Election Fraud In Alaska In 2008

Courtesy of John Foelster:

In this video and others like it, I will be talking to you about the likelihood that the 2008 elections in Alaska were tainted by electronic Electoral Fraud, that an insider in Alaska’s State Division of Elections used the known weaknesses in the DIEBOLD or Premier Elections Systems voting machines to change the results in favor of the Republican Party…

The lines of evidence are as follows:

  1. The polls in 2008 indicated that the Democrats in Alaska would do much better than they did in the reported results.
  2. In 2012, there was a large swing to President Obama, one that was too large to have been caused by Governor Palin no longer being on the Republican ticket.
  3. The number of Democrats in the electorate in 2012 was significantly lower than the number in 2008.
  4. The report on electorate composition this information can be found in appears to have been reformatted in an attempt to draw attention away from it.
  5. The 2008 results are unique in recent Alaska history for having very Democratic Absentee results and very Republican in precinct results.
  6. A variation on a known technique for compromising AV-OS machines would have produced the effects described above, and this hack could have been introduced by one person working in Juneau.
  7. The size of the above anomaly varies from district to district based on the number of registered Democrats in precincts with AV-OS voting machines.
  8. The State Review Board’s Hand Count Audit of the paper ballots could also have been compromised by this same single person.

There is more though.  This may shed some light on the reasons behind Governor Sarah Palin’s 2009 resignation.  The hypothesis that electoral fraud was committed can be corroborated or disproven by examining the precinct registries and the partisan affiliations of the absentee and early voters.

Now you travel back in time to 2008, there were a number of well known bloggers who were astonished at the results coming in. Courtesy of Jeanne Devon at The Mudflats:

Crunching the Numbers in Alaska.

6 11 2008


I’m not generally a conspiracy theorist. I say “generally”, because sometimes conspiracies happen. And sometimes it would be foolish to ignore them. The only thing worse than being labeled a conspiracy theorist, is being labeled a gullible idiot when it all comes to light. So I invite you to hop on board the Conspiracy Theory Express with me for a moment, because it’s pulling out of the station here in Alaska, ready to take you on a five minute tour.

As the final numbers roll in from state and national elections, I and others have noticed some results that are interesting at best, and highly suspect at worst. Either way, they deserve some scrutiny.

Let’s look at the national numbers first. Keep in mind that Alaska’s very own Governor, and the new GOP golden girl, Sarah Palin, was on the ticket. And Barack Obama has excited progressive Alaskans like no candidate before. He had five field offices, great ground organization, and inspired the biggest candidate rally in Alaska history. Voter turnout here was expected to be through the roof and breaking all records.

In 2004, 66% of registered voters turned out to vote in the presidential election between George Bush and John Kerry.

In 2008, including the votes still outstanding, only 54% of registered voters turned out.

And the strangest part of all? Voter turnout in the primaries, before Palin was even on the ticket, was up 12% from 2004. We also had more than 20,000 new registered voters.


As these strange numbers rolled in at Election Central, I was there watching. Here’s how it fell out over time.

With 36% of the precincts reporting:
61.76% for McCain
35.64% for Obama

With 81.3% reporting
61.54% for McCain
35.69% for Obama

With 96.1% reporting
61.29% for McCain
35.96% for Obama

Alaska, like many states, has blue areas and red areas. The Mat-Su Valley, home of Sarah Palin is very very red. Anchorage? Blue. The Kenai Peninsula? Red. Juneau? Blue. You get the idea. When I, and my fellow progressive celebrants watched the first numbers come in, we thought, “That must be the Valley”, because the latest polls actually had the presidential race neck and neck with Obama only 2.7 points behind. We kept waiting for the progressive areas of the state to kick in, but they never did. No fluctuations one way or the other more than .3%. And George Bush won the 2004 election her by a margin of…..61-35.


Then, we’ve got the two Congressional races.

Ted Stevens vs. Mark Begich. The convicted felon is currently ahead by about 3300 votes, with about 60,000 absentee and early votes left to count. It’s a squeaker, and Begich may pull this one off. By why is it a squeaker when the last poll had Begich 22 points ahead? He’d been running at a dead heat in the polling before Ted’s conviction, but after the seven felony convictions came in, Begich’s lead widened considerably. Pretty stunning turnaround for Stevens.


How about Ethan Berkowitz vs. Don Young for the Congressional seat?

Berkowitz consistently led Young in every single poll since May by 5-14 points. Contrary to this comfortable and consistent lead, Don Young managed to pull off a stunning upset by trouncing Berkowitz by more than 7 points.


And since history is always our best teacher, let’s look back at the 2004 elections in Alaska. The majority of precincts had voter turnout of over 100%. In some cases, voter turnout was over 200%. Either Alaskans are enthusiastic about their vote to the point of breaking the law and voting twice, or there’s something very very wrong.

(From Shannyn Moore) There are 40 districts in Alaska. The Anchorage area districts run from District 17 to District 32. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and pick any district from 17-32. Pay particular attention to the 3rd column labeled % turnout. Hit the back arrow and select another district. There are more precincts with voter turnout over 100% than under 100%. In other words, many more people voted in Anchorage area precincts than there were registered voters. Clearly, this is not possible. In 2006, the Democrats filed a lawsuit against the Alaska Division of Elections to release public records needed to verify the 2004 election results. The Democrats ALSO sought to have the Alaska Division of Elections release the raw election data for the 2006 election.

It’s been more than 24 hours since the polls closed in Alaska, and the red flags are already waving.

