Sarah Palin Fined For Speeding


sp3Courtesy of the ADN:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said in a phone interview with Alaska Dispatch News on Tuesday that she plans to speak out against oil company-funded efforts to maintain the oil tax structure put in place in January.

“I don’t want Alaskans to be deceived,” she said.

Palin warned against oil companies’ multimillion-dollar attempt to maintain the oil tax structure created under Senate Bill 21, and “allowing crony capitalism to sneak back in our state and result in more Corrupt Bastards Club members.”

Palin was initially contacted regarding a speeding ticket she received in Wasilla on July 16. Palin was pulled over in a black Toyota Tundra pickup with the license plate “LOVUSA” and fined $154 for driving 63 in a 45 mph zone, according to the citation. She said she was driving home from an early-morning bikram hot yoga workout in Anchorage.

“I was thinking, I wasn’t speeding, I was qualifying,” she said.

Palin then weighed in on the repeal of the tax system dubbed Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share, her signature legislation signed into law in 2007 that brought the state billions of dollars in windfall income. ACES was replaced by Senate Bill 21 in January.

Palin has remained largely silent on the dismantling of ACES, and on Alaska politics in general. In May, she defended ACES during an interview  on the “Bob and Mark Show,” a radio program that airs on Anchorage station KWHL.

SB 21 was introduced at the beginning of the 2013 Alaska Legislature by Gov. Sean Parnell, Palin’s former lieutenant governor who took the governor’s office when Palin resigned in 2009.

SB 21 provides a more favorable tax structure for oil producers that supporters say will encourage investment and opponents say will cut billions from the state’s coffers without any benefit.

Voters will decide for themselves between the two tax laws when a referendum on SB 21 appears on the primary election ballot Aug. 19.

Glad to see that she doesn’t want Alaskans to be deceived! That will be a first for her. ADN has the audio of the conversation.




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The Republican Response To Disasters

Palin appeared on Hannity last night. This pair of yahoos are discussing the reaction of President Obama to the national and international crises.

At around the 1.30 mark, Palin says…

How different it is. Ronald Reagan called out evil. He certainly didn’t ask for flexibility or boast about needing wanting flexibility um when and er a relatively evil man were to be in office. Such a difference in the mindset of the  presidency then than now.

Make of that word babble what you will. However the fact of the matter is that Reagan did not act without delay. Courtesy of Daily Kos covering Jon Stewart last night:

Yes, Reagan!  St. Ronnie dealt with a very similar situation in 1983, when the Soviet Union shot down a Korean passenger plane off the coast of Japan.  I’ll never forget how he responded.  How did he respond?

KT McFARLAND (7/19/2014): Reagan was at the ranch in California.  He immediately came back.KATE OBENSHAIN (7/17/2014): Rushed home from Santa Barbara vacation.

JOE SCARBOROUGH (7/21/2014): He immediately came home … immediately be briefed … immediately get moving forward and condemned the Soviet Union in the strongest terms possible.

Immediately!  Plane crashes, they go to tell Reagan about it, and they’re like, “Wha….?”  He’s already gone!  The scent of aftershave and jelly beans, the only thing lingering in the air.  (audience laughter)  How did he spring into action so fast?  To this day, nobody knows, but we know what happened next.  Reagan took all of Russia’s missiles, twirled them up single-handedly and threw them into the Sun.

CHRIS WALLACE (7/18/2014): I was covering Ronald Reagan at that time.  He was in Santa Barbara at his ranch when this happened.  And quite frankly, he didn’t want to leave.  And his advisers realized how terrible this looked and eventually persuaded him he had to fly back to Washington and had to make the speech to the nation.  But it did take him four days.

What?!  (audience laughter)  Yes, Reagan’s response to that catastrophe was so special, so remarkable, it was enough to make us forget what actually happened.  (audience laughter)  Which is that Reagan grudgingly cut short his 25-day vacation after being caught on camera riding a horse.  (audience laughter)

But you know what?  Don’t take my word for it, let’s read from his actual diary about the incident.

