One Day In Australia

Hey, have been busy with the family the last few days and haven’t really had much time to post anything. I have been keeping a jaundiced eye on Palin’s shenanigans but to be perfectly honest, I got fecking bored.

I’m going to post a few photos just to let you know that I am still alive and kicking. Nothing Palin related.


_MG_0072_MG_0101Hopefully will get my ass in gear soon.

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I Dunno


flat-chested-2I had meant to write a great post today about Sarah Palin and her Pac of of drunken idiots. I got tired.


I swear to god, I still cannot believe she went out looking like that. She just stuffed kitchen rolls in her bra. It wasn’t  even tissues.

Am following Scott from Miami also too.  McConnell and Grimes. Wendy Davis.

I am in a perpepetual state of anxiety over your damned elections.

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Meghan McCain Thinks Sarah Palin Is Like A Crazy Aunt

Oh you have to hear this! Mediate has a Howard Stern clip of an interview with Meghan McCain. I’ve managed to embed it.

On The Howard Stern Show Thursday, Meghan McCain bemoaned the fact that she’ll always be associated former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

McCain recalled her initial impression meeting Palin back in 2008, when then-Republican presidential nominee John McCain (Meghan’s father) chose her to be his running mate.

“When I first met her, I really liked her because I thought she was a politician like I’d never seen,” said McCain. “She was beautiful, she had children, she had a newborn baby. And, you know, most politicians aren’t like that. They’re much older, and I didn’t have a lot to relate to them about.”

Since then, McCain’s opinion has changed.

“And now, it’s very awkward because everybody asks me and, you know, she’s getting arrested or her children are getting arrested, whatever, for brawling and bar fights,” McCain said, referring to a reportedly booze-tinged family brawl Palin was a part of.

“When people ask me about it,” McCain said, “it’s like my crazy aunt or something that people all want to tell me about.”

Just what the doctor ordered! :) :) :) :)



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Mike Brown Ain’t Going Away You Know

Cops v. The PeopleA timeline of Mike Brown’s death. Courtesy of Daily Kos:

12:00 PM: Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson are casually walking in the middle of Canfield Drive. This was/is a common practice on this street on a Saturday afternoon in this neighborhood. They notice a police SUV coming toward them.

12:00 PM: Officer Darren Wilson, driving past them, slows down and tells them “to get the fuck on the sidewalk.” Brown remains silent while Dorian Johnson tells Wilson that they are just a minute away from their destination.

12:00 PM: Wilson, having passed them by, violently puts the car in reverse, screeching the tires in the street, nearly hitting Brown and Johnson, who are forced to jump out of the way, stops right next to them, and thrusts open his door. The driver’s side door only opens only a few inches because it hits Mike Brown and ricochets back into Wilson.

12:01 PM: A struggle ensues at the window of the police SUV, which causes Brown to lose his red, fitted baseball cap, found at this exact location after the shooting. Wilson immediately grabs at the neck of Brown as Brown tries to pull away, Wilson pulls his weapon, and threatens to shoot Brown. Brown’s hands remain outside of the SUV, and he uses the vehicle as leverage to pull away.

During this struggle, the first shot is fired from inside the vehicle by Wilson. It hits Brown in his chest/arm area.

Fearing for their lives, Brown and Johnson flee in different directions. Brown loses one of his flip-flops approximately 20 feet from the SUV. Johnson hides behind a black Monte Carlo.

Wilson, gun drawn, exits his SUV and prepares to fire at a fleeing Brown.

Begin Glide App Audio:

12:02:14 PM.: Wilson pursues Brown as he flees some 100-plus feet from the police vehicle.  During the pursuit, firing at the back of Brown, Wilson fires shots two (12:02:16 PM), three (12:02:16 PM), four (12:02:17 PM), five (12:02:17 PM), and six (12:02:17 PM) within milliseconds under three seconds, missing a fleeing Brown.

12:02:18 PM: Shot seven grazes Brown’s right forearm, at which point Brown turns around to surrender. There is a three-second pause after shot seven, as Wilson continues his pursuit of a surrendering Brown, closing the pursuit gap significantly. Brown, with his hands up, says, “Okay, okay, okay. I’m unarmed, don’t shoot…” Before Brown can finish his plea, Wilson begins to fire the last four shots that hit Brown.

12:02:22 PM: In just under two seconds shots eight through eleven strike Brown (making the encounter from shots two through eleven mere milliseconds under eight seconds.)

