Christie Report: Pins Bridgegate On The First Woman He Can Find – Update

lead_largeBridget Kelly. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Courtesy of Philip Bump at The Wire:

If you’re curious why Bridgegate happened, a clue from the new Chris Christie-backed report exonerating the New Jersey governor: his aide Bridget Anne Kelly was emotional, insecure, and perhaps lashing out after a bad breakup. (My bolding).

The long-awaited report finds no role by Christie in the closure of access lanes to the George Washington Bridge, as expected. From the outset, the report was understood to clear Christie from personal involvement in the lane closures, which backed up traffic into the town of Fort Lee for a week last September. As The Wire noted earlier this week, the report was completed by a law firm with close ties to Christie and without the participation several key participants in the closure. Among those not participating were the two that receive the blame: former Port Authority staffer David Wildstein and Kelly. But the two get very different treatment.

I actually feel sorry for Bridget Kelly. Yes, without a doubt she was involved in key lane closures and it was a highly dangerous, sick stunt that could well have had some terrible repercussions – but Kelly didn’t act alone. She is now being given the *little woman* treatment, and her breakup with Bill Stepien (Christie’s campaign manager) is being blamed for her emotional state at the time.

Chris Christie is an overweight, over obnoxious, corrupt blowhole, bully and coward.

Diane Sawyer interviewed him yesterday and he basically threw everyone under the bus.

Having watched the video, I don’t think Christie has done himself any favours. He does not come out of this looking in any way believable. I’ll be looking forward to the real investigation.


Courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

It appears the latest person to fall on the sword to protect Governor Chris Christie’s wishful thinking political aspirations is Port Authority chairman David Samson.

Another official has resigned in wake of a New Jersey investigation into lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Friday at his first news conference in more than two months.

OMG…they are dropping like flies around him.



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6 Responses to Christie Report: Pins Bridgegate On The First Woman He Can Find – Update

  1. psminidivapa says:

    This is so completely off topic as far as politics go …but I have a friend who was about the size of Christie and who had the same surgery that Christie had at about the same time (within a week or so). My friend is WAAAAAAY thinner right now than Christie is. BUT he has stuck to the diet and exercise plan from his doctors, has worked on changing his eating habits. Is it possible that Christie has been distracted from his better eating plan because of Bridgegate???

    • irishgirl999 says:

      He said on the Diane Sawyer interview that he can’t sleep or eat. I have also noticed a slight decrease in weight. And I think he looks a bit healthier. I don’t like to look into his deep brown eyes and hear him lie.

  2. 40Watt says:

    Perhaps so.

    At the same time, I do see a significant difference. It showed up first in his color. He started to look a bit healthier.

    The “Report” is a joke. As for the emotional, insecure, and vindictive little woman stuff, I would hope all women would refuse to vote for this pathetic excuse for a man ever again for anything and never use any member of the law firm responsible for such drivel.

  3. lindak1961 says:

    “Diane Sawyer interviewed him yesterday and he basically threw everyone under the bus.”

    Only an idiot would work on a presidential campaign for Christie after this, but I don’t doubt that they are enough idiots in the gop to do so, especially if Christie pays them enough. A Christie presidential run promises to be as entertaining and inept the typical gop campaign of the past few years.

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