Lol, Lol And Lol

Watched the sentencing of Manafort today and listened to his lawyer tell outright lies. It was a hoot to hear the NY crowd immediately pounce on him with all of those new charges that can’t be pardoned.

I think Mueller has this covered.

Then there is Whitaker fessing up to his lies before congress.

Also and too, I have been in Miami Beach this past week with my travelling companion, CC and her darling dogs.

And my BP has gone from 160/100 to 97/67.

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2 Responses to Lol, Lol And Lol

  1. IG, what did your Prime MInister think of his trip to DC? Poor man – – I don’t think anyone wants to meet with Mike Pence. Did you give your PM your 2 cents before leaving of IG-isms to mix into his conversations with our administration? Y our grass must have seriously grown FYI, like you, Margaret and Helen have a new post.

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