But The Email! Updated – The Emails

U.S. President Trump Announces Supreme Court of the United States Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Courtesy of the NYT:


Of course Trump Jr. is just like his father and cannot stop tweeting which may get him into a bit of hot water.

I wouldn’t call colluding with a foreign government nonsense.

And I would love to know who is leaking all of this information – and why.

Update: Trump Junior has released more emails ahead of the NYTs releasing them.

WTF is going on?


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5 Responses to But The Email! Updated – The Emails

  1. irishgirl999 says:

  2. The president will give them all pardons, what is the big deal!

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    • Scarsdale says:

      Joe is switching parties NOW? He and Mika let tRump call into their show almost daily. They gave him MILLIONS of $$$ in free publicity, and helped him into the WH. NOW he just realizes how stupid tRump is? Too little, too late.

  4. Scarsdale says:

    The tRump “boys” are sort of dumb looking goons, aren’t they? All the tRumps have strange mouths, as though all their teeth do not fit in there. They should have gone into their great grandpa’s business, prostitution, that way they would not be expected to be smart. Their total lack of human emotions is very telling.

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