Well Hello

Apologies for my absence. Christmas came and went and then the New Year descended. Then the whole family got colds. I just hunkered down in front of a blazing fire watching movies.

I was also busy keeping up with mushroom donny and his terrible, unlawful abuse of power.

He is so god damned awful I honestly find it hard to blog about him.

Also and too, my keyboard is f*cked. I hae to use the onsreen keyboard whih aint easy See y proble

I do tweet to him however. And it ain’t nice.

Thanks for your concern. 💖

Proise to get y keyboard fied

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6 Responses to Well Hello

  1. uberduck says:

    I vote we take up a collection to help you get a whole fecking new ‘puter! Glad to hear you’re OK. I am not happy that we continue to “amuse” you with our politics.

    • It’s embarrassing to be the laughing stock of the rest of the globe and not be able to do pretty much anything about it. I agree with a computer ‘gofundme’ page. Cue heartstring pulling music “In the arms of angel …”

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Glad that you are OK Irish. McConnell is worse than bratty and Graham has gone bonkers without McCain.

    I just got the entire series of “The Twilight Zone” and of “Night Gallery” so am binge watching both. The news is just too depressing these days.

  3. David says:

    Alright! You are all right….. welcome back.

  4. 40Watt says:

    Welcome back. Missed you. ❤️

  5. Moles says:

    Ditto. Thought you’d gone to ground planning a black ops action against the orange plonker.

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