Audio Proves That Michael Brown Must Have Been Shot Twice Before Surrendering

If one listens  to the audio of the shooting, six shots can be heard initially, there is a pause and then another four shots are fired. Michael Brown was shot six times, so at least two of the bullets hit him before he turned and puts his hands up.

Witnesses state that one shot was fired from inside the car, so it is possible that this shot may have hit Michael in the arm or hand while he was facing Wilson. This single shot does not appear to have been picked up by the video.

Apparently one of his gunshot wounds could possibly have come from the back, as he was running away. This seems to be in agreement with witness statements.

autSo those four final bullets must all have hit him, two while he was on the ground or falling to the ground. But one thing is certain, Michael had already been shot twice before that last round of four bullets. Or is my logic completely crazy?

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The Problem Is I’m Black – Updated

And according to the Supreme Court, there is no racism in the United States.


Update: Little Green Footballs is reporting that the audio recording obtained by CNN of the number of bullets fired at Michael Brown  is legitimate.


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Roddy Doyle And The Ice Bucket Challenge


Courtesy of The Irish Literary Times Facebook page: I left it unedited and the language is very salty, so beware!!

-You’re lookin’ a bit pale.
-The fuckin’ ice bucket challenge.
-One o’ the grandkids challenges me. Grand. So I go out the back an’ wait for me drenchin’. But yeh know those freezer bags for ice cubes?
-Yeah – .
-They drop six o’ those – rock fuckin’ solid, like – from an upstairs window. Right onto me fuckin’ head. I’m out cold.
-Jaysis – .
-They get me into the van, straight up to Beaumont. I wake up when they knock me head off the path outside o’ A+E. An’ inside! It’s the fuckin’ Alamo. Full of ice bucket casualties. There’s a cunt with his head stuck in a bucket. There’s seventeen women who’ve had heart attacks. There’s a kid who’s allergic to water – the fuckin’ state of him. There’s a lad who’s attempted suicide cos no one’s challenged him an’ he feels left ou’.
-Fuckin’ hell.
-So, I’m sittin’ there – groggy, like. An’ this sham asks if he can go ahead o’ me. He’s after cuttin’ four of his fingers off. He holds up a Spar bag – full o’ fingers, like. I ask him did he do it for charity, he says No, so I tell him to fuck off.


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Gun Nuts Gone Mad

I have just been reading about the 9 year old girl who shot and killed her weapon’s instructor in Arizona. What sort of damn idiots let a 9 year old girl use an Uzi? Apparently it was on automatic and let forth a hail of bullets. Having read around, it is extremely hard to keep an Uzi from recoiling. It takes a lot of physical work and the little girl lost control of the gun. Hence another gun accident and death.

When I visited Altoona this summer, as some of you may know, I went to a target range with a certified instructor. I don’t particularly like guns – they scare the sh*te out of me, but I liked the idea of seeing how good my hand to eye coordination was. It wasn’t great. I veered to the left.

What I do know is this. My instructor started my 17 year old and I on a very small caliber weapon. We started  with a 22 something, which felt very light and we eventually progressed up to a Glock which was very heavy.  Bob told me that I had the worst case of anticipated  recoil that he had ever seen. At all times I was aware that I was holding a deadly weapon. I was actually quite terrified that I would accidentally turn around and shoot someone by accident.

Why on earth would you give a 9 year old an Uzi?

IMG_0314I don’t want anyone telling me that I don’t know what I am talking about. I have fired  shots at a target. That is me.

I found the recoil from a Glock hard…not to mind a fucking Uzi!

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Sarah Palin – Too Old To Be Cutesy


Bob Cesca has written a great piece over at The Daily Banter about Palin’s Ice Bucket Challenge. I would love to copy and paste the whole damn thing – but that wouldn’t be ethical. Instead I will post some of my favourite parts.

1) Palin Live From a Flea-Market. Like all of her Sarah Palin Channel videos, she’s obviously in her house somewhere, but the “set” looks like she’s either running a booth at an Etsy trade convention, or she’s selling tchotchkes at a rummage sale.

The set is so busy with props that it actually made me dizzy. And all of that red…it was reminiscent of a scene from The Shining – only worse.

3) The Longest 30 Seconds Of Your Life. Watching Sarah Palin adding two ice cubes to a glass, then half-filling it (she never finishes anything all the way) with Diet Dr. Pepper, then replacing the cap on the bottle is like a Sisyphean endeavor that goes on for what seems like nine hours.

This catches the moment when she successfully fishes out two ice cubes with a kitchen tongs from her ice bucket. Have you seen her ice bucket? I imagine Palin hasn’t seen ice in that bucket since for a very long time… Let us say, about 13 or 14 years! Anyway, she heaves a big sigh at completing this difficult endeavour.


The cat that caught the canary look.

4) She Who Needs to Stop Beginning Her Sentences With “He Who…” After she scribbles loop-dee-loops into her check book, Palin challenges Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) — the latter is described by Palin as: “He who she has recently said is her favorite Republican.” For someone who has such a difficult time with speaking and general coherence, she really needs to stop using “he who” at the beginning of her sentences.

This is one of the things that I rilly, rilly hate about Sarah Palin. Jesus H. Christ who talks like that? She sounds like a retarded donkey. He Who, He Who and He Who.


5) The Big Finish...

So, just as Palin tips her glass of soda and offers up a “cheers,” someone appears from off-camera and dumps ice water on her head. It appears to happen completely by surprise because her reaction is one of genuine shock. Palin’s glasses fly off and she leaps from her chair screaming bloody murder and chattering in utter horror followed by another off-camera scream. Now that’s comedy, and it’s just about her depth, too. If she wants to win over Americans again, she needs to stick at the Jackass level — straight-up stunt gags.

Moving on, I’ve kept the worst until last. This video has been doing the rounds over the weekend as well.

visAt the 3.09 mark, Palin complains that Trig is still not eating solid food. She says he is the only six year old boy in the world who has never had a cheerio. Whose fault is that Sarah? It is certainly not Trigs. Later on she sarcastically states that he is angelic when he is sleeping. What sort of a mother boasts about what her son can’t do? She is just too horrible. There is not an ounce of love shown by her towards Trig in this video.

Instead, she is acting all coy and flirtatious with these two dim bulbs above. Sarah as you said yourself in the Ice Bucket video. You are too old for this shit. And you are. Prim and proper you are not. You are a whore. Your kids must be so embarrassed.

And a word of advice my dear. You don’t have the thighs to be hitching your skirt up around your ice bucket. Stay classy!



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Brain Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

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Sarah Palin Makes Ears Bleed During Ice Bucket Challenge

Courtesy of TBogg at RawStory:

Trend chasing community access TV hostess Sarah Palin heard about this here ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which is raising money for some disease or something or whatever –she doesn’t care– and so she decided to use it to fill time on her rogue TV network with her being all cutesy and ‘g’-droppin’ again.

Yes, this should be awful and it is.

Accepting a challenge, Sarah writes a check FOR DOUBLE THE AMOUNT because she is a giver , as long as it is not PAC money for candidates she “supports.”

Sarah Palin really shouldn’t try to do comedy. She is extremely bad at it. She has the Belmonts strapped on and keeps tugging at her awful blouse. In a bid to gain some more attention she nominates Hillary Clinton and John McCain to do the next challenge. Finally Piper throws some ice water over her and Palin emits a blood-curdling scream and runs away before her wig falls off.

As TBogg says…

Then someone –one of her meth kids probably — hits Sarah with some ice water and she screeches horrifically in a way that will make your testicles retract even if you don’t have them.


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