Oopsies For Trump

I hope you choke on your turkey (or cremated steak) mr little hands.

And if you follow Seth Abramson then it is more than obvious that mr little hands has been up to his oxters with Putin and Russia since 2013.

He has plenty to worry about today.

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2 Responses to Oopsies For Trump

  1. Pearl says:

    Did you see this, Irish? On January 22, 2014, a woman named Alferova Yulya tweeted a picture of her and Trump taken at the Russian Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. It read, “I’m sure @realdonaldtrump will be a great president! We’ll support you from Russia! America needs ambitious leader!” Somehow she knew that Trump was running for President (in the 2016 election) well before any announcement was made in the United States. In fact, it wasn’t for another 18 months that Trump officially made such an announcement.

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