Friday, September 2nd The Soviets shot down a Korean airliner with 269 passengers, 53 of them Americans, including Congressman Larry McDonald.  We were due to return to Washington on Labor Day, but realized we couldn’t wait.  We left on Friday.  It was heartbreaking — I had really looked foward to those last three days.


Punctuation, Reagan’s.  Yes, Reagan was in deep mourning for losing the final 12% of his vacation.  In fact, in 1988, when the U.S. accidentally shot down an Iranian airliner, also under Reagan’s watch, Reagan refused to end that vacation early.

And Huffington Post has this to say about Joe Scarborough’s insistence that Reagan returned immediately…

Brzezinski pointed out that President Reagan was on vacation when Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by Soviet forces in 1983, and he did not make a speech for four daysJoe Scarborough adamantly insisted he was right during an exchange with co-host Mika Brzezinski on Monday’s “Morning Joe,” only to admit later that he was “wrong.”The two were discussing President Obama’s response to the Malaysian plane crash in Ukraine. after the crash. Scarborough, despite Brzezinski’s protests, argued that Reagan “immediately” responded.

“He immediately canceled [his vacation], immediately went back to the White House. He immediately canceled fundraising events and campaign events,” the MSNBC host said.


At least they didn’t try and pretend that George W. Bush responded immediately to Katrina.



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God Called Me Today – Rilly!

I got a very unexpected phone call today.

tumblr_lklxxpA3GY1qf8ylvo1_500Yes, it was God calling. He said something about trying to contact Sarah Palin, but her Blackberry wasn’t receptive to calls from God, only the Koch brothers. I can tell you that he was fairly pissed off. He had heard all sorts of rumours in Heaven that Palin was running around the place telling a load of nutjobs that God wanted to impeach President Obama.

He denied this very adamantly and wanted to know WTF did she mean by him not driving parked cars? He is fecking God and can drive anything he wants. In fact, he has an Audi and it has automatic driving for parking. We have an Audi too – I think that it why he contacted me. He did go on about driving rather a lot and insisted I share this video. I only got through twenty seconds of it, so don’t feel you have to slog through the whole lot.

Anyway, after sharing the “virtues ” of the Audi, he returned to his original complaint. It was  “a he said, she said” sort of thing, but he was fecking ripping about this.

“This president’s forgotten man is we the people, and we the people know that our best days are still ahead because we know that God shed his grace. He’s given us our freedom to do what’s right. God doesn’t drive parked cars. I think he expects us to get up and take action in order to defend these freedoms that are God given. I think it’s an affront to God to let this go on because he gave us these freedoms. We’re not going to let someone, a person, a party take them from us. We’re not going to dethrone God and substitute him with someone who wants to play God.”

He let me know in no uncertain terms, that Sarah Palin does not speak for God. He advised me to let her know that he would like to see her more often in church and hear some heartfelt prayers from her. About others and not herself – he stressed that. There is a lot going on in the world at the moment and if she could only find it within her black (my word) heart to reach out to the poor and unfortunate, and those blown out of the skies and blown to smithereens in Gaza, then she might stand some sort of chance of redemption.He did seem to think she was a lost cause though and mentioned something about the eye of a needle.

He told me he was a liberal – huh, I knew that. He supports Obama – GO GOD!!! He hates war – feck McCain.

hookerHe has always forgiven prostitutes.

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Sarah Palin In Denver – What A Mess

I have had a crazy weekend and only just got around to seeing this.

There was no way I could watch the whole lot. The woman was a pure unadulterated mess. It was cringeworthy from the very start. If Palin thinks she does comedy well, she is very, very wrong. And she would want to knock off the drinking and drugs before she gives a speech. One could sense the embarrassment of the audience. She was out of control.

Western Conservative SummitThis is the reality

frontier womanAnd this is how C4P see her!

