Blogger’s Block


I am bereft of ideas. I should be talking about Trump and his manger of domestic abusers that is keeping the world afloat but somehow I can’t summon the energy. I will say this – Fuck Kelly.

Also and too, I believe Hannity saw a sperm on Obama’s forehead. There is much I could say about this, but in the interests of decency, I will keep my mouth firmly shut.


In other news, my mum discovered that I was smoking upstairs when I visited her last week. I couldn’t believe it. I had taken fragranced candles and air freshener and sprayed everything  very liberally around the room. Left windows open etc. The room was positively buzzing with clean air and fresh smells but my nearly 91 year old mother sniffed me out.

When confronted with the evidence,  I did a Donald Trump on it, I blamed the chimney.  I told her it was leaking smoke into my room…

Well we laughed so hard.

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4 Responses to Blogger’s Block

  1. Moles says:

    At least the dog didn’t eat your fag end…🤗

  2. Judy says:

    Did you see Dakota filed for divorce

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