Holy Fuckeroney

I believe trump is threatining to kill people…his staffers.

I’ve got to make dinner.

Shit. Who needs to eat?

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4 Responses to Holy Fuckeroney

  1. The goose is cooked, the plot thickens, the apples don’t fall far from the tree. There’s a lot of dinner stuff going on. It’s lunchtime where I am !

  2. Pearl says:

    Just read the whole whistle blowers complaint. There’s a whole lot of people in addition to Trump who are probably in HUGE trouble right now. This isn’t the only questionable call by Trump they tried to hide. They’ve been moving them to their most secured server where they store the most highly classified and sensitive info which none of the calls were qualified for. This was an attempt to limit the amount of officials who could see them. This is a full blown cover-up by the Trump administration to help him politically.

  3. Moles says:

    Interview with Pelosi: “The President of the United States has used tax payer dollars to shake down the leader of a foreign country for his own political gain.”
    Right between the eyes. Like her daughter said, “She can cut your head off and you don’t even know you’re bleeding.”

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