weddin’ takes place, I wonder what she will show up in. Surely not that white potato sack dress again? The open shoulder, droopy black “cookin'” top? Penis jeans for sure. I wonder if Trick/Track is invited, since he gets wild when he drinks, as well as Bristles. Bristles had better get a supply of Depends for the reception, don’t want to shock DuhKota’s relatives by leaving puddles everywhere she goes.

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