Track Palin – And Why They Hid Him For Years


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There Are Lies, Damn Lies And Then There Are The Palin Lies

As we all know by now, the

barstoolhas accused Korey Klingenmeyer of physically assaulting her. Barstool’s mother who is thicker than the plank of wood her daughter is made from, expects us to believe that her gang of little thugs were set upon by a vicious crowd of Palin-hating haters, and it is all the librul media’s fault and no one should be laughing on tevee at the words that someone squeezed out of

barstoolmouth against her will.

img314The mother from hell said this on her FB page…

liesWhoopsy daisy, old ma Palin forgot that Piddly Briddly changed her story. KK in fact sat on her. There was no mention of the feet-dragging by the Anchorage monster on Brissy’s blog.

However, old Piddles herself was seen in Anchorage two days after the drunken brawl looking like this…

bristols bruises copy 2Oh my, she is sporting some serious injuries. It must be true!!!

Just kidding, she actually looked like this…

bristols bruises

KK better man up.


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The Newer Version of The Palin Brawl

I think she as in barstool couldn’t see where she was going because she had on her sunglasses, tripped and inadvertently flailed at Korey as she was trying to regain her balance. Now that would have been a much better defence. :)

img313 copyI am no Jeanne Devon, but I couldn’t resist trying to do a stick figure.

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The Odd Lies Of Bristol Palin – Sully Weighs In

barstoolCourtesy of The Dish:

Well, she couldn’t help herself, could she? Maybe Charles Cooke will ask Bristol Palin why she is spilling so much ink on the topic. But today she brings us her deliciously hathetic view of the past couple of months, including her account of the brawl she was in. She might have given just her side of the story. But, of course, she also had to go there didn’t she, with the usual Palinite victimology and press-bashing. So let’s fisk it a little, shall we?

First, the media said Trig was not really my mom’s kid.

Untrue. No mainstream outlet touched the question of her mother’s bizarre account of her last pregnancy, let alone stated that Trig was not her son. And the few of us who merely asked for a simple verification of the alleged improbable facts – including me and the Anchorage Daily News – were vilified by the rest of the press, treated as pariahs, and told to jump off a cliff by the Palins…

More on that but I can’t steal his whole post. He zooms in on this…

After a month and a half of hearing rumors about myself and family, I’ve finally decided to comment about the situation. Instead of listening to all the people who weren’t there — people who claim they heard this from their cousin/brother/sister-in-law/step-daughter/long lost little brother – let me tell you what actually happened.

“People who weren’t there?” “Rumors”? We’re talking about a public police report detailing the views of the people, on both sides, in the middle of the melee. Then Bristol gives an account of the incident in which she simply dismisses the eye-witness accounts of all the non-Palins there that she confronted the owner of the house and repeatedly punched him in the face until he finally stopped her. The incident has now become a very disturbing and unprovoked – “scary and awful” – assault on a vulnerable woman whose only crime was acting in self-defense. Which begs the question: if this is true, why on earth did she not press charges? If it’s that serious, she surely should have. Which is why CNN anchors should not be intimidated by the rightwing noise machine.

I did mention that I was angry about that in my last post! He writes about her reference to the Clintons and the Bidens. Good stuff. He finally winds up with this…

Here’s one classic nugget from the brawl:

Sarah says to the police at one point about Klingenmeyer, ‘Didn’t he like beat up his girlfriend or his wife?’

That’s the true Palin, right there. And this sad little blog post is really that, writ large.

I heart Andrew Sullivan. He said it so much better than me.


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Bristol Palin’s New And Revised Version Of The Family Brawl – Updated

bristolbrawlOh my. Pissy Brissy (also known as Nancy French) has come up with a new account of what happened the night of the brawl. Now she is accusing Korey Klingenmeyer (KK) of physically assaulting her.

From her blog, so that you don’t have to go there:

First, the media said Trig was not really my mom’s kid.

Then, they claimed my mom said “I can see Russia from my house.”

Recently, they said my parents are giving a divorce.

And now, they’re saying my family started a “drunken brawl.”

Most of the time, I let the lies pass.  After all, the truth eventually comes out.  But when people are selling “scoop,” photos, and false information…  sometimes the truth just isn’t as profitable.

That’s why, after a month and a half of hearing rumors about myself and family, I’ve finally decided to comment about the situation. Instead of listening to all the people who weren’t there — people who claim they heard this from their cousin/brother/sister-in-law/step-daughter/long lost little brother – let me tell you what actually happened.

Our friend got knocked out from a cheap shot from behind.  (His injury resulted in ten stitches, so it was really low.)

Why would anyone do this?  Well, here’s a hint.  The guy was on social media during this incident, tweeting, “about to get famous.”

Well by now we know that she is referring to Connor Cleary. However, if my memory serves me correctly, I believe he tweeted that days after the incident when news of the brawl became public knowledge. Why yes he did. I have just found the tweet.

conorThis was tweeted on the 11th of September and not on the night of the brawl. Bristol, you are a liar. And not a very good one.

When Willow saw all this happening she looked at the guy’s mom and said “get ahold of your son.”

But apparently the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, because his mom pushed Willow.  A grown woman pushed my little sister.

Hmmm…your little sister ain’t so little.

