The Latest Twitter Madness

Christmas has come early…

I could give this smug little bollox a kick in the nether region. That applies to both above and below. They are sooooo damn stupid.

Traitors…the whole lot of them.

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3 Responses to The Latest Twitter Madness

  1. Moles says:

    Wait till the beloved first daughter gets hauled into court. Trump will lose his marbles

  2. It’s 9AM and I need to get my Saturday going. As I prepare to get a move on, I switched TV to CSPAN where CPAC is awaiting Trumps blather. I find it ironic and annoying that they’re playing Elton John to the crowd that awaits.

  3. Moles says:

    I’m beginning to that that If you apply the Infinite Monkey Theorem to Trump he’d beat the chimp in nothing flat.

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