Trump’s Frightening NYT Interview


If you haven’t read it yet, here it is. And I warn you it is hard to read because of his  gobbledygook  but the content is very alarming.

He goes after Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian inquiry saying he never would have appointed him if he knew that.

He goes after Comey calling him  a liar and intimating that Comey was trying to blackmail him with the dossier.

He goes after Rosenstein because he is from Baltimore.

And he threatens Mueller if he dares to look at his finances.

And that is only a small portion of the interview.

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One Response to Trump’s Frightening NYT Interview

  1. Scarsdale says:

    The fat orange bastard thinks he was nominated KING, not president. The gop are afraid to speak up, since they took Russian money, too. I hope EVERYONE who is involved gets their just rewards. Personally, I will be satisfied if the entire tRump clan goes to prison, loses any money they claim to have, and are never heard from again EVER. After a few years in prison, without touch ups to her plastic face, Ivanka will fade back to her normal face, the one that could stop a clock.

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