My Visit To The Optician


Y’all know I lost my glasses yesterday. So there was nothing to be done but book an appointment with an eye god.

Trouble was, her son and mine are best friends.

I let it be known.

It ended up being the funniest eye exam I have ever had.

I don’t know  how we ended up talking about male sperm and getting baby daughters. But we did…we went there. And we are fucking experts.

We both got our daughters.

Be careful what you wish for. Surfer dude and Crippled Son are easy to placate.

Daughter can be an unforgiving bitch.

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4 Responses to My Visit To The Optician

  1. titlewave says:

    “Eye god”.
    snerk 🙂

  2. nomadicview says:

    Advice based on experience: Never ride a bicycle to pick up your newly prescribed glasses.

  3. lindak1961 says:

    My daughters are far from perfect, but are wonderful! I have no sons, but my grandson is the best. Why do so many women put down other women?

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