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Typical Saturday

When I first moved into my home over twenty years ago, my neighbour called in. Upon seeing a rowing plaque on the wall, she asked me who in my house was involved in rowing.  I told her that hubby rowed. … Continue reading

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Tales Of Irma

And this… Roosters evacuating Key West in paper burritos so they don't fight each other. — Ken Webster Jr (@ProducerKen) September 8, 2017 Having posted those, my thoughts are firmly with Floridians. Stay safe and hunker down.

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Don Jr. May Be In Trouble – We Hope

It sounds an awful lot like Don Jr. was lying before Congress today. Here are some tweets for your perusal. 3/ Don Jr tells committee he didn't recall the details of the White House involvement in the public response to … Continue reading

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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies. And Republicans?

We had an infestation of fruit flies over the last few days. The wee feckers were crawling all over my fruit and trying to dive bomb my glass of red wine. I can only take so much. Upon looking under … Continue reading

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I stand with #Dreamers who make our country stronger. Check out the thread below to see how you can defend DACA now. — Susan Sarandon (@SusanSarandon) September 4, 2017 Sit down and shut up and tuck your tits in. … Continue reading

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The Dreamers And DACA And The Cowardly Antics Of Trump

I am beyond disgusted at the behaviour of Trump and his so-called administration about everything. This latest atrocity is heartbreaking. What sort of a cowardly monster and bully is he? They are all damn liars and racists. JUST IN: Here … Continue reading

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Robin Hood – Part Four or Quatre Or Whatever

This little fucker has ruined my life. I thought he was mine and I innocently posted a picture to my neighbour and was informed most vehemently that the robin belonged to her husband. So a tussle ensued. It was sort … Continue reading

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