Trump And Kelly – A Pair Of Miscreants

I think everyone was under the mistaken illusion that John Kelly was protecting the US from Trump. Here is his record. It ain’t pretty.

Courtesy of ACLU:

  • As the General in charge of the Guantanamo Bay Detention facility, Kelly publicly criticized efforts to close Guantanamo (Source) and was accused by Obama Administration officials of working to undermine the President’s efforts to close the facility. (Source)
  • Opposed and publicly criticized the integration of women into military ground combat units, arguing it would lead to lower standards. (Source)
  • Defended the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques”, such as waterboarding and rectal feeding. Kelly went on to dismiss the criticisms of human rights groups as “foolishness”. (Source)
  • Testified in support of an officer caught urinating on talibani  corpses. (Source)
  • Supports the imprisonment of terror suspects without trial. (Source)
  • Criticised by Amnesty International for his “unsafe and  inhumane” treatment (Source) of Guantanamo detainees on hunger strike to protest their imprisonment. (Source)
  • Supports the war on drugs and opposes legalization or decriminalization of any drugs, including marijuana. (Source)
  • A proponent of border security, Kelly believes that “no wall will work by itself” and has warned about the “existential threat” that unchecked migration poses for the nation. (Source)

As you can see, he fits in rather nicely with Trump’s policies. Quelle surprise! And we thought he was going to save the world.

According to Crooks and Liars angry vets are calling Kelly “Blue Falcon.”

That ratbag has still not apologised to Frederica Wilson. She attended the funeral of  Army Sgt. La David Johnson today while Trump golfed and then pulled out his phone and started tweeting.

He sounds worried. Good. I still want to know what happened in Niger.

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4 Responses to Trump And Kelly – A Pair Of Miscreants

  1. irishgirl999 says:

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    I saw this comment on Politico and thought it should be shared.

    Diane Hawn · Partner at Get Promoted LLC
    I imagine that Kelley and some more of his authoritarian male friends were making comments about the Congresswoman at the FBI ceremony.. He misspoke when he said it was about taking credit for the funding, but they still wouldn’t have liked her appearance, her excited story of getting the naming done quickly, and her voice. I am sure that there were men around Kelly that day that rolled their eyes when she came to the podium and that nothing she said would have been taken seriously. Because that is what this kind of man does. They discount a black female that has dared to succeed without lookinhg like them. But, the Congresswoman is a hero also. A teacher, who became a principal. In her work, she saw many children like La David. She found a way to change their lives. She mentored him all the way through high school. Yes, she did. And she was not horning in on a conversation for publicity and partianship. A good mentor that had followed her child into manhood…..she was family. She helped bring that boy to manhood. Kelly disparaging her for listening to the call, disparaging her speech that he remembered for so many years with distain…..he did not recognize a hero when he saw her. He does not like that you can not make a misstep in the White House. Yes, the press is on you in a minute. They demand what we all want. Truth and humility. If you misspeak, fix it. John, tell her. ” I am sorry I did not understand why you were in the car. I did not value your background and service that is as important as a military leader. I am sorry that I misrembered the circumstance at the FBI ceremony, but quite honestly, I remembered that day, because you did not look like me, did not sound like me, and were dramatic in your presentation that day, and I didn’t like it and laughed about you with my button up taciturn male buddies.”

  3. titlewave says:

    You can add another miscreant to that pair-

    Joe Walsh
    Trump never attacked her.
    Yes, Myeshia Johnson has a right to speak. But now that she’s gotten political, we have a right to attack her.

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