OK, the Conspiracy Theory Express bus 5-minute tour is over, and you may now hop off. This was just a test drive. Keep your eyes on how the final numbers turn out. Democracy requires vigilance, and hopefully our state candidates will not be afraid to stand their ground. The Obama campaign had a team of lawyers at the ready in case election fraud was detected. It’s a wise precaution, and an obligation to the electorate whose fundamental rights hang in the balance. If I were Ethan Berkowitz or Mark Begich or Barack Obama, I’d make sure I took the process to the end, and took advantage of the media spotlight which still shines on our state, before it vanishes, and we are left to sort out our election questions in the dark. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

UPDATE – Here’s some new coverage on this topic from The Washington Post and from 538.com.

The Shannyn Moore link that Jeanne provides is well worth having a peek at. She had some very pertinent information. Mark Begich and Bill Walker, I hope are on top of this. I have no doubt that fraud was committed. Thank you John for bringing it to our attention.

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Sarah Palin – Always Running From Some Shite

palin-flying1The PAC funds must have dried up after the drunken brawl in Anchorage because Palin  (mother of Puddles, Cold-clock and Witless) has just made the following announcement.

Courtesy of The National Journal:

In an interview with Fox Business on Tuesday morning, the former Alaskan governor and GOP vice-presidential candidate suggested that she’s not done with political life. You can thank the “haters” for that…

Q: As you may have heard just a moment ago, I was saying that the hatred level directed against you is extraordinary and it’s a disgrace. But my question is, has it driven you out of politics, driven you away from standing for public office for good?

Palin: No, bless their hearts, those haters out there. They don’t understand that it invigorates me, it wants me to get out there and defend the innocent. It makes me want to work so hard for justice in this country. So hey, the more they are pouring on, the more I’m gonna bug the crap out of them by being out there with the voice, with the message, hopefully running for office in the future too.

Did you hear that? Is she running for the office cleaner? I honestly don’t think she is qualified for that.

Sarah of the drunken children and husband and herself, appeared on Fox looking like a neon lemon. Myself, I  prefer limes. That is neither here nor there. I just wanted to get that straight.

The C4P crowd are beside themselves. They are positively organic. You know what I mean. My mother sometimes reads my blog hence the necesssity for sensitive language! ;)


Old Sarah of the ripe fruit aroma just wants justice for the citizens of the USA. Fuck Korey Klingenmeyer and the rest of ‘em. Now Korey may be quite the wanker, (I didn’t like one of the terms he used or maybe a few.) That doesn’t give the old hooah the right to trash him and deny him justice.

And that is all I have to say tonight. Ali (the dog) still has her stitches and is doing her best to pull them out. We had a visitor from Wisconsin tonight for dinner. She hates Scott Walker also and too. Well then she would. She is a scientist and is educated!

Oh, I never knew Dr. Palin was an expert on how to treat Ebola. She should stick to AA.

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We All Need To Get Stretch Hummers To Save The Poor Or The Poor Need To Get Stretch Hummers

Sarah (mother of Puddles of the right hook) equates climate change to eugenics. I don’t know about you but I am completely lost.

climateCourtesy of Wonkette:

There’s no convincing scientific evidence for manmade climate change. The climate has always been changing. Climate change is to this century what eugenics was to the last century. It’s hysteria, and a lot of it’s junk science. And when it’s as discredited as eugenics, y’know a lot of people are going to look foolish and heartless.

LET US STOP YOU RIGHT THERE, FRIEND. We will give you that the Nazis were “heartless,” but “foolish” is going a bit light on the ol’ Holocaust there, dontcha think?

Indulge us, former half-term Governor Quitterface: How is climate change the 21st century’s eugenics?

Why heartless? Because this global warming, climate change hysteria hurts the poorest among us. We hear all the time about how liberals care supposedly more for the poor than conservatives do.

But for the sake of climate change, the liberals hold back the poorest parts of the world from the kind of development that we have in America, where roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and yes, cars and trucks have helped give all of us longer, more prosperous, healthier lives.

So get out there all you latte drinking libs and start buying the hummers. I wonder what her friends in Israel think of her eugenics blather?
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This Is Fecking Ridiculous – Time To Call A Halt On The Palin Mafia

killer2bitchI see she is  trying to do a Martin Bashir on Carol Costello. She has cost Eric Thompson his job and Korey Klingenmeyer, his reputation. Why is this not being addressed?

Where in the world is the responsible American press? We have all heard the audio tapes. It is pretty evident what happened. A very intoxicated bunch of yokels arrived at someone else’s birthday party and proceeded to cause mayhem.

It is more than clear that people feel intimidated by these gutter-crawling excuses for human beings. Enough is enough.

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Track Palin – And Why They Hid Him For Years


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There Are Lies, Damn Lies And Then There Are The Palin Lies

As we all know by now, the

barstoolhas accused Korey Klingenmeyer of physically assaulting her. Barstool’s mother who is thicker than the plank of wood her daughter is made from, expects us to believe that her gang of little thugs were set upon by a vicious crowd of Palin-hating haters, and it is all the librul media’s fault and no one should be laughing on tevee at the words that someone squeezed out of

barstoolmouth against her will.

img314The mother from hell said this on her FB page…

liesWhoopsy daisy, old ma Palin forgot that Piddly Briddly changed her story. KK in fact sat on her. There was no mention of the feet-dragging by the Anchorage monster on Brissy’s blog.

However, old Piddles herself was seen in Anchorage two days after the drunken brawl looking like this…

bristols bruises copy 2Oh my, she is sporting some serious injuries. It must be true!!!

Just kidding, she actually looked like this…

bristols bruises

KK better man up.


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The Newer Version of The Palin Brawl

I think she as in barstool couldn’t see where she was going because she had on her sunglasses, tripped and inadvertently flailed at Korey as she was trying to regain her balance. Now that would have been a much better defence. :)

img313 copyI am no Jeanne Devon, but I couldn’t resist trying to do a stick figure.

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