Trump Embarrasses John Kelly And The USA With UNGA Speech

I couldn’t bear to watch the whole speech. I just saw snippets and I felt the same way.

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11 Responses to Trump Embarrasses John Kelly And The USA With UNGA Speech

  1. Pearl says:

    Not the first time Trump’s made him face palm. Thinking Kelly will resign soon.

    • abbafan says:

      Pearl – my sentiments exactly! Mr. Kelly is controlling (vetting) who can see The Donald; however, he cannot control The Donald!!

      • Pearl says:

        That’s another thing abbafan…thinking Trump is getting sick of Kelly’s control. Read somewhere that he’s sneaking around and calling people like Bannon and Sean Hannity behind Kelly’s back. Frump will have enough of that one day soon.

  2. anonymous1253 says:

    Yep, Mr. Kelly. It really is THAT bad!

  3. Pearl says:

    Kelly reminds me of a parent who can’t control his toddler from saying naughty and embarrassing things in public.

  4. CC ... says:

    I did not watch it either. It was bad enough seeing clips of it on various shows. He is a national embarrassment — a global embarrassment. It is so tiring. I guess that is the point. Sigh.

    • Pearl says:

      Ugh. I can’t stand to hear his whiny voice. It makes me physically ill. No joke. Think I’m suffering from a severe case of Trump Infirmity.

  5. Scarsdale says:

    I just read that even Princess Ivanka of the horsey teeth, has to go through Kelly. No longer can she just sachet into daddy’s meetings, distracting the guys.

  6. sa1 says:

    Look melonhead doesn’t have a clue.

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