The Train From Mallow To Dublin

I got on the train having visited my mother and  having attended my nephew’s First Communion.

I need to roll this back. Think First Communion. The priest started talking about not sharing photos on social media and I wondered what this was about. Then I saw the airplane pilot. I kid you not. All the little boys were dressed in lovely suits but there was this little guy dressed in a white pilot’s uniform.

I do have a photo, but the priest wouldn’t like it if I shared it.

Then there was singing and the little trio were completely out of tune. My other  brother from a different mother remarked to his two girls (both under 10) something about the crows,

Well they started laughing. Small  niece got into a coughing fit. I just stared at the stained glass window because I knew I was going to pee. I have a history of that.

Well, at some stage, I visited the pew that my mother was in. I turned around and saw the airline pilot’s sisters.

I have no words.

We eventually got home and the following morning my brother and I were having a laugh over the whole thing. My mother got thick with me and told me not to be making fun of the travelling community.

Well when you wear an airline pilot’s outfit to a First Communion….

I haven’t even gotten to my trip home on the train.


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1 Response to The Train From Mallow To Dublin

  1. Pearl says:

    In my life it never took too much to cause a giggle fit in church, lol. I went to Catholic school K-12. We would have to go church (30 minute Mass) before school Monday through Friday, confession on Saturdays, then Sunday Mass. On days like Ash Wednesday or Ascension Thursday we had to go to church twice, before school and then later with our parents. Sometimes all it took for an uncontrollable laughing fit was for my friends and I to have eye contact.

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