The Runaway Trump Train

Whoa. The whole Trump saga is thundering along at breakneck speed. Vox has an excellent article explaining the last 24 hours.

And this interview is unbelievable.

Someones got a lot of explaining to do.

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Useless Information

NSFW and probably not politically correct, but I laughed so hard at this today. I give you Tommy Tiernan, an Irish comedian.

Hope you understand the accent.  🙂

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Down The Shitter – Part Deux

Courtesy of The Guardian:

Friday’s much-anticipated head-to-head with Vladimir Putin went well, in the judgment of the White House, with talks extending amicably well beyond two hours.


But Trump, according to one western diplomat, sat with arms folded and a “face like thunder” as he listened to China’s President Xi Jinping speak on trade during a working lunch for leaders. Disagreements between the countries on the question of steel dumping have not been resolved by this latest encounter. There was also some bemusement when Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, stood in for the president when, in the words of a subsequent White House statement, he “had to step out”.

Jesus, I hope he didn’t have to take a bathroom break because that would be disgusting.



One G20 veteran, Tom Bernes, who has held senior positions at the IMF and in the Canadian government, said leaders and officials usually arrived at the summits in a “collaborative spirit”.

“Sometimes you had a difficult brief, but there was a sense of collaboration,” said Bernes, who is a fellow of the Centre for International Governance Innovation. “But this time there is the America-first philosophy. Trump’s attitude is: ‘It is my way or the highway.’”

His comments underlined the impression that the US president was a somewhat isolated figure during the deliberations in Hamburg.

Many of the most difficult conversations took place in a nondescript room near the leaders’ hall, where each country sent its appointed sherpa to negotiate the G20 communique wording. Their discussions stretched until 3am on the final night, amid clashes over trade and climate change. As tensions rose, dinners were cancelled and replaced with ham sandwiches and espresso. One source said the US had come to the table “very late and very aggressively – fighting on all fronts”.

MAGA you fecking fool.

And the GOP is allowing this. False patriots are only interested in lining their pockets.

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USA Down The Shitter

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Ivanka Trump Stands In For Trump At G20

The reaction on twitter is fairly brutal.


The Trumps have disgraced the USA.

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And Trump Is Off And Running


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Having a garden can be very stressful.

First, a whole bunch of nasturtiums grew out of nowhere. I had planted one in a pot a few years ago, but aphids destroyed it. A seed must have fallen into a crack in the patio and this year we were deluged by nasturtiums.

_MG_0162 (1)

Then the dreaded aphids made their appearance.

After a prolonged fight with the little bastards, I finally gave up because they were moving to my other plants. With a heavy heart, I tore that plant out of my patio and drowned the wee feckers in a bucket of water. I was contemplating pouring boiling water over them – but the bees.

Here they lie dead behind the shed.


Everything ends up behind the shed.

Then yesterday, I had to fight the triffid. It is a bugger of a creeper that we were once delighted with. But no more.

It had crawled up my cordyline.


Then, to add to my woes, my cherry tree is cherrying.


I have been trying to pick them before the birds eat them.

So, today a murmer of starlings descended on my cherry tree. The word has gone out. Irish has cherries. I swear to god, I was walking the dog this morning, and a pigeon suddenly flew out of a tree and headed to my house. It knew I was AWOL. Free for all.


Even if I do say so myself. I love this photo!!!!!

I’ve managed to salvage the raspberries.


The end.

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