Shots eight and nine (12:02:22 PM) strike Brown’s arm/hand while Brown’s hands are up. Brown’s hands come down and he staggers forward a few feet in the direction of Wilson.

12:02:23 PM: While falling to the ground, Brown cradles his arms close to him as Wilson fires shot ten (12:02:23 PM) into his eye and shot eleven (possible fatal bullet fired at 12:02:23 PM) into the top of his head.

12:02:25 PM: Brown is dead on Canfield Drive—over 108 feet away from Wilson’s SUV. The time from the confrontation at the SUV to Brown’s death takes just about one minute.

And then the world hears about Vonderrik Myers.  Another victim of police brutality. I don’t believe for a minute that Myers had a gun. It was a throwdown.

IMHO, Bristol Palin showed more violence towards her host at the party in Anchorage than either of these young men did towards the police. They ran away. Bristol Palin continued to drunkenly assault a man and then lie and try to ruin his reputation. She wasn’t shot dead. By right wing standards she is a thug, and so is her drunken brother and sister and they should have got what was coming to them. Bristol Palin was far more violent than Mike Brown.

Believe it or not, I have had a few people contact me in the strictest confidence. They trusted me and I will never betray their trust. What I do know is that the Palin family can ruin people and their lives. They are always one step away from it. They send in the Kristan Coles and Kris Perrys to do their dirty work for them. Palin is a disgusting, filthy coward, just like Darren Wilson.

Korey and his pals should be glad there wasn’t a throwdown at the hoedown. That showdown was lowdown enough.


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Roddy Doyle And Irish Water Charges

Water charges are soon to be introduced in Ireland. Needless to say, we are not one bit happy about it. Irish Water is in charge of this new venture and I just filled in my form today. You have to supply your PPS number, which would be equivalent to your social security number.

Here is Roddy Doyle’s take on it…

-I was talkin’ to this sham in a jacks?
-A jacks.
-Pub jacks.
-Wha’ pub?
-Never mind wha’ pub. I’m washin’ me hands an’ I say, They’ll soon be fuckin’ chargin’ us for this. An’ he says he works for Irish Water an’ we’ve got it all wrong.
-Did you deck him?
-Just listen. Yeh know when you’re runnin’ the tap for a mug o’ water an’ yeh wait till it’s grand an’ cold. Well, they won’t chargin’ us for tha’. Just the water in the mug. An’ the same with showers. They’ll only start chargin’ when yeh get in under the water.
-That’s fair enough.
-I’m not finished. Yeh know when yeh use the jacks, one flush sometimes isn’t enough?
-I do.
-Well, they won’t be chargin’ for the second flush – if you provide photographic evidence.
-A photograph of your shite?
-A pdf – yeah. Fire it off to their website. But it has to come from an independent source. That’s why they need our PPS numbers.
-To verify tha’ the picture of the shite didn’t come from anyone in the house.
-So we have to get one o’ the neighbours to come in?
-That’s it.

pooIrish water is shite

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Iowa Senate Candidate Killed In Plane Crash


Courtesy of The Huffington Post:

Dr. Doug Butzier, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Iowa, died in a plane crash Monday night, the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald and KCRG report.

Butzier was a Libertarian candidate running against Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst. His wife confirmed to KCRG he was the victim in a plane crash near the Dubuque Regional Airport in Iowa.

First of all, my sympathies to his family and friends. This must be a heartbreaking time for them. May he rest in peace.

However, this may have an impact on the very tight Senate race between Braley and Ernst. Dr Butzier was not doing well in this race. He was running against Obamacare so I don’t think his votes will go to the Democrats. But those votes might make a difference to Ernst.

I hate to say it, but I will. Remember Mel Carnahan and Paul Wellstone?


Oh, and yes. Sarah Palin would have us believe she drove a rig from Alaska to North Dakota. What sort of a fucking idiot is she?




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Sarah Palin – Bordering On Quitting

Mrs. Argle Bargle rears her gaping maw and talks about borders and how President Obama is opening them and inviting everyone to come on over.

Fartknocker has this to say:

And that’s just about it for the Sarah Palin Channel this week! Palin’s channel released two pieces of content in the last seven days: this rambling, incoherent glob of sputum scraped off the splashguards at a World Net Daily comment buffet, and a five-minute “Ask Me Anything” video. Everything else is more than one week old, and nine of the next 15 posts are old clips from her TLC show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Are you beginning to feel it? She’s losing steam. Wouldn’t you? We’re exhausted by Palin, and we only have to cover her once a week. She has to cover herself 24/7.

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