Trump Trying To Look Caring

Check out Trump’s patronizing look.

Also, Tim Scott’s socks and Trump’s mismatched jacket and pants.


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9 Responses to Trump Trying To Look Caring

  1. Pearl says:

    At least the WH tweet didn’t call him Uncle Tom….but chances are that’s what they were thinking.

  2. Scarsdale says:

    Any politician who treats tRump as a legitimate president, is insulting the office. He is a clown, low I.Q., low morals, crooked as a dog’s hind leg, crude, rude, no CLASS, no “couth” A disgrace, but owned 100% by the gop traitors.

  3. abbafan says:

    Official White House Photo by Shelagh Craighead – is this the same Craighead who was idiot palin’s “official photographer”??

  4. Pearl says:

    Trump’s caring look is actually his condescending look.

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