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Rachel Maddow Cuts To The Chase

I’m sure people have seen this but if you haven’t – Watch. It. Now. Best commentary piece I have ever witnessed. https://t.co/DtRsCgnu6Q — CulpableCrimes (@CulpableCrimes) July 17, 2018 The reason the GOP won’t do anything is because Russia was funneling … Continue reading

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Hannity’s Pathetic Response To Jon Stewart

This was how lumpy responded to Jon Stewart. Courtesy of Mediaite: But rather than respond to Stewart’s specific charge of hypocrisy, Hannity instead proceeded to scold Stewart for––what else––elitism: “I know you’re a rich liberal. Are you donating money to … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart Decimates Lumpy Hannity And The Craven Followers Of Trump

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The Utter Hubris Of Sarah Palin

  Sarah regurgitated some more word salad last night on Hannity. Here are the words in no particular order because I am not watching it again. Teleprompter broke in 2008. Pants on fire Bill O’Reilly reality show, yuck yuck Watch … Continue reading

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The Brawling Palin To Speak On Hannity Tonight

  Well this should be interesting. I betcha the drunken brawl will not be mentioned. Alas I will be long gone to bed by then!

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The Republican Response To Disasters

Palin appeared on Hannity last night. This pair of yahoos are discussing the reaction of President Obama to the national and international crises. At around the 1.30 mark, Palin says… How different it is. Ronald Reagan called out evil. He … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Poses As An Indeterminate Vegetable

Watch it if you can bear to. My immediate take was that she looks like shredded lettuce, but I could be wrong. Mebbe she is a fruit? A sour peach – get it, har, har har. She is giving old … Continue reading

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