By this point, I’d already gotten into the car.  But when Willow ran to me crying, telling me that some lady had pushed her down, I got out of the car to go talk to her.  Any big sister would do this.

Next to God, family is the most important thing to me.  In fact, that day, we’d had a surprise party for my dad.  We all secretly gathered in garage and yelled “surprise!” when he walked in.  The real surprise was that we’d gotten him a truck too.

Yes, Bristol, we all know how important God is to you – you little fecking heathen. Apart from that, no one witnessed this incident with Willow and Mrs Cleary. No one. And if a drunken Willow Palin approached me and spoke rudely to me, then I would push her the hell away from me as well.

But the evening that began so well took a turn for the worse when this guy decided he wanted to “get famous.”

After I got out of the car, I didn’t get far. I never even got to talk to his mom, because a guy in his late thirties or early forties got in my face.  He was towering over me – probably at 6 foot something and over 200 pounds. He puffed his chest out and started yelling.

“You c-nt!” he looked right in my eyes and said.  “Get the f-ck out of here, you slut!”

I was alarmed that things had gotten so bad so fast.  But it got even worse when this guy started pushing me.  He had his hands on me, pushing me down.  That’s when I swung and hit his face.

Some would say I should’ve never retaliated in defense against him, but certainly he should never have pushed a girl.   It didn’t phase him.  He pushed me down to the ground and kept me there.

It was scary and awful.  He held me down until someone got me out of the situation. 

That’s it – that’s the story.

Oh now is it Bristol? Is that the story? The only problem you have with that little fairytale is that multiple witnesses saw it much differently. And in this new version, there is no mention of being dragged around by your feet. In fact, it was stated by witnesses that a number of wives held you back and Matt McKenna states that he picked your drunken self up and deposited you at the end of the garden and told you to go home.

I didn’t “swing and hit him seven times with a strong right hook” as so many so-called news stories have reported.  After this incident, I still had a perfect manicure on all ten of my nails.  Plus – I’m left handed.  I wouldn’t even begin to know how to begin “swinging” at someone.

A left hander hits with a right hook you fool.

The incident was scary and infuriating. I had bruises all over me from being pushed down.

You told the police that you were not injured. Witnesses describe you as falling over drunk when KK put his hand up to stop you hitting him again.

This is what I don’t understand.  I have mostly stayed out of the public eye for the past few years.

Hahahahaha. Ya think.

I clock in and out of work – yes I actually have a job – like most middle class Americans and chip away at making my son’s life just a little bit easier.

Most middle class people I know don’t have $300 sunglasses. And if they had, I don’t believe that they would wear them at night. Hint – the sun sets at night.

 So why does the media still choose to put the Palins into an entirely different category of people?  This “story” is still running over a month and a half later. Rumors still run wild, unsubstantiated claims are printed as true, and random people who weren’t even there are considered “eye witnesses.”

Oh the word “random” is a big clue to as to your trolling activites. Apparently the RW blogs are now running with this new version and accusing KK of sexually assaulting Pissy Brissy. Well you could see that coming a mile off. Sarah Palin was already dropping bombs about KK beating up his wife or girlfriend to the police the night of the brawl. The Palins are one deeply sick and sexually dysfunctional family. They don’t care whose reputation they ruin. KK knew exactly what was going to happen when he gave his statement. He made a remark to the officer along the lines of “you know how this is going to go down.” He was under no illusion as to how the Palins would roll.

I just hope that video hasn’t been destroyed and that someone will finally get sick of this disgusting clan and release the damn thing. It is not too late for KK to bring a case against Brisol either.


Bristol needs to shut up quickly. She has another blog post up. The title of this is

CNN Anchor Mocks My Assault: ‘The Best Audio We’ve Ever Come Across’

Apparently a CNN anchor mocked Bristol Palin’s audio interview with the police officers on the night of the brawl. Bristol has this to say on her blog…

I’m not ever going to listen to the audio and relive those moments.

But how can a reporter call this the best audio she’s ever come across?

Literally imagine what they’d say about anyone but me. 

I can just picture if this had happened to a liberal woman – that guy would have been crucified in the media.

Watch for yourself.

I can’t embed the video, but I do think that Bristol Palin needs to cool it with her claims that she was assaulted. A lot of people at that party know otherwise. If I were KK, I’d be digging up that video and pressing charges pronto.

PS. Ali is doing much better today. She has been for a walk and had something to eat and is now having a little nap beside me. She still hates the cone though.

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The Drunken Brawl Revisted

bristolbrawlOMG, talk about the wrong time to take a  break from the Palins. I have only just listened to the audio tapes of the interviews. What a crowd of foul-mouthed hillbillies. This is as good as any video which apparently we will never get to see.

I suppose you have all heard the audios by now. I’ll try and embed some later. I’m waiting for a call from the vet. Poor Ali (my dog) has had surgery today and I am not quite with it today. Once I get her home, I can give this some more attention.

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One Day In Australia

Hey, have been busy with the family the last few days and haven’t really had much time to post anything. I have been keeping a jaundiced eye on Palin’s shenanigans but to be perfectly honest, I got fecking bored.

I’m going to post a few photos just to let you know that I am still alive and kicking. Nothing Palin related.


_MG_0072_MG_0101Hopefully will get my ass in gear soon.

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