Off To Venice In The Morning


Hubby and I will be celebrating/berating thirty years of marriage on Monday and this is where we are headed for a few days. I hope to take lots of pics and post them and of course I will be keeping up with the news.

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17 Responses to Off To Venice In The Morning

  1. Grannyj says:

    Well that is really nice. We are married 45 years today and all I got was a lunch at the corner cafe… ; )) You better hang on to your guy. (I’ll keep mine too… !)

  2. abbafan says:

    Hello Irish! Congrats on a fabulous milestone! Enjoy your trip; have fun!!!

  3. bojoflo says:

    Happy 30th Anniversary! Have a wonderful and fun celebration trip to Venice. ♥

  4. Have a great time celebrating your 30th!

  5. lindak1961 says:

    Congrats on 30 years of marriage! Enjoy Venice.

  6. (((thatcrowwoman))) says:

    Mazel tov, and many happy returns of the day.
    Look what you have built together these 30 years!
    Long may you love.

  7. Virginia says:

    Congratulations! Have a wonderful time in Venice.

  8. irishgirl999 says:

    Thanks for the good wishes everyone. We have arrived safe and sound and without a hitch. We’re just going to have a rest for an hour or so and then go out on a food and walking tour of Venice.

  9. For your amusement after you arrive back home. Until then, enjoy all the reasons your beloved loves you and you love him. Long marriages have so many sweet memories that become overshadowed or forgotten. Happy remembering each of those 38 years as you look back on the life path you’ve walked together.

  10. mrsg says:

    Congratulations! Live! Love! Laugh! And don’t get your feet wet! 🙂 We went to Hawaii on our 30th (if I got the number right?) It had lots of water too, but around the island! So happy for both of you!

  11. irishgirl999 says:

    I’m still only 56.

  12. stillregina says:

    Happy 30th anniversary, IG! ❤️

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