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Sarah Palin – That Itch That Won’t Go Away


lettuceJoy Behar doesn’t think much of the idea of Sarah Palin co-hosting The View. Courtesy of

“Extra” was with Joy Behar at a special preview of “Lipshtick” at the Venetian Las Vegas on Thursday, where the comic commented on rumors that Sarah Palin might be joining “The View.”

Behar quipped, “Shouldn’t Sarah Palin be turning letters over on some game show at this point? Why is she even relevant? She and Dick Cheney need to just sort of say bye-bye and disappear, so I don’t really see her on any show, frankly… I wouldn’t watch.”

Don’t hold back now Joy. By the way, she is looking stunning.

"And So It Goes" East Hampton Premiere

Jon Stewart also had a few choice words for Palin last night. Courtesy of Wonkette:

Having just come off his break, Jon Stewart is still catching up with some stuff that we’ve already covered, like f’rinstance Sarah Palin’s big Let’s Impeach Obama announcement from a week or so back. He handily disposes of her nutty comparison of America to “the battered wife” who finally says “No mas,” pointing out that now that she’s

“finally finished with mangling the English language, and has moved on to making Spanish incomprehensible. She’s like a serial killer of language.”

no mas

I’m guessing someone gave Miss Titty Fool Shoes a right rollicking over her impeachment screech because we haven’t heard a word from the old hooah since the 15th of July when she went all Bristol Bay and salmon slaying on us and then descended into the realms of insanity with her latte rant. She raised loads of dosh for the Dems which really irritated the GOP.  This woman is a hemorrhoid on their party and methinks she is getting the “rubber band ligation” treatment. ;)
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Malaysian Airliner “Shot Down” In Ukraine

Courtesy of BreakingNews:

The Interfax agency has said a Malaysian passenger jet carrying 295 people has crashed in Ukraine, with suggestions that it was shot down.

An adviser to Ukraine’s Interior Minister has said that the passenger plane had been shot down.

Interfax cited an aviation industry source saying the Boeing plane, which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed near the Russian border.

A Russian aviation industry source has said that the plane did not enter Russian airspace when expected and crashed in eastern Ukraine.


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Palin Poo Poos Latte In Favour Of Mocha (Skinny White Ones)

palin-turkeyAs I pointed out yesterday, Palin in her latest posting entitled “Slaying Salmon” had this to say about NYC coffee drinkers…

Any day of the week I’d trust Lena’s commitment to protecting opportunities to develop the earth’s energy and food supplies over any New York City “Occupying” yuppie who radically screeches his misguided doctrine from within his concrete jungle. (It’s because a Bristol Bay wild salmon stew and blueberry pie harvested ourselves nourishes the commonsense gene so much more than the foo-foo chi-chi $8.00 frothy latte he sips while skipping in and out of stale air conditioned boxes… in my opinion!)

You see Palin isn’t a foo-foo chi-chi $8.00 frothy latte drinker. She is a skinny white chocolate mocha drinker.


WASILLA, Alaska _ Ben Harrell waited for Gov. Sarah Palin to stop by at his Mocha Moose coffee house like she does most days she’s back home. But things are different now when she’s in town.

Now she’s the Republican vice presidential candidate, with U.S. Coast Guard boats parked in the middle of Lucille Lake watching her nearby home and state troopers guarding the access road leading to her property.

Harrell thought Palin would stop in Friday anyway to order her regular — a skinny white chocolate mocha. She’s still Sarah, after all, even if her life has been turned upside down by Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign.


She was even tweeting about the Mocha Moose coffee house back in 2013.

mocha2Can you say hypocrite? Also and too, a commenter left this message for her on her FB page.

slaySo much for her fishing expertise. And then there is her political expertise…

la-na-tt-palin-to-boehner-20140715-002We are still waiting for her response to Holder and Kristol. I fear we may have quite the wait as everyone knows that she is a vicious little coward.

[H/T to Memphis and Austin for the cartoon]

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