European Diplomats Negative View Of Trump

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Courtesy of Buzzfeed:

LONDON – Even before the latest escalation of nuclear threats between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s North Korea, senior diplomats and officials from the US’s European allies have been warning that the US president’s approach to world affairs is extremely dangerous – pointing to his apparent ignorance of other countries’ history, his unfiltered use of social media and the lack of a strong, experienced team around him.

In interviews with BuzzFeed News, six top European government officials who’ve had firsthand dealings on the international stage with Trump and his administration describe a president regarded even by allies as erratic and limited, and whose perceived shortcomings are compounded by the ongoing chaos beneath him in the White House.

The officials, all speaking on condition of anonymity, voiced similar and consistent concerns, in particular over his unprecedented use of Twitter, which they said demonstrated the lack of normal government controls at the top of the administration.

“Trump could send a tweet in the middle of the night pissing off Kim Jong-un,” one seasoned diplomat told BuzzFeed News. “And the next morning we wake up to a world on the brink of war.”

Seems prescient.

On one level, the officials said, he is something of a laughing stock among Europeans at international gatherings. One revealed that a small group of diplomats play a version of word bingo whenever the president speaks because they consider his vocabulary to be so limited. “Everything is ‘great’, ‘very, very great’, ‘amazing’,” the diplomat said.

But behind the mocking, there is growing fear among international governments that Trump is a serious threat to international peace and stability.

“He has no historical view. He is only dealing with these issues now, and seems to think the world started when he took office,” a diplomat told BuzzFeed News, pointing to Trump’s remarks and tweets about defence spending. “He thinks that NATO existed only to keep the Communists out of Europe. He has a similar attitude in Asia Pacific with Japan, ignoring that the US basically wrote their constitution.” During his campaign, Trump called out Japan to pay more for the security US provides, including for hosting the US troops in the country. Japan’s constitution restricts its military options.

They also believe Trump’s foreign policy is chiefly driven by an obsession with unravelling Barack Obama’s policies. “It’s his only real position,” one European diplomat said. “He will ask: ‘Did Obama approve this?’ And if the answer is affirmative, he will say: ‘We don’t.’ He won’t even want to listen to the arguments or have a debate. He is obsessed with Obama.”

I knew he wanted to destroy Obama’s legacy. Trump never forgave PO for the humiliation at the correspondent’s dinner.  What a dangerous, petty and vindictive little man.

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5 Responses to European Diplomats Negative View Of Trump

  1. lindak1961 says:

    The more nmp tries to destroy Obama’s legacy, the more he burnishes it. Yeah, nmp is just that incompetent and stupid. He is petty and vindictive, and because he has the nuclear codes, he’s dangerous.

  2. Moles says:

    I agree about the correspondent’s dinner. He sat there with a face like a twisted sandshoe. Not amused.

    • lindak1961 says:

      You are right, but the idiot brought it on himself – first by embracing the birther nonsense, then by going to that dinner. Only an arrogant idiot would go to such a dinner and not expect to be roasted for that birther nonsense. Roasting each other is a part of the dinner! Of course, nmp is an arrogant idiot, so he must have expected it to be all everyone roasting Obama. And it’s telling that he didn’t go to this year’s dinner. I’m not even sure if they had the dinner this year because the current “president” is such a poor sport.

  3. Moles says:

    I think it’s more than being a poor sport. He rang Teresa May and said he wouldn’t go ahead with the UK unless she could guarantee a good press reception and no demonstrations. Considering the fact that the entire country was foaming at the mouth at the thought of his visit, she was unable to oblige him, pointing out “this is not North Korea”. He hates, in fact I think he’s frightened of demonstrations against him.

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