Sarah Palin’s Grifting Ways Revealed – Updated


Woot…the media floodgates have finally opened on the old hooah’s attempts to remain relevant and grift money from suckers, and boy is it fun. Palin followed up her recent CPAC speech with an immediate email to her fans asking for more donations. As if that wasn’t a blatant enough grift, she then proceeded to air a new self-promoting video proclaiming her own importance in getting candidates elected, and again asked for more moolah.

The video was a collection of clips taken from the lame stream media she so despises, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Lawrence O’Donnell and Al Sharpton rip her a new one here and here.

smarmyScreen grab from video

As you can see, the pic just oozes sincerity. Smarmy old cow. The whole video is chock o’ block full of images like this as the old hooah desperately tries to position herself as a kingmaker in the GOP in order to grift again. And at last she is being called out on it and her blatant hypocrisy. And the funny thing is that her own PAC did her in!

As John Avlon reports at The Daily Beast:

In total, Palin’s PAC spent $980,000 on campaign expenses, $1.3 million on administrative costs (including almost a million dollars on postage), and three-quarters of a million on fundraising. Hidden in all of this—amid the direct mail and the media buys—is consultants’ cut of every dollar spent.

These are the top-line costs of life in PAC era. But the devilish details in expense reports are what makes it really come alive. Palin’s chief PAC consultant, Tim Crawford, pocketed more than $321,000 this election cycle in direct payments alone, according to the documents. Aries Petra Consulting was taking in between $6,000 and $8,000 a month for speechwriting and “grassroots consulting”—something that sounds like an oxymoron, but ended up costing north of $160,000. C&M Transcontinental racked up $10,000 a month in management consulting, which is hard to imagine for a PAC whose job is simply to raise money and spend it on candidates. Inside SarahPAC, there were consultants for research and consultants for logistics and consultants for issues and on and on and on.  It’s hard to find any area where consultants weren’t employed.

So when Palin thundered at CPAC that “Now is the time to furlough the consultants, and tune out the pollsters, send the focus groups home and throw out the political scripts, because if we truly know what we believe, we don’t need professionals to tell us”—it was a riff written by speechwriters and informed by all tools she tried to diss.

John Avlon’s relevations about how much she paid consultants to inform her, and the amount of money  spent on *postage* has gone viral.  Of course, the inmates at the urinal have themselves tied in knots trying to justify all of this, and are convinced that Karl Rove is behind it all. 😉

Sarah Palin

Yeah, you old hooah, you’d better keep both eyes open now that your grifting ways have been revealed to the LSM.

Update:  John Avlon apppeared on CNN today! Video can be found at Mediate: 

john avlon

“There’s a big irony alert that should be posted over her speech now,” Avlon told host Wolf Blitzer this afternoon. “In addition to it being a very well-written speech by a speechwriter, what the FEC filings for her PAC show is that the vast amount of the money raised and spent in the last election cycle was on consultants. It did not go to candidates. In fact, less than $300,000 went to candidates. She spent more on her top consultant than she did on all the candidates she doled out money to.”

“There are consultants for every issue imaginable in SarahPAC,” he added before suggesting that when people donate to PACs like Palin’s, they “think they’re getting political action,” but really all they’re doing is “feeding a whole subcategory of a consultant industry out there, the partisan economy.”

Avlon then ran through the list of various consultants employed by Palin’s political action committee: issue consultants, management consultants, logistical consultants, speechwriting consultants, grassroot outreach consultants (an “oxymoron,” remarked the CNN contributor).

Asked whether she has substantial influence within the GOP anymore, Avlon said that Palin is still “an influencer,” but not the “king maker” she believes herself to be. “We’re somewhere between business and racket right now,” Avlon concluded of Palin’s PAC model.

Well now…isn’t that rather interesting.  🙂

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3 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Grifting Ways Revealed – Updated

  1. Uberduck says:

    It’s about time her PAC got some scrutiny and exposure! Let the feeding frenzy begin.

    • Agree. She’s a scam artist – Tim Crawford got over $320K seriously? For doing what? Or who?
      These people are parasites – they leech money.
      Then again, it is the freaky PalinBots who pay for this. Let them question her to see if her expenses are legitimate. If I was her, I think I’d worry since evidently there are several investigations going on over these types of PAC accounts.
      Perhaps she and her Pimp Todd could share a cell?
      A word to the wise: Al Capone’s reign of terror was stopped when he was jailed for “income tax evasion”.
      Better watch it Sarah.

  2. MrsGunka says:

    Think the FEC was waiting for these numbers to do some crunching themselves! Oh, Sarah, this is not good news honey. Lesser people have been put away for a long time for a lot less. You will look lovely in orange, my dear. Maybe they can get a family cell for all of you! You’re such a happy family. 🙂 See Chick-fil-A in CA has been handing out free food to those picketing for same sex marriage! Oooo, that’s going to frost her flakes! Things are going south real fast. Malia had another FOIA today too! Bet there will be some For Sale signs up on the lake houses and Fortress in AZ real soon. Or just a tax sale on the court house steps! Might even have a plane on Ebay.

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